6 Best Bunk Beds For Multiple Uses – 2022 Update

Bunk beds are typically the perfect solution for families who have a small bedroom but need to accommodate more than one child. It’s no secret that bunk beds aren’t just practical, but they’re also fun for many children and adults.

Almost all hostels that adults frequent regularly feature bunk beds to save space and money. While some bunk beds come with a desk underneath or a pull-out couch, the standard bunk bed is the most practical choice for many homeowners. A bunk bed can be a great option if you want to save space in your home and still fit everyone in comfortably. 

Checking the size, the comfort, and of course, the stability of the bunk bed is critical to finding the right one. When you plan to have your young children sleep on the top bunk, you’ll need to protect them from danger at night.

As you choose your bunk bed, make sure it fits within your budget and save money when you can. Having done our research, we’ve found a range of bunk beds for every homeowner’s needs.

We’ll discuss the bunk beds below that offer the best value for money, stability, and modern designs to complement any bedroom.

What should you look for in a bunk bed?

How should I choose my features?

Safety standards: Ensure that the bunk bed you choose complies with current safety regulations for children’s furniture. Such laws cover information such as weight limits and rail heights.

Assembly: If you feel confident assembling one yourself, ask the retailer if they offer assembly services. Bunk beds can be a pain to make, especially the upper level. You should follow the instructions carefully and avoid placing the bed near a window if you decide to DIY.

Size: Some bunk beds are larger than others, even though they are space savers. When buying one, be sure to check its dimensions.

Storage: Bunk beds usually don’t come with any storage space for books or drinks at night, let alone light. That’s particularly true for the top bunk. You might consider buying one with built-in storage if you wish to add a wall shelf and a wall light alongside each bed. An inexpensive clip-on light may also suffice and could be used to illuminate the ladder at night.

Ladder: Make sure you know whether it’s fixed to the left or the right or if it’s interchangeable. If you have finished assembling the bed, make sure it is firmly attached to the side.

Mattress: You shouldn’t forget to factor one (or two) into your budget since they aren’t usually included in the price. Make sure the bunk beds are standard or non-standard size and remember that the top bunk needs a mattress that meets the weight and thickness requirements for bunk beds.

Is there anything else I should consider?

Even though children aren’t naturally safety conscious, it’s important to establish ground rules from day one. One child should only occupy the top bunk at a time, and children should not be allowed to play on the ladder or jump off the full bed. Consider investing in a bunk bed ladder blocker to keep the upper reaches out of reach when you’re not around.

The metal ladders on bunk beds, especially those with small and delicate feet, can sometimes be painful to climb. If this is the case, you might want to think about adding your rung covers. By using a pair of scissors, you can cut a foam swimming pool noodle or purchase bumper guards.

List of the Best Bunk Beds available in the market:-

1- American Wooden Bunk Bed

You might want to consider the American Pine Wooden Bunk Bed from Happy Beds if you’re searching for a budget bunk bed that will fit comfortably in your child’s bedroom. The mattress you buy for this bed should last for many more years, thanks to its solid slatted base for maximum comfort.

If you are worried about assembling this bed, it comes with a complete set of instructions included in your purchase! Upon arrival, the bunk bed will come flat-packed, but it may take two people to assemble it and ensure everything is in place.

american wooden bed - best bunk beds
(Image Credit- Happy Woods)

A full 5-year guarantee is included with purchasing these bunk beds directly from Happy Beds. It is interesting to note that this bed can be separated into two single beds when your kids outgrow bunk beds or if you’re not confident in the safety of the bed just yet. There is no need to worry as sleepers will be kept safe by the study barriers and design.

Pine and white are the two colours available for these quality bunk beds. Therefore, you can perfectly complement your bedroom decor with the right style product. It stands 3 feet tall, and it should be suitable for children as it has a reasonable height. Over a hundred customers have given their approval of these bunk beds, praising the style and durability of the product.

Our opinion is that these quality bunk beds are an excellent option for those looking for a top-quality bed that won’t break the bank. A trusted company, Happy Beds, has received more than 7000 positive customer reviews.

2- Jupiter Wooden Bunk Bed

A wooden bunk bed like the Jupiter Wooden Bunk Bed from Dreams has an attractive design and would look great in a modern bedroom. Solid pine wood is used to make the bunk beds, and they come in grey. Details on this bed add a touch of class, and it can complement a range of decors.

Compared to other bunk beds of the same type, these bunk beds are quite expensive, but this may be due to the durable structure and the unique design. If you want bunk beds that will last for many years, you should be willing to pay a high price.

jupiter wooden
(Image Credit- Dreams)

Bunk beds are highly-rated, extremely safe for children, and easy to assemble. This bunk bed takes approximately one hour to construct and will require two people. Dreams offer the option of paying for assembly when you purchase the bed frame directly from them; while this will add to the already high price, it might be worth it if you have difficulties with DIY. A 1-year guarantee also covers the frame, so when you buy one of these bunk beds, you know that you will get excellent service and support.

The Jupiter Wooden Bunk Bed does not have a maximum age limit, but it does have a maximum weight limit of 75kg. When the time is right, this set of bunk beds can be converted into two single beds. There are no mattresses included in the purchase, but you can buy mattresses at reasonable prices to go with them. As a bonus, Dreams also offers a set of matching drawers that can be added beneath the bottom bunk to provide more storage space. Although this will incur an additional charge, it is worth considering.

Compared to other bunk beds, we found the Jupiter Wooden Bunk Bed attractive and very modern. These bunk beds are excellent and stand out above many others in terms of design.

3- Comfy Living Single Bunk Bed

To find the perfect bunk bed that matches your every need and comes at an affordable price, you should consider the bed’s quality and size. Safety is a concern, but we found that the Comfy Living Christopher Bunk Bed was a safe, solid option for those who would like to decorate their children’s rooms.

comfy living
(Image Credit- Comfy Living)

This solid pine white wood bed is perfect for both friends and family as it comes in a white finish. To ensure the person’s safety occupying the top bunk, it comes with an adjustable ladder and side rails.

Comfort Living offers this bunk bed with a 1-year warranty, but after reading the reviews from customers, it seems that you shouldn’t have any negative feedback. Flat-packed, these bunk beds measure 149cm high and are easily assembled.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly bunk bed, then these products offer great value for money. You wouldn’t be able to buy them with mattresses, but you should be able to buy some high-quality mattresses easily enough. From what we have found online, we believe that the Comfy Living Christopher Bunk Bed is a good option for anyone looking to save some space. This bed has the added benefit of an under-bed storage area!

4- John Lewis & Partners Wilton Bunk Bed

They are a well-respected brand, and their furniture is typical of high quality. This is reflected in their price. There is a wide variety of bunk beds available at the business, so you can find what you’re looking for and enjoy fantastic customer service as well. This company offers three shades of the Wilton Bunk Bed, including white, natural, and grey.

In our opinion, the gray color appears to be the most attractive and will suit a variety of bedroom décor styles. The bed is crafted from solid pine and comes with a slatted headboard that provides a comfy place to sleep.

john lewis
(Image Credit- John Lewis)

We are certain that safety is your top priority, so you’ll be happy to learn that these bunk beds comply with safety standards (BS EN 747:2012+A1:2015), strength, and durability standards. However, only children older than six should be allowed to sleep in the top bunk, and children aged four should be allowed in the bottom bunk. With slatted barriers at the top bunk, your children won’t feel cramped, and they can get all the space they need for a comfortable night’s sleep.

The Wilton Bunk Bed does not come with a mattress, but it does require a 17cm mattress for the top bunk. In general, cheap memory foam mattresses or budget mattresses will provide depth around this level. This product will be covered for one year by John Lewis & Partners and delivered for free to the UK mainland if purchased directly. When your children become older, you can remove the top bunk and create two separate beds for ultimate comfort.

If you purchase the bed on the John Lewis & Partners website with PayPal credit, you will pay 0% interest for the first four months. If you need the bed soon but cannot afford it right now, you might want to consider this option.

5- Birlea Corfu Bunk Bunk Bed

A sleek and stylish bunk bed for children, the Birlea Corfu Bunk Bed from Mattressman, is only suitable for children. Despite this, you should note that these bunk beds are not eligible for children younger than six years of age due to the height of the bed.

There is nothing more respected than Mattressman, which offers everything from mattresses and bedding to headboards and more. Then you will be able to pick up the extras at the same time when you buy the bunk bed from them – however, you will need to purchase the mattresses separately.

birlea corfu
(Image credit- Birlea Furniture)

Bunk beds of this quality are reasonably priced when you consider their quality. A mesh base on the product supports the mattress and ensures that whoever sleeps on the bed has a comfortable night’s sleep.

Mattressman reports that the bed comes in just one colour, silver, and has a polished metal finish. A frame of this type can hold a maximum weight of 85kg, so this is something to note. This product comes with a 1-year guarantee from Mattressman, covering any manufacturing and material faults, so you get a lot for your money. In this case, if the product doesn’t meet your expectations, you can return it.

This bed was described as being extremely easy to assemble in reviews. In addition, if you have space in your home, this bed can also be converted into two separate single beds. Customers found this to be a simple process. It might be worth your while to take a closer look at this bed if you haven’t already, especially for the price and quality.


6- Nexus Bunk Bed

This Stompa Nexus Bed Frame has a ladder nestled in the middle of the frame, making it a modern bunk bed. This is somewhat unusual, as many bunk beds don’t have ladders directly in the middle, but it works considering the contemporary design of the bed. The durable bunk beds have slatted bases for maximum strength and large storage space, so they make the most of a child’s bedroom.

The standard bed frame can be converted into two separate beds when your children are no longer interested in bunk beds.

nexus blink beds
(Image credit: Stompa)

Compact frame of these bunk beds makes them ideal for smaller rooms. Made from solid pine, the bunk beds come in white to complement most modern bedrooms. You only get bunk beds that are standard and offer quality at a reasonable price because the mattresses are sold separately.

These bunk beds are extremely sturdy, and their price reflects that. The frames are made of quality materials. When you purchase these bunk beds from Furniture Village, they will come with a 20-year structural guarantee and the lowest price guarantee.

The bunk bed is part of the larger Nexus range by Stompa, which also provides bunk beds with desks and additional features if you require something a little bit different. With this bunk bed, you can save a lot of space in your home while retaining some uniqueness. It only fits 90 x 200 cm mattresses, which is an important detail to note. Its height is 163 cm, and its length is 208 cm, so these bunk beds are sure to meet your every need.

Even though the Stompa Nexus Bunk Bed Frame is quite large, it offers more than meets the eye. The product is available at many online retailers, including Furniture Village, and is worth investigating.


Choosing bunk beds for your home requires you to consider several factors. When purchasing bunk beds for adults, take note of the maximum weight and length before buying the set. Most bunk beds are designed for children, so you should check the full weight and size before purchasing.

In addition to bunk beds, we have also included single beds, which provide parents and children with additional options. Bunk beds on the market offer an impressive selection, and the flexible designs don’t seem to affect prices significantly.

All of the bunk beds on our list make excellent choices if you look for one for your home. Each of these beds has received excellent reviews and offers optimum safety. It is important to remember that prices will reflect quality, so if you plan to choose one at the lower end of the scale, you should keep this in mind.

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