7 Best Mattress Toppers In UK – 2021 Review

So you’re pondering about purchasing a Best Mattress Topper UK? Perhaps you’ve just purchased a new mattress, or maybe you’re considering purchasing one. You’ve discovered mattress toppers are a good way to prolong the life of your mattress and add that additional bit of luxury and comfort to your nighttime routine and peace and refreshment to your life.

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You’re correct! mattress toppers are fabulous. But they are not the be-all and end-all of your mattress strength. Mattress toppers are great accessories for your mattress to add more stability, softness, or even just pleasure.

Although most of the mattresses we have reviewed involve a 100-night test for you to try out sometimes your body just needs something unconventional after years of languishing on the same bed. Buying a mattress topper is an excellent option to revitalize an old mattress and a budget-friendly one too.

Whatever your idea is for seeing into buying a mattress topper we suggest having a glimpse at a few things that include, materials, height, and thicknesses. This, of course, depends on what precisely you are seeking to renew your mattress. We have here our best picks when it comes to ordering a mattress topper here in the UK which you can have a glimpse into.

Benefits of Tattress Toppers

There are many benefits to purchasing and using a mattress topper. The subsequent sections look at these in a more detailed explanation.

More affordable than a new mattress

Getting a mattress topper can be simpler and more affordable than spending on a new mattress for improving the feel of a mattress.

Added firmness or cushioning

A topper can be a great way to score extra stability or cushioning to a mattress that feels too harsh or too soft.

A mattress that feels too delicate may not properly maintain the spine, causing muscle tension and back pain. On the other hand, a mattress that feels too hard may cause excess stress on more troublesome parts of the body, such as the hips.

Good for two sleepers with different needs

People may require to use a mattress topper on only one half of the bed if people in a couple have several sleeping styles. For example, one person may like a hard mattress, while the other may prefer a medium-firm item.

Mattress toppers are also simple to carry, so they may be a good choice for people relaxing away from home, moving, or frequently traveling.

In this article, we believe we can point you in the best direction, or convince you that spending on a proper mattress is a more satisfying way of using your money. Our guide is comprised of comprehensive information about our picks for the best mattresses topper of 2021 and then, for those who need to get into the ins and outs of the mattress shopping process, includes the key topics that a savvy mattress topper purchaser should be cognizant of.

Here is the listing of the Best Mattresses topper you can buy instantly. Be sure to peruse through each mattress listed below as they all offer freakish features.

We’ve covered mattresses toppers for all budgets and relevant tips about what to view out for, too. 

Scroll Down for our Best Mattress Topper UK:-

1- Simba Hybrid Mattress Topper

Simba, the trusted online mattress retailer was one of the first to roll into the UK market. It is willing to produce the best mattress topper in the UK. Europe’s most analyzed mattress in a box has over 100,000 5-star buyer ratings from various autonomous references including google reviews, Trustpilot, YOTPO, and the Simba site.T3 claimed it to be “the best mattress in the world”.

With the research of over 10 million buyers and 180 million body profiles estimated, however, this is controversial according to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)✓.

Simba-Hybrid-Mattress - best mattress topper uk

(Image Credit : Simba)


The Simba Hybrid topper is composed of 4 different layers, namely; the top breathable nap surface, calming comfort layer, 2500 supportive pocket springs, and a high-density maintenance base. All layers are covered in the cover, which is a 3D mesh material that encases the layers.

It has a supportive high-density base, that serves as a base or foundation layer. The subsequent layer is the 2500 conical spring layer. This layer handles 20mm conical springs, contained in a 100% polyester pocket. This layer also provides the springs to leave and respond independently, allowing your partner to sleep sweetly and even from your movements.

The following layer is the cooling relief layer or air-flow Simbatex layer. This cover is a synthetic latex layer intended to provide for airflow, maintaining your cool within the night.

Embedding the layers is the 3D mesh edge, which acts in sequence with the other layers to direct airflow, provide heat to escape, and maintain your cool. The Simba Hybrid topper also holds straps that keep it comfortable and firm as you sleep, this indicates your topper will linger in place while you find your favored sleeping position.

Key points
  • The Simba Hybrid topper arrives with a 14 night test period, where you can examine the topper in your home and even exchange it for a refund if it’s not for you. 
  • The topper also carries a 1-year warranty.
  • This mattress is the WINNER on our Best Mattress Topper UK list is a topper from Simba.

Why should you buy this?

  • It has millions of optimistic reviews.
  • It has a titanium alloy spring making it more comfortable.
  • It is supportive without being too hard.
  • It uses Simba’s air-flow Simbatex and patented conical springs to provide any topper the hybrid approach.
  • If You are on a tight budget and searching for a relatively inexpensive bed this one would be the best purchase.

2- Tempur Mattress Deluxe Topper

Tempur is a renowned mattress topper name in the UK. They have been one of the best manufacturers of mattresses in society for ages now, originally, they were the first company to offer memory foam mattresses.

Overall, it is worth acknowledging what some people yet call the ‘best’ and primary premium mattress business, Tempur. Tempur is very discrete and reserved about the original TEMPUR® material layers of the mattress.

Tempur mattresses are also examined year after year for excellence and longevity to make sure that the greatest possible standards are uniformly met. All Tempur Elite mattresses comprise a detachable top cover made from polyester and a small quantity of elastane. 


(Image Credit : Tempur)


The Tempur Deluxe mattress topper is comprised of Tempur materials. These include visco-elastic cells that actively mold and adjust to your body, giving you personalized maintenance and comfort.

This topper is a double quilted Tempur layer on both sides, which produces a luxuriously soft sleeping surface. The Tempur topper sits 3.5 cm deep, with the entire topper being twin quilted Tempur layers.

Tempur is a pressure-relieving material, giving extra comfort but we will get to that. This mattress topper is meant to sit on a good mattress and give it that added luxurious Tempur comfort.

Key points
  • The Tempur Deluxe Topper arrives with a 3-year warranty, assuring that your topper will last for at least 3 years.
  • Also available when you buy a Tempur mattress topper there is a zero-rated VAT investment, for qualifying people.
  • The Tempur Deluxe topper is shipped by courier to your door free of cost, within the mainland UK.
  • Tempur, the business centered on luxurious comfort.

Why should you buy this?

  • It is a World-known brand and has a long history.
  • It Developed its trademarked material ensuring the best quality product.
  • Tempur mattress coverings are also OEKO-TEX certified, suggesting that they are reliable for human usage due to being free of toxic chemicals.

3- John Lewis Mattress Topper

John Lewis & partner offers a wide range of mattresses including a collection of orthopedic mattresses. Classic 1000 ortho support is the best-selling mattress topper model. This model is excellent in quality, design, and value.

They assure their range is designed to be denser and making it more supportive for those people who are looking for a firm feeling mattress. Fillings are sustainable and resilient for the ultimate in hygiene and comfort which helps in making your sleep space more clean and fresh throughout its lifetime.


(Image Credit : John Lewis)


The Dual-layer mattress topper from John Lewis & Partners is manufactured up of 2 polyester layers, one standing for convenience and one being for assistance. The base layer rests on the mattress and provides comfort whilst the top layer provides extra comfort.

Both layers are produced from 100% polyester. Polyester is a popular material in mattresses as it is durable, adjustable, dries quickly, and is rebellious to wrinkling and shrinking.

The two layers are distributed by zipping, with the top layer being easily separated and made to be cleaned at 40 degrees Celcius. Also involved with the mattress topper are bands to hold firm onto your mattress, this mitigates movement and changing all while keeping the topper in the section.

Key points
  • This mattress topper has our Best Toppers UK record is the dual-layer topper from John Lewis & Partners.
  • This dual-layer topper is a manufactured soft-to-touch deep mattress topper, competent for sitting on a bed of up to 32 cm deep. 
  • The double topper uses polyester in its production and contains a zip that departs the top washable layer from the lower support and comfort layer.
  • The dual-layer topper arrives with complimentary standard delivery within the UK, which takes up to 5 functioning days to arrive. The Dual-layer mattress topper also has a 2-year warranty, which suggests it will last at least a couple of years.

Why should you buy this?

  • Another feature of this mattress is that side-stitching is hand-stitched. This not only encourages craftsmanship but also supports the sides and strengthens the edges. 
  • Pocket springs are used to bear the support. Similar in this case, Reactive pocket springs will bear the support.
  • Individual pocket springs provide responsive support which maps your movements while you sleep to keep you well supported throughout the night.

4- Silentnight Airmax Mattress Topper

The Silentnight Airmax mattress topper is made to you by Bedding Limited, a Manchester-based sleep business. Possibly the coolest topper in this listing is the Silentnight Airmax topper which is very well gratified for renewing your current mattress.

This mattress topper is a dual-layer design, with air mesh walls that help distribute air and keep you cool. How cool? Let’s discover out together as we unpack the structure of the topper.


(Image Credit : Silentnight)


This mattress emphasizes firm orthopedic fillings to secure a firm tension to assist with back support and spinal alignment. 

The mattress is engineered with a “Mirapocket technology spring that serves to reduce pressure and discomfort that can grow up in delicate areas while you sleep. 

Each spring reacts to your body, spreading your pressure evenly across the mattress for active pressure relief and edge-to-edge support. Edge to edge support implementing more personal sleep space.

The Mirapocket spring system is the ideal base for a broad range of fillings and support layers.

Mira pocket spring arrangement gives stress relief for a cozy night’s sleep.

Key points
  • The Airmax topper is a dual-layer form, with an air mesh wall in among the layers.
  • The dual-layer is deeply stuffed with hollow fiber, which gives the topper highly breathable and forms a dual comfort layer. 
  • The hollow-fiber fill in the double layers provides for air to flow as well, computing to the breathability of your topper. 
  • The Silentnight Airmax mattress topper is hypoallergenic, indicating that the elements are very dubious to cause any sniffles, sensitivities, or skin reactions, making it perfect for those with allergies.

Why should you buy this?

  • The Airmax topper is machine launderable at 40 degrees Celcius, which enables you to have a fresh and clean sleeping surface regularly. 
  • The Airmax Topper also involves a 2-year companies guarantee, securing your topper for a least a couple of years.

Seeking some Best Mattress Topper UK?

Although we have listed the best mattress topper in Uk if you are seeking some more reviews of few mattresses then there is a glimpse of some of the best mattress toppers. Let’s not waste any second and dive right into the products and give you a sneak peek of a few more mattress toppers.

1- Brinkhaus Morpheus Mattress Pad

Brinkhaus has been excelling and down some of the most luxuries and comfy bed apparel in the market.


The Morpheus mattress pad is evidence of that fact. Meant for sound uninterrupted periods of sleep (and quick kips on Sundays), the topper’s soft regular absorbent cotton cambric and pure cotton fiber layer provide tailored maintenance for those in quest of a squishier night’s sleep.

In addition to its flexibility, another premium is that the pad has been designed to be washed at high temperatures – ideal for removing troublesome household and seasonal allergens.

With a wonderfully stitched quilted polish and stylish packaging to match, it’s the most engaging and upmarket offerings on this list.

2- Naturalmat Trendy Topper

The Naturalmat topper is that it’s the sole one on this list that is handcrafted and made to order.


The Trendy is a combination of organic and upcycled materials – essentially denim and regionally sourced organic lambswool from Cornwall and Devon – meant to deliver medium-soft comfort atop your mattress.

For those more cognizant of the environment, this choice is an ideal natural replacement for synthetic foams using OEKO-Tex certified hypoallergenic and GOTS-certified cotton and considerably sourced fillers.

Commonly anti-microbial, the topper is also a splendid insulator, naturally catching heat when you need it and when you don’t – something crucial to consider if your one of those hot flash types. Overall, it’s a fabulous addition to an already firm mattress and because of its comparatively low carbon footprint.

3- Soak and Sleep classic memory foam topper

Enduring and light, this memory foam topper from Soak and Sleep effortlessly molds to your body’s natural form and also does a great job maintaining the lower back.

A bonus to this steal is the Coolmax, a unique casing that draws moisture away from your body – something you’ll be grateful for notably in the summer months.

The casing can also be quickly taken off and washed in the machine on a 40-degree wash.

The only major downside is that the topper is strapless, so it can become somewhat cumbersome to reposition. Other than that, it’s a smart choice for anyone seeing for a firm but suitable fix at night.

Things to examine when purchasing a Mattress Topper

Some factors to examine before buying a mattress topper include the following:

  • Price: The price of a mattress topper will depend on the elements and any extra traits a person wants. People may wish to buy according to their budget.
  • Comfort: Mattress toppers can score extra comfort to a mattress, particularly if the mattress is older and losing its shape.
  • Firmness: Mattress toppers are available in various firmness feels. Thinner mattress toppers normally feel firmer than thicker toppers.
  • Extra features: Some mattress toppers give additional features, such as cooling capabilities. These products may profit those who overheat in their sleep, as they may help regulate body temperature.
  • Support and pressure relief: Some mattress toppers may give extra spinal alignment support and pressure point release. These features may lessen aches and pains and lead to more comfortable sleep.
  • Nontoxic materials: People may need to look for the CertiPUR-US certification in foam toppers. This certification assures low volatile natural compound (VOC) levels and limits the use of certain harmful flame retardants, ozone-depleting substances, and heavy metals.
  • Hypoallergenic mattress toppers: Toppers that are hypoallergenic and dust mite repellent and that have a detachable, washable cover may be best for durability and people with allergies. If a person does not have a sensitivity to latex, natural latex can be a great option for a topper that is strong and resistant to mold and dirt mites.

What is a Memory Foam Mattress Topper?

Engineers from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) originated memory foam, or viscoelastic polyurethane foam, for spacemen in the 1960s. In the 1990s, companies started to use memory foam in bedding.

According to the Polyurethane Foam Association (PFA), memory foam is a big bedding option due to its conforming capacities and its capability to be cozy yet supportive.

The PFA also notes that memory foam may give benefits for certain people. For example, somebody with impaired mobility may profit from the foam’s ability to redistribute weight and surface stress, which may help deter bedsores.

Rather than memory foam mattresses, people can prefer to buy a memory foam mattress topper. This thing is a layer of memory foam that somebody can lay on top of their mattress. Some are also possible for just one-half of the bed, which may gratify couples with different bedding inclinations.

Memory foam mattress toppers can give the mattress feel more comfortable and last prolonged. However, while memory foam mattress toppers can be a more affordable alternative to a memory foam mattress, even the most suitable ones will not last as long as a full memory foam mattress or give all the same privileges.

How do they benefit sleep and health? 

The potential health gains associated with memory foam mattress toppers cover:

  • Motion isolation can provide a person to toss and turn without bothering anyone else in the bed.
  • The antimicrobial efficacy of memory foam can assist repel dirt mites, bacteria, and fungi.
  • A 2018 study examining memory foam mattresses with other types of mattresses discovered that memory foam provided more conforming sleep and less body pressure. A memory foam mattress topper may give similar benefits.
  • A memory foam mattress topper may serve people with pressure boils. A 2017 study discovered that adding a memory foam layer to hospital mattresses lessened pressure damages in inpatients with severe illness.
  • A memory foam mattress topper may also satisfy people who feel the cold or sleep in chillier climates. Memory foam can grasp heat well-trusted Source.

Best Mattress Topper UK Conclusion

Purchasing a mattress topper can be a simple and more affordable way of improving the feel of a mattress without financing a new one.

A mattress topper can add more extra cushioning to a firm mattress or greater comfort to a softer mattress.

Many mattress toppers arrive with a sleep test, so people can try a topper for a specific period before making a purchase.

To conclude the Best Mattress Topper UK article, we would like to sum that a topper is a fabulous addition to any mattress particularly if you are looking to renew an old mattress that just isn’t performing anymore.

What’s excellent with the toppers on our list is greatest have a trial period so you have the chance to try them out in conjunction with your mattress at the house. It is nearly a no-risk opportunity.

Please note as we do our best to sustain learning about the products, modifications are inevitable from the suppliers and are always the best method to confirm with them before buying your mattress topper.

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