6 Best Mattress Protector for Better Care of Mattress -2022

We spend most of our lives sleeping on our mattresses, which are extremely expensive purchases. So, we want to make sure that they stay in the best possible condition, whatever the circumstances.

Though we can try to be vigilant, we are all guilty of a sneaky cup of tea or snack in bed from time to time. Spills and stains can result in a mattress that is unattractive to sleep on and makes getting up in the morning painful. Having the freshest sheets and the best intentions will not ensure that a good night’s sleep will follow. A fresh mattress is crucial for ensuring that things stay as nice as possible.

It is possible to prolong the life of your mattress with a mattress protector, provided that you choose a good one and take good care of it.

If you take your mattress protector off your bed and wash it with your bedding, you should be able to keep it in good condition. As a precaution, if you suffer from allergies, it is also a good idea to ensure that your mattress protector is regularly cleaned.

Mattress protectors are often found wherever bedding is sold.

Despite being a common item, a mattress protector can make a big difference in the cleanliness of your mattress.

Another great place to purchase a mattress protector is from the manufacturer of your mattress. You can protect your mattress with a mattress cover from the same brand, as they often make high-quality mattress protectors protect their products.

Which mattress protector is right for you?

How should I choose a mattress protector?

Even though buying a mattress protector may seem like a very simple task, several things to consider.

Material: In the same way that bedding sheets come in different materials and fabrics, so do mattress protectors. Textiles made from synthetic materials, such as polyester, are a common and affordable option but are not the best quality. Other materials include wool, cotton, Tencel, and bamboo (in keeping with green fashion trends).

Fit: It is also important to consider your mattress’s fit before purchasing a mattress protector. Some protectors have an elastic ‘skirt’ that fits the mattress like a fitted sheet, while others completely encase it. Alternatively, some protectors will include corners that fasten around your mattress. It’s important to consider the depth as well as the size of your mattress unless you’re going for the latter.

Which mattress protector materials?

  • Cotton mattress protectors are ideal for sweaty sleepers since the fabric will wick away moisture. 
  • Cotton blends are more common for waterproof mattress protectors: cotton and polyurethane. While they may not be as breathable and may sound noisier when wet, they will protect against spills, which cotton alone cannot.
  • Polyester mattress protectors are inexpensive – or you can find them in a waterproof mattress protector. They’re pretty fail-safe for children or anyone experiencing incontinence. Any downsides? They don’t work well for sweaty sleepers.
  • Rayon mattress protectors are made from natural fibers, making them breathable and comfortable to sleep on. What’s better? They’re often the eco-friendly choice, too. 

What features should I consider?

The purpose of a mattress protector is to protect your mattress from stains, damage, and wear and tear. However, it can also work as:

  • Waterproof: You may want to consider a waterproof protector if spills or other accidents are likely. Despite it being an obvious feature, some mattress protectors aren’t waterproof, so make sure you check the descriptions before purchasing.
  • Breathable: Some protectors will be more breathable than others, depending on the materials used. Mattress protectors designed to keep you cool are available if you’re concerned about getting hot in your bed.
  • Hypoallergenic: This is a common characteristic of both protectors and bedsheets. Dust mites can cause serious health problems for those with allergies while potentially causing breathing problems. However, if you have a hypoallergenic mattress protector, you will be able to prevent them from damaging your mattress.
  • Quilted: Hollowfibre or cotton fillers are used to construct quilted mattress protectors. The purpose is to add an (albeit thin) layer of protection. Nonetheless, if comfort is your top priority, you might be better off going for a cooling mattress topper.

Is my mattress protector supposed to be washed?

It makes sense to take good care of a protector, as it is a barrier between your body and mattress. There is no hard-and-fast rule regarding the frequency with which you should wash it. It might seem overkill to wash your mattress protector every week, but some recommend doing so every time you change your sheets. Dreams recommend washing your mattress protector every two months (except spills and if you have pets on the bed) as a rule of thumb. Machine-washable mattress protectors are most commonly available.

List of the Best Mattress Protector for longer life:-

1- Panda Bamboo Mattress Protector

It does not matter what size of bed you have; a bamboo mattress protector may be an excellent option for you. The company’s mattress protectors come with a 2-year guarantee, making it easy for you to buy and take care of them.

panda best mattress protector
(Image Credit: Panda)

There is a deep 32 cm polyester skirt on this mattress protector. This should be enough to keep both your mattress and any mattress toppers working together to make your bed a comfortable place to sleep.

Additionally, the Panda mattress protector has received the OEKO-TEX standard 100 certifications. Having this accreditation allows the use of these products on babies and those with sensitive skin.

Nano TPU technology is used here to create the waterproof layer. The mattress can be kept dry in this manner while at the same time preventing bacteria and allergens from invading your sleeping space.

Bamboo is also a great choice for the top layer in this product, as it contributes to its antibacterial properties. If you are susceptible to allergies while sleeping, you should consider investing in this mattress protector.

2- REM-Fit Snow – Best Mattress Protector

Some of us battle overheating while sleeping or feeling too cold and shivering for a long time before we can fall asleep. Even though it can be difficult to regulate your body temperature, the right bedding can make all the difference, and a mattress protector can play a role in this.

rem fir mattress
(Image Credit: REM-Fit)

The REM-Fit snow mattress protector is a must when staying cool in summer and warm in winter. The Nordic Chill cooling fabric can dissipate body heat up to 10x faster than cotton so that you have an ideal night’s sleep.

The price of this mattress protector is continually slashed, though it is not the most affordable of mattress protectors out there.

It’s also perfect for those who have trouble regulating their body temperature. There are over 900 reviews on Trustpilot for REM-Fit, so you can rest assured that you are buying from a popular brand.

A special hypoallergenic layer is present in this mattress protector. This Miracle Membrane layer is key not just for controlling temperature but also for keeping dust mites and other problems with your mattress at bay. As a result, you’ll have a much fresher night’s sleep.

You can be confident that this is a high-quality product that will hopefully deliver the results you’re looking for with a 5-year guarantee.

3- Emma Mattress Protector

The Emma mattress is considered one of the best mattresses currently available on the market. Many thousands of customers have already purchased and enjoyed the product, so it is not surprising to discover that they have also developed a mattress protector.

Protecting your Emma mattress (or any other mattress you might have) may be as simple as purchasing one of these mattress protectors.

emma mattress protector
(Image Credit: Emma)

The benefits of purchasing mattress protectors from Emma are numerous. To begin with, they have a 200-night trial (which is similar to a mattress bought in a box) and a money-back guarantee on their mattress protectors. You need to be able to test your bed out properly at night and make sure it’s the one you want, which you’ll be able to do with their mattress protectors as well.

The product is 100% waterproof, which ensures it will not leak. No worries about upsetting your morning cup of coffee! Moreover, it can guard against dust mites and other potential problems that adversely affect your sleep.

Last but not least, it is designed to be incredibly comfortable and breathable to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep.

Ideally, if you have a mattress that helps regulate your body temperature while you sleep, this mattress protector should contribute to those properties, not hinder them. This is an excellent option if you want a high-quality mattress protector to match your mattress.


4- Eve Mattress Protector

Suppose you are looking for a high-quality mattress protector. In that case, the Eve mattress protector is an excellent choice for anyone with a matching mattress, but it will also fit standard mattresses.

Cotton is used for this mattress protector to create a soft, breathable, and comfortable place to sleep.

eve mattress protector
(Image Credit: Eve)

Neotherm has also treated the top layer of the mattress protector. In this way, your mattress protector remains waterproof so that it can care for your mattress to the fullest extent possible. Those who sleep hotter will also benefit from this, as it will aid in keeping them cooler, so they can have a more restful sleep overall.

You may not even notice that it’s there once your bed is made up since it’s designed to be thin and non-invasive.

From single beds to super kings, you can choose from various sizes.

To help keep your mattress protector in the best condition possible, Eve recommends washing it every month or two. After being washed at 40 degrees, you can immediately put it back on your bed after it has dried.

Eve offers a warranty to ensure that your mattress protector is protected. Textile products like this come with a 2-year warranty so that you can keep them looking great and well-maintained.

This is a good option for those who want a quality mattress protector that will care for both their mattress and their night’s sleep.

5- Simba Mattress Protector

Simba mattresses are often praised for their quality, having received over 2500 reviews so far.

Additionally, they have developed affordable mattress protectors to help safeguard their products. Even though there is an extra layer on your bed, you shouldn’t notice anything while you sleep.

This can help you sleep better than you normally would since it enhances breathability and temperature regulation.

simba mattress protector
(Image Credit: Simba)

The reason for this is due in part to the materials that were used to create the Simba mattress protector. This product uses Tencel and a polyurethane layer to create the perfect resting place for your head. Tencel is an excellent alternative to cotton. In addition to being lighter and more breathable, it can also be much more comfortable. Furthermore, it is a sustainable fabric, so it is the perfect choice for those who want to find something comfortable to rest on while caring about where their purchases come from.

Protecting the mattress is made easier with a polyurethane layer and designed to protect the mattress from spills, dirt, and moisture, which may damage its integrity. OEKO TEX 100 certification is also attached to this particular mattress protector.


6- Nectar Mattress Protector

With the Nectar mattress protector, you can protect yourself against any issues that may arise from when it was made two years.

Nectar, as a brand, has over 6000 reviews on Trustpilot. If you’re not sure whether the brand is trusted, you can always look at the reviews. As demonstrated by the positive feedback their products receive from trusted partners like Trustpilot, they have a brilliant reputation.

nector protector
(Image Credit: Nectar)

There are several components to this mattress protector, and they all work together to form the final product.

Tencel jersey makes up the top layer and is super-soft and breathable. Thus, you have another layer between your body and the mattress, allowing you to rest comfortably. Furthermore, it will help you regulate your body temperature while sleeping, so you do not overheat.

The next layer is the polyurethane film. This part of the mattress protector is waterproof, so it will ensure that your mattress is kept safe from spills that may not be seen.

Furthermore, it is made of 100% polyester, and the skirt of the mattress protector measures 32 cm in depth. This is deep enough for most mattresses, which is certain to fit the infamous Nectar mattress.



As part of creating a comfortable place to rest your head, mattress protectors are essential since their breathable fabric helps regulate your body temperature and keeps you feeling cozy all night.

In case you experience difficulty regulating your body temperature, finding a breathable mattress protector to work with any benefits you might get from your mattress is going to be important for you.

If you like to drink tea or eat snacks in bed often, these are a great choice to protect the mattress beneath.

Make sure you find the best mattress protector for you as it can make a difference in your sleep quality.

When purchasing an entirely new mattress, you will often find that some brands offer a combo deal that includes a protector at a slightly discounted price.

If you cover your mattress with a waterproof protector, then your mattress will stay fresh longer.

The best way to protect your mattress is by purchasing a new one every few years. A good mattress should last you long, but the mattress protector should be replaced every few years to maintain maximum hygiene and protection. The mattress protectors listed above deserve a closer look.

These are some of the best available at the moment, and those who have purchased them before have given them high reviews. Your bed can be transformed in no time at all – and you’ll also be protecting your precious mattress at the same time!


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