6 Best Latex Mattress In UK – 2021 Update

The market for the best latex mattress isn’t as large as that for memory foam mattresses, but with the many campaigns to buy more “natural” products, I expect it to become the next big thing pretty soon. Furthermore, there are many other benefits to consider when choosing a latex mattress, but they tend to be costly.

You have probably seen a lot of ‘best of’ articles on Google if you are looking for a latex mattress. However, many of these refer to American latex mattresses that aren’t available here in the UK. Is there a good latex mattress for the British people? The five best latex mattresses for me, and the reasons why…

…But before that, let’s get to know about Latex mattresses and how they work. So without any further delay,

let’s Get Right Into The Best Latex Mattresses Available in the UK.

1- Sealy Posturepedic Nostromo Latex Mattress

In terms of a pocket sprung mattress with a layer of protective latex on top, the Sealy Posturepedic Nostromo latex mattress is a good option. This mattress has a pillow-top design and has received favourable reviews from those who have purchased it. It was even awarded a “Which? Best Buy Award”.

Sealy-Posturepedic-Nostromo-Best Latex Mattress

(Image Credit- Sealy)

With a total depth of 11.8″, the latex layer accounts for just under one inch. There are 1400 individual pocket springs in the pocket spring section of the mattress that protect it against sagging. Adding Innergetic Latex to the top of the mattress will help increase the overall comfort and relieve some of the pressure your body might feel when you’re lying down.

With latex mattresses from Sealy, you can correct spinal posture and get a better night’s sleep as you work towards a better night’s sleep. Moreover, the Tencel cover promotes the mattress’s antimicrobial properties and regulates the sleeper’s body temperature.


2- Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign Latex Mattress

The products offered by John Lewis & Partners are of high quality and reputable. The prices of their mattresses might be a little higher than others, but they tend to offer high-quality items. Dunlopillo’s Royal Sovereign latex mattress is one such investment worth considering.


(Image Credit- Dunlopillo)

There is no need to turn this full latex mattress as you would with a traditional mattress, but it can still benefit from regular rotation. Because of its ability to adapt to your body as you sleep, it could work for people who toss and turn throughout the night.

With ActiproTM technology, the Dunlopillo provides allergy protection. Nevertheless, it must be ventilated adequately to provide the best protection, which is why John Lewis recommends that it be used with a well-ventilated divan base or bed frame. Dunlopillo latex mattresses are of high quality and will last for some time if you take good care of them.


3- Naturalex Extrafresh Mattress

Despite having a luxurious touch to it, this latex mattress comes at a kinder price point. This would be an excellent choice for those who prefer a firm mattress to help them get a good night’s rest. There are multiple zones of support on this mattress, which means you can get extra support in the areas where you need it. Regardless of your sleeping position, you should still receive enough support to feel rested in the morning.


(Image Credit- )

Throughout this mattress, latex can be found at the core. Memory foam surrounds the latex, which helps to relieve pressure on joints and distributes the sleeper’s weight evenly. Furthermore, the combination of latex and memory foam is hypoallergenic and OekoTex certified, so that it may be a good option for allergy and asthma sufferers.

You can try out the Naturalex Extrafresh for 30 days to determine whether this is the right mattress for you. Natural also offers a 10-year warranty, so you know that your mattress is protected for many years to come. The product has already been highly rated by those who have purchased it so that it could be a good option for anyone looking for an affordable mixed mattress.


4- Silentnight Pocket Latex 2000 Mattress

Natural latex is used to make the comfort layer of this mattress, which is designed to provide tailored support from head to toe while being resilient to abrasion and wear and tear. The Silentnight Mirapocket mattress features 2,000 pocket springs for a stable sleeping surface.


(Image Credit- SilentNight)

In addition, it has been treated with Purotex, a 100% natural probiotic that fights dust mites and allergens. To make your sleeping experience more hygienic and fresh, this is being done. Side sleepers often appreciate the medium-soft feel of the mattress.

As with many of Silentnight’s mattresses, the Silentnight Pocket Latex mattress has received excellent reviews. Standing at 37cm tall, it is backed by the brand’s standard 5-year warranty. The Silentnight mattresses are thoroughly tested to ensure they meet British manufacturing standards and participate in the Furniture Industry Sustainability Program, which would be of interest to anyone who wants to purchase an eco-friendly or sustainable mattress.


5- Sealy Casoli 1200 Pocket Sprung Latex Mattress

Mattressman offers the Sealy Casoli Latex mattress, which is a good option for those looking for a comfortable night’s sleep. During a restful night’s sleep, this latex mattress’ 1200 pocket springs will support your body in every position. There is a layer of 1.6″ Innergetic Latex on top of the 11″ or 28cm high mattress. Using this option provides a healthy sleeping surface that is antibacterial and eco-friendly. Casoli mattresses also contain Purotex and Tencel, creating a great combination of anti-allergen technologies.


(Image Credit- Sealy)

Using the Unicase system, the latex is supported and the contours of the sleeping body without compromising the structure of the mattress. This mattress may also benefit couples who share a bed and don’t want to disturb their partners by tossing and turning at night. These features contributed no doubt to its award of “Which? Best Buy award”.

A 5-year warranty that protects against any artistry or material faults is provided by the mattress, which is made in Cumbria in the UK. The Casoli mattress does not require you to turn it. This is good news for those who dislike turning their mattresses. You only need to rotate this latex mattress once in a while to keep it in top condition.


6- Dormeo Options Latex Hybrid Mattress

Options Latex Hybrid mattress from Dormeo is an excellent option for those looking for a firm hybrid mattress. There are up to 728 pocket springs in these latex mattresses, as well as a layer of latex. With individual pocket springs created this way, a traditional spring mattress provides support but less movement transfer. There is also a non-slip base on the mattress, which helps to keep the mattress from moving around during the night, even if the sleeper moves around a lot.


(Image Credit- Dormeo)

With its hypoallergenic properties, latex provides a great surface to rest on and measures just under an inch in height. Thanks to the mesh on the sides of the mattress, along with the antimicrobial properties of the latex, the air is constantly circulating in and out of the mattress. As a result, the mattress is more breathable.

This mattress is available from Dormeo in a variety of sizes. It will arrive rolled and vacuum-packed since it’s a bed in a box. Keeping the mattress clean is essential when purchasing an item such as a hypoallergenic mattress, but it is also more eco-friendly overall. As well as free shipping, the brand offers a 1-year warranty on purchases.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Latex Mattresses: What Are They?

First, let’s take a look at the materials. Natural rubber is also known as latex.

Plastics & acrylics in many products have generally replaced natural rubber because plastics are cheaper to produce. The majority of memory foam mattresses are made from “PU foam” – essentially plastic-based foam. In contrast, latex is a ‘natural’ product made from rubber trees.

Hybrid mattresses are more common than latex mattresses. In other words, they have both a layer of latex and a pocket spring layer. When a mattress is called “all-latex”, it contains no coils or springs and is composed of 100% latex. You can still buy an “all-latex” mattress in the UK, although they are pretty rare.

Why Are Latex Mattresses Better?

In comparison with standard memory foam, they are more comfortable. Most experts agree with me, and that’s not just my personal opinion. The softness of a latex mattress is unlike that of a plastic mattress. Comparing an organic cotton t-shirt to a polyester t-shirt is the best way to describe it. The difference is significant. When compared side-by-side, the differences are even more apparent.

Furthermore, latex mattresses are pretty bouncy. Latex mattresses may be just what you need if you like soft mattresses.

Another advantage of latex mattresses is that they do not retain moisture or heat. They wick away body heat well. Although memory foam has many benefits, a lot of people find them too hot. Latex mattresses are worth looking into if you sweat a lot while sleeping.

A Comparison Of Latex Mattresses’ Pros And Cons:

The following list compares memory foam mattresses.


  • Comfortable and bouncy
  • The bounce absorption is much higher if you’re a toss-and-turner
  • Latex is excellent for wicking away heat, so it’s great for hot sleepers
  • There is a slight odour associated with new mattresses
  • Usually lasts longer than memory foam mattresses


  • The price is high
  • Memory foam does not retain its shape
  • Physically tricky to move because they are heavy and bulky

Consider a memory foam mattress instead of latex if you’re shopping on a tighter budget. They are almost always less expensive than latex since they are constructed from artificial materials.

Do Latex Mattresses Pose A Fire Hazard?

In response to a question from a website visitor, I have answered whether latex mattresses are fire retardant because since latex itself is not flame retardant, they cannot be fire retardant.

For a mattress to be sold legally in the UK, it must meet or exceed fire regulations. It is still possible for an “all latex” mattress to contain fire inhibitors, such as natural carbon, even though they are not included in the headline “100%” figure. That may be a bit misleading, but safety comes at a price.

In conclusion, all latex mattresses I’ve reviewed on this page are completely safe and meet all EU and UK fire regulations (as do all other mattresses reviewed on this website). If you don’t plan to buy one of these, double-check your latex mattress to be sure.

Latex Mattresses: Their Benefits

It is becoming increasingly popular to opt for a latex mattress instead of other types of mattresses. Even though memory foam and pocket sprung mattresses and hybrid mattresses are great options, latex mattresses have a few benefits that should not be overlooked. They are known for being supportive. You will sleep better if your mattress has this feature, as it will allow you to rest more comfortably. Mattresses made from latex are also known to be more breathable than other foam solutions.

A study of the effects of mattress material on body pressure profiles reported that latex mattresses could reduce peak pressure on various body parts and produce more low-pressure areas than polyurethane mattresses.

In addition, another study showed that 16 healthy volunteers tested both a latex and spring mattress and both significantly improved several actigraphic sleep parameters. The latex mattress seems to be a good choice for many people, so why don’t they all choose one?

Mattresses Made With Latex Can Be Expensive

It is often because they are more expensive than some of the other types of mattresses available. The cost of producing latex can make it challenging to find a complete latex product.

expensive latex

You will also need a solution that fits your budget and your bed if you have a large bed, like a super king. In contrast, cheaper mattresses with latex toppers are often included, which can be a more affordable option.

Budget-Conscious Shoppers

Entirely latex mattresses are a premium product and can be pretty pricey, but hybrid latex mattresses can be an excellent alternative for someone looking for something more affordable. Those looking for a latex mattress would be well-served by any of the options above. You should find a good latex mattress for a long time if you compare the options against your budget and consider what properties are essential to you.

Mattresses Made From Latex Can Be Heavy

Latex mattresses can be pretty heavy because of their high latex content. Considering latex’s density, mattresses made of this material are more difficult to move than mattresses made of other materials. If your bed is moved around more than usual, this is something to keep in mind.

Allergic To Latex

Some people are also afraid of latex allergies, which may prevent them from buying latex mattresses.


Natural latex mattresses contain allergens, even though studies have shown that they cannot be extracted from synthetic latex foam mattresses. The possibility of sensitization could be a risk for allergic individuals. There are several types of latex, and understanding the differences between them is essential.

Types Of Latex

Mattresses made of latex are not all the same. The following are the most common types and ways in which latex is produced for mattresses:

Natural Latex

Rubber trees, officially known as Hevea Brasiliensis, produce artificial latex by tapping the sap from their trees. A subsequent “whipping”, or infusing of air, causes it to rise in size. Following that, it is baked in a mould into the desired shape through vulcanization.

Natural latex can be classified into two types:

  • Known for being heavier and firmer on one side (usually the bottom), Dunlop latex has a signature feel. The solution is generally more cost-effective and denser than Talalay.
  • Talalay latex mattresses have a more consistent tension and can be slightly more comfortable than other mattress types. It feels lighter and bouncy because it’s more homogenous.

Talalay’s latex production process is more complex, with vacuum-sealing and freezing added as additional steps.

Synthetic Latex

Latex synthetic is manufactured from a mixture of chemicals that mimics the properties of natural latex. Most commonly, SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber) is used in the industry.

If you do a little research, you’ll find that this solution is less bouncy, less durable, and duller than natural latex. The odour of the product has also been reported to be more dominant. It has the advantage of being cheaper.

Blended Latex

The latex used will be a mixture of natural and synthetic. Even though this is often marketed as the best of both worlds, it can be assumed that they are simply cutting costs. Keep in mind that the ratio is often in favour of synthetic latex.

How Do I Know If A Latex Mattress Is Right For Me?

When it comes to sleeping, we all have different needs and routines. Latex mattresses are popular, but their suitability for you depends on your personal preference. Below you will find a list of some of the most common features of mattresses that contain or mostly contain latex:

  • The feel of a latex mattress is slightly more huggable than one made of memory foam.
  • Instead of the slow rebound often found in memory foam, these mattresses quickly spring back into shape.
  • Latex mattresses could be a good choice for hot sleepers who tend to overheat at night. They are more breathable than foam mattresses and tend to retain less heat. A hybrid mattress containing latex might be the best option for those looking for a more flexible mattress option.
  • Their ability to isolate motion makes them a good choice for couples.
  • In addition to not transmitting movements, it is also hushed compared to, say, springs.
  • It has been known that latex mattresses promote better spinal alignment and weight distribution, which results in better pressure relief when sleeping.
  • Latex mattresses may be of interest to you if you care about the environment and sustainability.

Latex Mattress: Maintenance

For it to last you many years, you will want to treat it with care as with any other mattress. There are a few things you can do to keep your mattress fresh and in good shape, even if it is a latex mattress:

  • If you have a one-sided mattress that does not require flipping, flip it regularly. The manufacturer should clearly state this. In case you are unsure, you can always contact their customer service department. They should be able to tell you if your mattress needs any special treatment.
  • To maintain its shape, you should turn it from head to toe now and then, even if it doesn’t require flipping.
  • If you have an appropriate attachment, you should be able to vacuum the cover gently.
  • Keep it out of direct sunlight and air it regularly.

Using a mattress cleaner may be necessary if you have accidentally stained your mattress.


The properties of latex mattresses offer the comfort of memory foam without the trapped feeling, more bounce, and they adapt to the general shape of the body rather than the exact shape.

As rubber trees are harvested and made into latex, this is a natural, eco-friendly and organic product.

In summary, latex mattresses are an excellent choice for eco-friendly shoppers and an excellent selection for those with back problems.

Have a good sleep!

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