5 Best Organic Natural Mattresses In UK

In this modern era, it is like there is nothing that is untouched by the artificial. It is very easy to forget that, once upon a time, every mattress was chemical-free. With ingredients with big and scary names that have started appearing, you may feel a bit concerned.

Does your new memory foam mattress smell weird? Are memory foam mattresses toxic and dangerous? Do they possess a threat to your health? If you want a non-toxic mattress or a chemical-free mattress, it is far easier than you think.

For many people, having natural mattresses that are made from natural and organic materials is a key priority. Of course, finding the best natural and organic mattress in the UK isn’t always easy.

I hope to guide you through the process so you get exactly the right bed to not only help you sleep guilt-free, but also comfortably.

Let’s dive right into things with a lineup of my top-rated organic mattress es that I have picked.

(All prices are for the base models of each mattress).

Best Organic natural mattress available In 2021

1. Silentnight Eco Mattress

Silentnight Eco Mattress

Features & Specifications

The Silentnight Eco Comfort Pocket 1200 mattress has won the Good Housekeeping Getting Greener award in the past. This ensures it is very eco-friendly and that you can have peace of mind owning the mattress without harming the environment in any way. This mattress comes in a range of sizes from single to super king, so you will find the perfect fit for your bed.

The Eco Comfort Pocket 1200 mattress is made from recycled plastic bottles due to which Silentnight has managed to prevent a staggering 105 million plastic bottles from going into landfills, which is an achievement in itself. This makes this mattress perfect for those who are looking for an eco-friendly solution on the market.

If your comfort is also your priority for you then you will be relieved to know that the Eco Comfort layer is fully breathable, making it a great mattress for hot sleepers and it is also recyclable. The fibres have been constructed vertically to provide extra support and stability and allow you to move freely as you sleep. Additionally, there is a Mirapocket spring system in place that has individual springs that react to your movements when you are sleeping at night.

Silentnight provides top quality service and provides you with the trust that you can have complete faith in the build quality of the mattress.

This mattress is made with the environment as a priority and is perfect for those who focus on sustainability and people who are eco-conscious. Customers have rated this mattress highly for its comfort, appearance and quality so can expect a great product. It isn’t every day that you find a mattress made from recycled plastic bottles at such a great price.

Trial Period & Warranty

If you live in the UK, you can get free delivery and a 60-night exchange and that means if you aren’t happy with your mattress you can send it back easily and exchange it for another. You will also be relieved to hear that Silentnight also provides a 5-year warranty just in case something is wrong with your mattress.

Key Features

  • 1200 pocket springs.
  • Double-sided ensuring double the durability and support.
  • Sustainable and breathable.
  • Trial Period: 60-night exchange.
  • Warranty: 5-year warranty.
  • Price: £369.

2. Ely Natural Mattress

Features & Specifications

The Ely mattress is a great option for you if you are looking for a natural mattress. This mattress has a 1000 5-Zone VP ActivEdge Perimeter with performance pocket springs and also added 4000 Nested Tablet pocket springs for further support and stability. There are various layers and zones in this mattress that support the key parts of your body and adds to the mattresses comfort, ensuring you sleep in peace. You can expect a consistent and restful night with this option.

The Ely Mattress can be purchased in a range of sizes from single to super king and you can choose how firm you want your mattress to be with the options including soft to medium and medium to firm.

This mattress is constructed from organic and natural materials and thus makes it suitable for those who are environmentally conscious. You’ll find natural hypoallergenic white cotton fabric and horsehair within the mattress which is both natural. They have also added cotton pads to this two-sided rotatable mattress.

Each and every material used in this mattress speaks quality. There are traditional soft woollen tufts and has a four-row side stitched border. Each mattress has an embroidered Ely logo with over 60 thousand stitches.

The mattress has seen excellent reviews from its customers who have noted the comfort and quality of this option and are happy to own it as it causes no harm either to the environment or to their health. Keeping aside the high-quality and natural materials used in this mattress, you’ll even find that you get excellent quality of service from the Ely team.

Trial Period & Warranty

There is a 30-night sleep trial included so that you can try the mattress for free and get a good idea of how it suits you and a 10-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Key Features

  • 1000 5-Zone VP AcrivEdge Perimeter.
  • 4000 Nested Tablet pocket springs.
  • Natural Hypoallergic White Cotton fabric.
  • Trial Period: 30-night trial.
  • Warranty: 10-year warranty.
  • Price: £790.

3. Happy Beds Mirage Natural Bamboo Mattress

happy beds mirage natural bamboo mattress

Features & Specifications

The Happy Beds Mirage Spring Quilted Bamboo Mattress has a natural bamboo filling and it comes in a range of sizes which means you can choose from a small single to a super-king size, depending on the bed frame that you have at your home. After testing it I found the firmness to be a medium on the scale of soft to firm, but there’s a catch, you can personalise it to suit your needs. Happy Beds even offer you a scale that allows you to input your weight to determine what level of firmness will suit you.

The Mirage Bamboo mattress has a construction of eco-friendly bamboo yarn, so you will find that it is naturally hypoallergenic. The filling in the mattress includes wool and cashmere which are both natural materials.

The top and bottom are both quilted to ensure that when you rotate the mattress for a fresher side after using one side, you get the same level of natural touch ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep. The handles allow you to easily rotate and flip your mattress for freshness. The brand recommends that you do this once every six weeks to keep your mattress in a good condition.

This mattress also includes open coil springs that allow you to isolate movement so that your bed partner doesn’t get disturbed and stay comfortable and supported as you sleep. Its design also includes air vents that make sure this mattress promotes and controls airflow so that you don’t overheat while sleeping.

If you are looking for a natural mattress without harming the environment but at the same time don’t want to spend too much doing so, this might be the best option for you. This design guarantees comfort and natural bamboo ensure your peace of mind.

Trial Period & Warranty

Happy Beds provides you with a 5-year guarantee but this brand doesn’t provide you with any trials. If you live in the mainland UK, Happy Beds also offer you free shipping.

Key Features

  • Natural lam’ wool fillings.
  • Quilted with organic cotton Bamboo fabric, Bamboo yarn is a natural deodorant and will stay fresh.
  • Traditional supportive Bonnell springs.
  • Warranty: 5-year warranty.
  • Price: £130.

4. Una Organic Mattress


Features & Specifications

The Una Mattress Organic Mattress Delux is made from only organic certified premium materials and has seven zones, which allows you to individually set your own comfort and firmness preferences.

This mattress comes in a variety of sizes from UK single to UK emperor and you can choose the perfect size according to your bed. The Una mattress is certified organic by Control Union and meets various standards including the Social and Fair-Trade standard. The mattress is made from 100% organic compounds including groves of Hevea trees and soft organic wool and cotton. This ensures that you sleep in a natural surrounding with no harmful effects on your health and removes any possibility of any additional chemicals.

The good news is that this mattress is not only organic and natural but it is also designed to be comfortable, while the super-soft natural, organic woold and cotton are made to protect you by circulating moisture and air naturally while you are sleeping which reduces the risk of overheating and being exposed to harmful chemicals. Each layer of organic latex foam has 7 zones so that your body is supported properly.

Overall I would recommend this mattress to anyone who is seeking a tailored approach for their mattress.

Trial Period & Warranty

Una is a sustainable brand that puts the environment first by not using industrial glues or petroleum foam that pollutes the environment. When you purchase this mattress you will get a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year guarantee.

Key Features

  • All-natural, 100% organic mattress.
  • 6 different firmness variations to choose from.
  • Comfort zones built into each layer.
  • Trial Period: 100-night trial.
  • Warranty: 10-year guarantee.
  • Price: £950.

5. John Lewis Natural Hemp Mattress

John Lewis Natural Hemp Mattress

Features & Specifications

The Natural collection from John Lewis & Partners is the brand’s most sustainable range yet and they have created this entire range of mattresses to be fully recyclable at the end of the life cycle of the products as they are glue-free and side-stitched. The Natural Hemp 2500 mattress is worth your consideration if you are looking for a natural mattress in the UK.

You will find upholstered layers with breathable hemp, cotton and insulating wool inside this mattress. This mixture of materials allows your mattress to promote natural airflow through its layers. Also, you will find that hemp and cotton allow for a fresh and hygienic feel. More than 50% of the mattress fillings are locally grown and sourced.

With the natural benefits of this mattress, you will find that it is engineered to be very comfortable as well. This mattress is described to be neither too soft nor too firm due to the perfect balance of the high-density springs that are tightly coiled to ensure your body is supported across the bed.

This mattress is compliant with regulations and allows you to have the peace of mind that you aren’t damaging your health when sleeping on it.

The reviews for this mattress are impressive with many noting that it can be firm and comfortable while others noted that it offered good value for money which is always an advantage. Overall, I would recommend this natural option if you are environmentally conscious.

Trial Period & Warranty

When you purchase the Natural Collection Hemp 2500 mattress, you will receive a 7-year guarantee included with it. Though John Lewis & Partners doesn’t offer a trial period on this mattress as they are a respected brand you should receive excellent customer service.

Key Features

  • Natural fillings.
  • Chemical-free sleep surface.
  • Cortec™ pocket spring system.
  • Warranty:7-year guarantee.
  • Price: £499.

Final Words

All-natural and organic mattresses on this list will help you get the good night’s sleep you crave. They are all quite different from each other and now it’s your turn to find the perfect one that suits you the best. Look out for organic certification and comfort is what is your priority so don’t forget about that too. You can also read more about best mattresses on our website.

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