About Us

Cozy Mattress is an effort to help users in making the right decisions while buying mattresses in the UK. Our team of experts creates and curates the list of best mattresses in the UK based on dozen of factors including their own experience with various mattresses.

The idea of creating the Cozy Mattress blog hit our minds in late 2020 after our authors Jamie & Camela found it really difficult to find out the best mattress to buy for their new home. They found a gap online which they can fill with their content related to mattresses and accessories and that is how they started this blog.

You can find a variety of content related to various mattresses and accessories including Mattress Toppers, Protectors, and Pillows for your bedroom. We’re very selective and that is what makes us different from others, you can expect some real opinions related to the products we share here on Cozy Mattress.