4 Best Dormeo Mattress Reviews – Mattress Guide 2021

The test lasts 2 hours and 45 minutes in total. The following article discusses the best Dormeo mattress reviews, a company making mattresses for 15 years. Their mattresses are made with award-winning materials, including their proprietary memory foam. As they call it, the eco cell is highly breathable and hypoallergenic, meaning it’s safe for allergy sufferers.

We’ll review 4 of Dormeo’s most popular mattresses in this Dormeo mattress review.

There are four of them: the Dormeo Memory Plus Memory Foam Mattress; the Dormeo S Plus Memory Foam Mattress; the Octasmart Plus Memory Foam Mattress; the Octasmart Hybrid Plus Mattress. The most affordable mattress is at the top, followed by the most expensive mattress. Let’s dig into each mattress’s specifics, then we’ll speak about the extras Dormeo offers. 

What is the Best Dormeo Mattress for me?

We have listed below the four most popular mattresses sold by Dormeo, rated highly by customers.

1- Dormeo Memory Plus Memory Foam Mattress

The Dormeo Memory mattress was the most popular and the most original of Dormeo’s products. All other Dormeo products are products based on the actual memory bed. As it rotates (head-to-toe switch), there is no need to flip the Dormeo Memory Plus Memory Foam Mattress.

Dormeo-Memory-Plus-Memory -Best Dormeo Mattress

(Image Credit- Dormeo)


A luxurious cover encases two layers of memory foam in the Dormeo Memory Plus Memory Foam Mattress. Florentine stitched carbon fibre is woven into the cover to produce a hypoallergenic sleep surface. Using carbon fibre creates a barrier between the air and dust, allowing the sleep surface to remain clean. Dormeo uses antibacterial, anti-dust mite, and anti-fungal Sanitized protection in its covers to ensure that they are hygienic and safe for customers. With Sanitized®, not only will your sleep surface be clean, but it will also be protected from developing fungi, which is an irritant to those with asthma. 


A memory foam layer is the first layer of the mattress, for which Dormeo’s latest technology is used. To ensure that the pressure-relieving memory foam continues to perform well over time, Dormeo’s scientists improve and upgrade the foam to find the perfect balance between support and softness. Providing close, soft comfort and support, this layer moulds to the shape and contours of your body. It’s thicker than a usual layer of memory foam that keeps its shape, springing back to life every night. 


Secondly, there is the Ecocell layer. A next-generation foam layer has been designed to be permanently elastic and has a 3-dimensional cellular structure to allow more air to flow through the mattress while providing you with support where you need it.

To provide point-adjustable support, this structure was designed. As you sleep, the elasticity of this layer reduces painful pressure points that would typically cause you to toss and turn. There are four air vents on the sides of the mattress, which allow air to flow through the mattress and escape. As a result, the mattress stays cool and clean.

The thickness of the Dormeo Memory Plus Memory Foam Mattress

With a 17 cm deep mattress, the Dormeo Memory Plus Memory Foam mattress includes a 3 cm memory foam layer and a 14 cm Ecocell layer.

2- Dormeo S Plus Memory – Best Dormeo Mattress

Next, we have the Dormeo S Plus Memory Foam Mattress for review. Featuring an s-shaped Ecocell core, this mattress can be completely customized. The first customizable mattress offers over 30 comfort combinations and is 100% personalized.


(Image Credit- Dormeo)

The mattress is made of two halves that work separately. As a result, you and your partner can sleep on the same mattress but completely different types. Let’s dig a little deeper into this, the Dormeo S Plus Memory Foam Mattress.


There are two layers of Ecocell foam wrapped around an Octaspring centre in the Dormeo S Plus Memory Foam Mattress. The luxurious Climalite Silver cover wicks away moisture from your sleep surface, allowing it to stay dry and clean. Dormeo’s Sanitized® protection provides an antibacterial, anti-dustmite, and anti-fungal sleep surface, ensuring a healthy, hygienic sleep environment. Handles are included on the mattress, which makes it easy to move. A static-prevention treatment is also included on the cover. 


There is a 2cm layer of memory foam in the first layer that cradles your body and relieves pressure points. 

The Ecocell® layers surround the mattress’ core and are arranged by colour. The pink side is the firmer of the Ecocell layers, providing strong support for back sleepers. Grey is the softer side of Ecocell. This softer layer provides more resounding support than the pink layer, better suited to side sleepers. 


The mattress core is sandwiched between the Ecocell layers. Originally designed to resemble the spine, the Octaspring layer is shaped in an ‘s’ shape, as it was shaped to resemble the human spine. Dormeo’s Octaspring is a next-generation sleep technology. The memory foam used in these mattresses is eight times more breathable than traditional memory foam. The increased airflow allows heat to escape from your mattress, keeping you cool as you sleep.

Octaspring springs allow for a more significant response since each one reacts independently and in three dimensions. Sleeping, moving, or attempting to get into your sleep position will be made comfortable with this support.

Moreover, the Octaspring layer is composed of three zones with differing strengths and densities. This ensures that your spine is aligned correctly and that your head, shoulders, torso, and legs will receive specific support. Want to experience the difference? Rotate your side of the mattress, and the springs will either come closer to you or move further away from you.

The thickness of the Dormeo S Plus Memory Foam Mattress

In terms of height, the Dormeo S Plus Memory Foam Mattress is 20cm tall.


3- Octasmart Plus Memory Foam Mattress

With a 50% less environmental footprint, the Octasmart Plus Memory Foam Mattress is a green option. With an OEKO-TEX certification, this 100% recyclable mattress is free of harmful chemicals and emissions.

Octasmart-Plus-Memory - Best Dormeo Mattress

(Image Credit- Dormeo)

With this 3-layer design, you’ll experience the benefits of Dormeo’s Octaspring layer, which has won numerous aviation awards. Let’s find out how it works.


A 3 layered memory foam mattress from Dormeo, the Octasmart Plus Memory Foam Mattress is the latest in sleep technology. It consists of open-cell memory foam, Ecocell foam, a layer of Octaspring, and an intelligent performance cover. Over one hundred comfort pockets have been incorporated into the cover to provide a remarkably comfortable sleeping surface. In addition to bringing extra freshness, the anti-allergenic coating allows optimal air circulation while letting heat escape. You can remove the smart cover and dry clean it.


As we move down, we find our first layer, an open cell memory foam layer. This layer and pressure point cradle your body shape is relieved. This layer adapts to your body and protects it. 


Next, we have the Octaspring layer. There are hundreds of Octasprings in the centre of the mattress. Each spring uniquely cradles your body. Designed to relieve pressure from the back, hips, and shoulders, this layer reacts in three dimensions. To relieve pressure across sensitive support points, every Octaspring comfort point adapts to your body weight.

Octaspring mattresses are eight times more breathable than conventional mattresses, thanks to their design. Dormeo calls this system Octavent air, and it can reduce your mattress’ temperature by up to 3 degrees Celsius. Combining the intelligent cover and Octaspring layer, this system allows cool air to circulate within the mattress while escaping hot air. You can customize your back support with the Octasprings, which are arranged in three different zones. Your spine can take its natural shape since this layer is more supportive around your hips and shoulders. 

Last but not least, the Ecocell foam layer makes up the base layer. It is located both above and below the Octaspring layer. Ecocell’s 3D structure offers a solid foundation for the mattress, thanks to its permanent 3D structure.

The thickness of the Octasmart Plus Memory Foam Mattress

17cm is the depth of the Octasmart Plus Memory Foam Mattress. It contains four different foam layers. A layer of 2cm memory foam is followed by the layer of 3cm Ecocell foam, the layer of 9cm Octaspring foam, and the layer of 3cm Ecocell base foam.

4- Octasmart Hybrid Plus Mattress

As the flagship model of Dormeo’s range, the Octasmart Hybrid Plush Mattress is one of the most luxurious mattresses available. A green mattress like this one is also 100% recyclable and OEKO-TEX certified, as it is similar to the memory foam plus.


(Image Credit- Dormeo)

Dormeo’s mattress is made of 4 unique layers to provide you with the best sleep experience possible. A multi-award-winning Octaspring technology, individual pocket springs, and a foam base made from Dormeos Ecocell add to the durability and quality of the mattress. Explore the layers and their features with us.


Octasmart Hybrid Plus Mattress consists of four unique layers:

  • A memory foam layer
  • An Octaspring layer
  • An Ecocell foam layer
  • A pocket spring layer

In addition to its hypoallergenic properties, the Octasmart Hybrid Plus Mattress has a smart cover. This means it’s perfect for those who have allergies and won’t aggravate them. In addition to protecting against dust mites, mold, and bacteria, the cover also promotes a clean sleeping surface. To add that extra layer of comfort, the cover has hundreds of comfort pockets. 


Memory foam is the first layer, which is an open-cell foam of the highest quality. Providing you with soothing pressure relief and wrapping your entire body, this layer conforms to your body precisely. 


The following layer is Octaspring. This layer works independently to provide support because it is made of memory foam and designed like springs. Each spring provides 3-dimensional support and pressure relief for your hips, shoulders, and back. With Octasprings, the air is allowed to circulate throughout the mattress, allowing a healthy sleep environment.

By combining the smart cover and Octaspring layer, the Octave system better circulates cold air and releases hot air. With this system, the mattress is eight times more breathable than standard foam. You will therefore experience a drop in temperature of 3 degrees Celcius, protecting your mattress from overheating. Also included in this layer are three zones that help support your shoulders and hips while allowing your back to rest naturally. 

Individual pocket springs are the next layer. Combined with the Octaspring layer, each spring reacts independently to support and cradle you. You will experience a more traditional bounce. 

Next is Ecocell foam, which forms the base layer. This 3D layer keeps its shape well and provides a stable foundation. Interestingly, Ecocell foam is also used to separate the layers. There is an Ecocell layer between the memory foam and Octaspring layers and between the Octaspring and the individual pocket spring layers.

The thickness of the Octasmart Hybrid Plus Mattress

There is a 22cm of depth to the Octasmart Hybrid Plus Mattress.

The firmness of the Dormeo Mattresses

A mattress’ firmness is crucial. Too soft, you won’t receive the supportive benefits, too hard, and you won’t receive the comfort benefits. With four options, three of which are medium firmness, Dormeo has thought about this.


Here are three mattresses with a medium feel: 

  • The Dormeo Memory Plus Memory Foam Mattress
  • The Octasmart Plus Memory Foam Mattress
  • The Octasmart Hybrid Plus Mattress

Finally, the Dormeo S Plus Memory Foam Mattress is available in over 30 firmness and comfort variations. It is divided into two, one for each sleeper. Each side can be tailored to suit the preferences of the sleeper.

Design of the Dormeo Mattresses

There are several mattress options from Dormeo, all featuring a unique top cover and additional padding and materials. The result is a plush sleeping surface.

Dormeo Memory Plus Memory Foam Mattress

Florentine stitching is used on this mattress, and carbon fibers are woven into the cover. There are grey lines on the top, giving the mattress a patterned appearance. A soft cream border surrounds the mattress.

Dormeo S Plus Memory Foam Mattress

Elegant yet simple design distinguishes this mattress. The black sides and white top create a clean and luxurious look.

Dormeo Octasmart Mattress Range

Grey sidewalls complement a new, luxurious, and soft-feeling white top cover on these Octasmart mattresses. It has some character due to the slick orange stripe that separates the top and sides. The Octasmart logo also enhances the design. 

Trial Period and Warranty of the Dormeo Mattresses

Laying on a mattress first makes choosing a mattress easier. You can test mattresses in your own home during trial periods offered by the online industry to relieve some of that stress.  

There is a 60-day comfort trial on all four mattresses reviewed here, which allows you to test each mattress in the comfort of your own home and ensure it is right for you. Dormeo will gladly collect the mattress and give you a full refund if it isn’t for you. 

Another important consideration when buying a mattress is the warranty. To protect your mattress against the ravages of time and ensure it lasts as long as possible, warranties are available. There are different warranty durations for each mattress in the guide. 

Covered by a 15-year warranty

  • Dormeo Memory Plus Memory Foam Mattress
  • Dormeo S Plus Memory Foam Mattress

Covered by an 18-year warranty

  • Octasmart Plus Memory Foam Mattress
  • Octasmart Hybrid Plus Mattress

Delivery of Dormeo Mattresses

Depending on the model you select, it takes between 5 and 28 working days to receive your Dormeo within the UK. Dormeo mattresses are vacuum-sealed and rolled, and delivered in a box or plastic container for easy transportation.

Price and Sizing of Dormeo Mattresses

In our Dormeo mattress review, we’ve arranged the four mattresses according to size: a single, a double, a king, or a super king mattress. Mattress prices range from £529.99 to £1799.

You can choose among four kinds of Dormeo mattresses: the Memory Plus Memory Foam Mattress, the S Plus Memory Foam Mattress, the Octasmart Plus Memory Foam Mattress and the Octasmart Hybrid Plus Mattress.


In conclusion, we would like to mention that it has been refreshing to review a brand that uses unique materials and structures and is so well received by consumers. There is certainly no question as to why these models are their top sellers.

Dormeo mattresses are recommended for anyone interested in:

  • Known brand mattress with great customer reviews.
  • A layering system that rivals traditional mattresses in terms of comfort and feel.
  • A mattress that comes with a trial period and a class-leading warranty.

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