6 Best Footstool Bed For Generic And Specific Use – 2022

The footstool bed is essentially a footstool that can be converted into a double or single bed. It is great for people looking to save space as it can be used for seating during the day and sleeping at night. The footstool bed is also a great choice for frequent guests but lacks the space to build a guest bedroom.

There are many factors to consider when selecting a footstool bed. A variety of sizes and designs are available at a variety of prices. Both the footstool and the bed come with their features, so make sure you look them over so you can take advantage of both.

The Best Footstool Bed from all the available one:-

1- Bert Footstool Bed in a Box

Dreams offers a stylish footstool that converts into a single bed in a box called Bed in a Box. Footstool beds are available in two colors and fabrics, grey woven fabric and blue velvet. Depending on the lighting and environment, the velvet color can vary slightly.

bert footstool bed
(Image Credit- Bert)

Dreams footstool bed saves space; when used as a footstool, its height is 45cm, and its width is 123cm. It has a 3-way fold system and a pull-out mechanism that makes it easy to convert from a footstool to a bed. As a result of the construction of the footstool, you also have a headboard when you pull out the bed. Also included with the bed is a foam mattress with a 4cm thickness.

If you receive a Bed in a Box, all the parts should already be assembled, so no assembly is required. The footstool bed has received a majority of positive reviews from verified purchasers. Customers have said the bed is easy to pull out and impressive design. A one-year guarantee is also provided with the footstool bed to protect your investment.


2- My Layabout Adult Z – Best Footstool Bed

The My Layabout Jumbo Cord Z Bed folds into a mattress-style bed and does not include a frame like traditional footstool beds. This can make it easier to transport when traveling, camping, and general.

my layout adult z bed
(Image Credit- My Layout)

The memory foam filling of the Jumbo Cord Z Bed comes in a charcoal grey colour. The addition of memory foam can provide pressure relief as the material can mold the body based on the body’s heat. In addition to the removable cover, the footstool bed is also washable to stay clean and hygienic.

There have been plenty of positive customer reviews for the My Layabout Jumbo Cord Z Bed, and it has been rated highly for its value for money. Additionally, the comfort and durability of the product have been praised.


3- Jay-Be Secret Sleeper Footstool Bed

Jay-Be Sleeper Footstool is designed to provide comfort, sustainability, and style. Customers have praised it for its ease of conversion into a bed and comfort. Additionally, the product is available in three different shades of grey; silver, stone, and charcoal.

The footstool bed is constructed with a spring bed base and is upholstered in a durable fabric that offers luxury and comfort. In addition to its softness, the fabric cover is hypoallergenic, making it suitable for people with sensitive skin or allergies. Converting the footstool into a bed is as simple as lifting the lid and pulling out the single bed.

jay be secret sleeper
(Image Credit- Jay Be)

The bed mattress is also constructed with two layers of Infinity Fibre, which provides extra comfort and support. Pressure relief is provided by the top layer, while the bottom layer gives additional support. Fibers can also help regulate a person’s body temperature if they sleep hot. Furthermore, the bed has been treated with Purotex®, which keeps everything fresh and clean.

As part of Jay-Be’s commitment to sustainability, the mattress fillings are made from recycled plastic bottles and repurposed materials. These materials have been used to prevent the garbage from entering landfills or the ocean. Additionally, this British-made product is backed by a 1-year warranty and a lifetime frame guarantee.


4- Esprit Large Fabric Footstool Bed

With this large footstool bed from Esprit, you are guaranteed a functional bed that looks great. Besides being a double bed, the footstool bed can be used as extra seating, a coffee table, or a coffee table – which means you can use it throughout the house.

esprit e large fabric stool bed
(Image Credit- Esprit)

This footstool offers elements of luxury through its large size and deep-cushioned features. A soft velvet cover also surrounds the footstool, which has beech-turned legs. The footstool has sprung seats, which provide extra comfort and make it an excellent seating option. The footstool is easily transformed into a double bed by pulling out the bed when needed. This bed is equipped with a thick foam mattress and solid legs for added support.

Furniture Village guarantees the product’s structural integrity for 20 years and offers the lowest price guarantee on the market. This bed can be folded out to a height and width of 49cm and 170cm.


5- Jay-Be Denim Footstool Bed

It is a modern footstool crafted in the UK and designed to be stylish and compact. Denim Footstool Sofa Beds are available in 8 different colours, including berry, mink, and aubergine – so that you can pick a color that goes with the theme of your room.

jay be denim
(Image Credit- Jay Be)

Footstools are typically constructed with foam, but this footstool was designed with reflex foam in its seat cushions, adding additional comfort despite their name. The roll-out mechanism lets you access the bed in just seconds, and the bed can be rolled out in seconds.

In addition to the mattress on the footstool bed, the mattress has been tested for durability and folded and unfolded several times. Adding comfort to the mattress is the soft woven fabric cover. A comfort layer made of Rebound e-Fibre, using polyester fibers to provide breathability, is also available.

Additionally, the footstool bed has been designed to be eco-friendly and is constructed with sustainable and recyclable materials. Jay-be is also committed to reducing landfill waste by using foam-free mattresses. Also, FSC-certified wood has been used for the footstool bed’s durability.


6- Jacque Footstool Bed

The Jacque Fabric Footstool Bed provides compact seating and can serve as a guest bed simultaneously. The footstool bed has a modern design, a contemporary bed with retro buttoning, and ultra-soft upholstery.

jacque footstool bed
(Image Credit- Jacque)

Small spaces and corners can easily accommodate this footstool. When you lift the lid, you’ll discover a fold-out bed that can be used as a guest bed. Also included in the package is a foam mattress that provides a comfortable night’s sleep. Also, they offer furniture collection services to help you recycle your old furniture.

Accordingly, the footstool is 88cm wide to maintain compatibility. If folded into a bed, its height measures 41cm, its length is 228cm, and its width is 70cm.


What Is A Footstool Bed? 

There have been footstools for centuries, dating back to Ancient Egypt, where they were often carved with symbolic designs and handed down as family heirlooms. Since the dawn of the modern age, footstools have been around for many decades and can be used as seating, storage, or footrests. 

Compared to traditional beds, footstool beds are relatively new and appeal to those seeking a multi-functional bed. The footstool bed generally looks like a bed tucked inside, which can fold out to make a single or double bed. 

You can use footstool beds in the guest room, living room, or even study since they don’t take up much space when not folded out. Besides being useful as footrests next to your sofa, they are also a nice addition to your home’s furniture. 

In this way, when you have guests staying with you, you can extend the footrest so that they can have a comfortable surface to sleep on without taking up a lot of space in your home. If you need more space or wish to use it as a guest bed, this could be the perfect solution.

Many footstool beds are incredibly easy to convert into beds, saving you lots of time and trouble when it comes to your guests’ arrival. 

Features of the Footstool Bed 

The footstool bed can be used in various ways around the house, so it’s important to choose features that can be useful for a variety of applications when purchasing a footstool bed. Before investing in a footstool bed, consider the following points. 

  • Design: Footstools and beds are both important pieces of furniture in the home. Therefore, it can be beneficial to place a high value on design and appearance. It is common for footstool beds to be upholstered with velvet or woven fabric. Moreover, you might want to check out footstool beds available in various colors.
  • Mattress: There should be a mattress included with most footstool beds. It’s worth checking the mattress’ thickness and materials if you want a good night’s sleep. Some mattresses use special types of foam for added comfort, while others use memory foam, which can relieve pressure. 
  • Sustainability: Many companies are now making an effort to be more environmentally friendly in their production and materials. You can look into recycled materials if this is of importance to you.
  • Warranty: The purchase of a footstool bed can be costly, so it’s useful to have a contract to protect your investment. Typical warranties last between one year and five years. 
  • Allergies: There are footstools on the market that claim to be hypoallergenic for people who have sensitive skin. The materials used in them or a special treatment could be behind this claim. 
  • Smart Features: There are footstool beds and mattresses with extra features that may prove beneficial. This can be achieved by incorporating special comfort layers in the mattress or applying treatments to promote hygiene and freshness.

Using Footstools To Elevate Your Feet

The primary purpose is to provide a place for your legs to rest while you’re lounging on the sofa. Elevating your feet and legs has several health benefits, and you should try to keep them up for at least 15 minutes a day to obtain these benefits.

  • Blood Flow: Gravity promotes blood flow through your veins and circulates your body, particularly in the legs, when the legs are elevated above the heart. 
  • Pressure Relief: During the day, if you tend to stand a lot, the veins can become under pressure, so they have to work harder to pump blood to the heart. If you raise your legs, you can relieve stress on the veins, as well as your feet and legs.
  • Varicose veins: Legs and feet can be affected by this condition, which leads to enlarged veins. Elevating the legs above the heart can help prevent blood from gathering around the lower legs. 
  • Swelling: Inflammation can occur when excess fluid accumulates in the legs; elevating the legs allows the fluid to drain away more easily.
  • Pregnancy: As a result of carrying extra weight during pregnancy, your legs and ankles can become stressed, causing leg cramps and pain. By promoting blood circulation and possibly reducing swelling, elevating the legs during the earlier stages of pregnancy can ease discomfort.

best footstool bed

The popularity of multifunctional furniture 

Due to the growing cost of housing and people working from home, multi-functional furniture has become a popular option for people trying to maximize their living space. Between 2017 and 2027, multi-functional furniture is expected to reach a market value of 13.2 billion USD. The furniture can be anything from coffee tables to beds and seating to provide multiple uses or save space. 

It is believed that the rise in minimalism is the main reason for the surge in popularity. Between 2016 and 2020, house prices in the EU rose by 4.6%, so more people choose to live in smaller flats or with others. Due to this, multi-functional furniture is the best way to maximize the use of limited space and to maintain a minimalistic style. 

Social trends could also influence a growing desire for minimalist furniture. Popular TV shows have explained how to declutter, and travel blogs promote tiny house living so that multi-functional furniture can be a valuable addition to this lifestyle. A study shows that 78% of millenials prefer experiences over material possessions compared to the baby boomer generation. As a result, purchasing one piece of furniture with multiple purposes makes more sense than purchasing several items.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Footstool beds: what are they?

Footstool beds are built as footstools that can be folded out to make a single or double bed. Because they are multi-functional, they can be used for various purposes, including seating or as a daybed.

What is the best place to buy a footstool bed?

In addition to popular furniture stores, you can also find footstool beds online. It is not uncommon for companies specializing in beds to also offer footstool beds. Online retailers, such as Amazon, may also carry footstool beds.

Which footstool bed is best?

Personal preferences and needs can influence this. When choosing a guest bed, it’s important to determine whether you want a single or double bed. To ensure your footstool blends in with your room, make sure its design, fabrics, and colors align.

How Can A Footstool Be Made Into A Bed?

It is generally possible to convert footstools into beds in seconds. The footstool’s top cushion must be removed, depending on its design. Once you’ve opened the footstool frame, you can unfold the folding bed hidden inside. Already attached to the frame is the mattress, which can be used right away. The guests can comfortably sleep, placing a pillow, sheets, and blanket on the bed.


Since many of us are forced to live in smaller homes and apartments, we often have to get creative regarding the furniture we use in our homes. As you are aware, Beds are a very big piece of furniture.

This article solves all the problems of having a standard bed and provides you with an extra option for guests arriving and relaxing at your home. We hope that you have found the perfect Footstool bed of your choice. 

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