6 Best Floor Mattress for Every Surface – 2022 Review

Floor mattresses are a lifesaver when the question comes to “where are the guest gonna sleep?”. These mattresses are used commonly in situations like these or some unexpected sleepovers all across the world. Also, many people use floor mattresses for yoga, camping, traveling, etc.… in their day-to-day lives.

So, if I say that floor mattresses are one of the most ‘extra’ must-have items, then I don’t think that I am wrong in any way.

So, in this article, I will explain everything about the best Floor mattresses in complete detail, from “what is a floor mattress’ followed by “the best six mattresses currently on the market” and then the advantages and the disadvantages of the floor mattress.

Just stick up with me for a bit, and you guys are going to learn mostly everything about this one of the most ‘extra’ must-have items, i.e., a Floor mattress.

What is a Floor mattress?

In simple words, a floor mattress is designed to be laid out only on the ground, and it isn’t compatible with a bed frame. You can always use a regular mattress for the floor, but since it is only designed for a bed frame, it won’t be the most comfortable thing to sleep on the floor.

Whereas, because the floor mattress is designed especially for floors, it provides the comfort and ease we need while sleeping on the floor.


It is widely used as a guest’s bed, a yoga mat, or travel equipment, as I have mentioned earlier.

Now, let’s not waste any time and jump to the list of the best mattress I could find with different tastes and styles currently in the market for you all.

List of the Best Floor Mattress in 2022-

1- Beautissu Folding Floor Mattress

Beautissu’s folding floor mattress is an ideal mattress for guests, in our opinion. It checks every square of our ‘ideal floor mattress’ checklist. Let me tell you how.

It is a double-sized mattress that you can also fold up and velcro together for convenient storage. In terms of comfort, it has a medium-hard foam core that will adapt to your body and will offer soft support as you sleep. The foam also ensures that the coolness of the floor does not reach the body.

beautissu folding mattres

(Image credit:- Beautissu)

It comes with a removable cover (made of microfibre, 100% polyester), which surely means that it is comfortable and easy to wash, clean, and dry.

But, I must tell you that it is not quite a regular double-size mattress; the dimension of this folding mattress is 120 x 195 cm, which is around 15 to 17 cm shorter than the ideal double-size mattress (i.e., 137 cm × 191 cm). But, it’s still big enough for two people who are comfortable and happy to cozy up a bit.

So, in terms of usability and comfort, Beautissu folding floor mattress is a good deal.

Now let’s talk about some other aspects; the Beautissu folding mattress comes in three different sizes-

  • 120 x 195 cm
  • 80 x 195 cm
  • 60 x 190 cm

They depend upon your requirements. All these various sizes are designed to be perfectly lightweight and are ideal for space-saving.

Now, let’s talk about the point which completely fulfilled our ‘ideal floor mattress’ criteria, i.e., pricing. Beautissu Folding Floor Mattress is a budget mattress; the price depends upon the size of the mattress.

So, if you are a person who prefers a trifold mattress or who likes modern design, or maybe someone who is on a budget searching for a floor mattress, then Beautissu Folding Floor Mattress is the one for you.


2- Leewadee Roll-Up Thai Floor Mattress

If you are a person looking for premium quality, hand-made traditional-looking floor mattresses, then the Leewadee Roll-up Thai floor mattress is the one that will satisfy all your needs.

It comes in various sizes, ranging from medium to an extra-large size depending upon your needs. It is designed for sleep, yoga, massage, lounging, etc., with ease and comfort.

leewadee roll Up thai

(Image credit:- Leewadee)

The thickness of the mattress is around 5 cm, and it has been manufactured sustainably by using natural plant material (kapok) and is within the framework of Thailand’s OTOP project. The mattress’s cover is double-stitched in traditional fabric with a Thai-inspired pattern and is made up of complete cotton that levels up the overall comfort level.

Thai design and the filling of kapok together make the mattress ultra-comfy and breathable. I must say that washing this mattress is a bit of a task, but if you will use it with some extra sheets and are comfortable with some monthly cleaning and washing, then this mattress will complete your desires.

So, in terms of usability and comfort, the Leewadee Roll-Up Thai floor mattress is a good deal.

Now, let’s talk about some other aspects; the Leewadee Roll-Up Thai Floor Mattress comes in four different sizes-

  • S- 200 x 50 cm
  • M – 200 x 76 cm
  • L – 200 x 105 cm
  • XL – 200 x 145 cm

We depend upon your requirements.

It comes in 22 different styles and designs.

So, If you are eco-conscious or maybe looking for a traditional designed mattress or perhaps just someone who wants a premium quality roll-up mattress, then the Leewadee Roll-up Thai floor mattress is perfect for you.


3- Natalia Spzoo Fold Out Guest Chair Z Bed

If you are someone who owns a small space looking for an additional floor mattress/ bed, then Natalia Spzoo Fold Out Guest Chair Z Bed mattress may be the best option for you.

The best thing I like about this mattress is that it can serve its purpose both as a chair and a bed so perfectly that you can put it as a permanent chair in your living room with some different decor, and when you need the bed, fold it open, it just looks and feels awesome.

natalia spzoo fold out

(Image credit:- Natalia)

The inside feels firm because of the high-density foam (up to 22 kg), but that firmness helps to keep the back supported and allows enough “squish” that you can sleep comfortably without feeling the floor. In other words, the foam adds both comforts and cushioning to the mattress.

The cover (100% polyester) comes with a zipper that makes it removable and washable to help keep the mattress/chair a little cleaner.

Seat part of the mattress, when it is folded into a chair, is a little higher at 30 cm instead of 20 cm making it more comfortable for adults.

I must say the mattress is not quite as wide but a little longer than a regular bed. Also, it is not durable in the long run, but the affordable price of the item covers this up.

Now let’s talk about some other aspects; the Natalia Spzoo Fold Out Floor Mattress comes in two different sizes-

  • 10 cm x 70 cm x 200 cm
  • 10 cm x 90 cm x 190 cm

Also, It comes in two different colors-

  • Orange
  • Grey

After reading all of the above, if you think you are a person who enjoys multi-purpose products and would like to have such a cool item in their house, then you should go with the Natalia Spzoo Fold Out Guest Chair Z Bed Mattress.


4- Badenia Bettcomfort Floor Mattress

If you are a person who loves simple and sober things and are looking for a modern look and feel mattress on a budget, then Badenia Bettcomfort Floor Mattress must be the one you are looking for.

It only comes in one size (196 x 65cm x 7cm) and one color (Black), as simple as it is. After using it, you can fold it up into a small cube (60 x 63 x 21 cm), and it becomes very easy to store.

badenia bettcomfort invitated

(Image credit:- Visco Therapy)

This mattress has been made of medium-hard foam padding(weighs around 270g), which helps you provide good support. Because of this excellent foam padding, it has a good air and moisture exchange functionality.

The outer cover (100% polyester) comes with a zipper, which makes it removable so that you can be easily machine wash it or wipe it down with a piece of cloth. Bardonia Bettcomfort comes with handles that make it easy to carry and transport.

It is very lightweight (2.68 Kilograms), which becomes very useful, especially if you are traveling somewhere or maybe camping.

This mattress made its way up to our list because of its simple, sober yet modern design look, the comfort it offers, and, most important, i.e., affordability.


5- Milliard Folding Floor Mattress

Looking for a floor mattress that is portable and easy-to-move?? Or maybe something which is a combination of a sofa bed and a folding mattress?? Yes?? Then Milliard Folding floor mattress will check all your squares.

The mattress is designed so simplistically that it doesn’t require a lot of space, so; this makes a very good option for those who want a sofa bed but don’t have enough space in the house for a full-sized one.

milliard folding floor

(Image credit:- Milliard)

Milliard Folding floor mattress is made out of very high quality, CertiPUR-US certified high-density foam designed to keep you safe from harsh chemicals. The company focuses on this ‘chemical and toxics’ factor a lot; that’s why The mattress is already wrapped in non-toxic fiberglass that makes it resistant to fire and completely safe to sleep on.

Talking about comfort, the mattress has memory foam in it, so there is no doubt that it prioritizes your comfort first. Also, the foam is thick enough so that you won’t feel any coolness from the ground.

The mattress can be easily rolled up, making it suitable for traveling like camping or tours, etc.… or even compact storage.

Milliard Folding Floor mattress comes with a 3D mesh cover (100% polyester), which is easily removable using the zip, making it very easy for machine or hand washing so that you can keep the whole thing a little cleaner.

So, in terms of usability and comfort, the Milliard Folding floor mattress is a good deal.

Now let’s talk about some other aspects; the Milliard Folding floor mattress comes in two different sizes-

  • Double – 135 x 190 cm
  • Single – 90 x 190 cm

It comes in a single color, i.e. blue.

So, If you are someone who loves ‘eco-friendly products’ and looking for a sofa alternative, then, in my opinion, the Milliard Folding floor mattress will be perfect for you.


6- Evergreenweb Floor Mattress

If you have some allergy issues and are looking for a floor mattress, then, in my opinion, Evergreenweb Floor Mattress will be the best option for you.

This mattress is the perfect floor bed for people lacking storage space as it can be easily rolled up and stored away. The design of the mattress is very simple and sober yet attractive.

ever green web mattress

(Image credit:- Evergreenweb)

It comes with memory foam padding with 4cm of polyurethane foam. This foam is there to provide extra comfort and allows the mattress to mold to your bed as you sleep on it. Also, the mattress uses 3D fabric, which promotes airflow to improve the breathability of the mattress while maintaining a good level of hygiene.

When it comes to storing, it comes with Velcro fastenings to bring it together. It sits at 40 cm in diameter, making it ideal for storing in small spaces or traveling.

Now let’s talk about some other aspects. The Evergreenweb Floor mattress comes in six different sizes-

  • 70 x 195 cm
  • 80 x 195 cm
  • 90 x 195 cm
  • 120 x 195 cm
  • 140 x 195 cm
  • 160 x 195 cm

It comes in two different color variants-

  • Twist Bed Air Blue
  • Twist Bed White

Now, when we are all covered up, let’s look at the-

Advantages and Disadvantages of a floor mattress-

The advantages and disadvantages of a mattress depend upon your personal needs and preferences. But here, as per my knowledge, I have mentioned a list of advantages and disadvantages to determine whether a particular floor mattress is worth investing in or not.


  • Portability– These roll-up mattresses tend to be more lightweight, and because of that, it is easier to transport or carry them from one place to another. Whereas folding mattresses are slightly heavier than a roll-up, they can still be compact enough to be carried away with a vehicle while traveling.
  • Cooling- You must be aware that sleeping closer to the surface level may result in a far better and cooler night’s sleep. So these types of mattresses could help you and act as a good cooling mattress.
  • Cost-friendly – I am well aware that there are cheaper mattresses available in the market. Still, floor mattresses are significantly more affordable and better than any of the average standard mattresses.
  • Foam layers- Because a floor mattress is compact, most floor mattress companies opt for foam rather than pocket springs. The foam also keeps the mattress on the lighter side of the scale. Also, foam is a popular choice for many mattress companies, as it can provide soft cushioning that may help relieve pressure points in the body.
  • Space-saving- Since floor mattresses can be easily folded or rolled up and easier to store, this is a good solution for individuals living in a small space.


  • Durability- Floor mattresses are less likely to be as durable as standard mattresses due to the thinner outer layer and material. Also, if you are using it during traveling, it may likely experience wear and tear.
  • Comfort- Because floor mattresses use foam, the layer cab often be thin, and there are higher chances that it may not be able to completely protect you from the hard surface and coolness of the floor. Body contouring may also be lacking because of the limited layering. (Suggestion: for some extra comfort, adding a memory foam mattress topper could be a good budget-friendly option. )
  • Hygiene- the surface of the floor is always exposed to bacteria, germs, and insects. So because of these reasons, sleeping on a floor mattress may cause some problems. (Suggestion- make sure that floor surface is clean, especially for those suffering from allergies.)
  • Reduce pressure relief- If your floor mattress doesn’t have much foam or is old enough that the foam is thin now, sleeping on it may be a little uncomfortable because of the firm ground feel. Research also says that sleeping on the floor for a longer time results in a significant increase in bodily pain. (Suggestion- It is heavily suggested to use the floor mattress only as an option and change it when it gets old.)
  • Mobility- If the user has some mobility issues (like elders or disabled), they may easily access the floor mattress.

In conclusion, I must say that if you are using a floor mattress as an option and not using it regularly, then it is a very good investment.


If you have read till here, then you, my friend, are fully aware of what floor mattress is, its advantages and disadvantages, and you surely know the best 5-floor mattress on the market right now.

You can buy any of it according to your needs and preferences. If you know about any other floor mattress, which is better than any of the listed items, please feel free to tell us about it in the comment section.

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