6 Best Pillow Speakers For Better and Peaceful Sleep – 2022

A study found that music improves the quality of sleep for college students. It is the best tool that will help many people fall asleep at night. Some people enjoy listening to acoustic music from their favorite artists, while others prefer to listen to the sounds of wildlife or the ocean as they drift off to sleep.

Although you may enjoy listening to some songs over others, we can all agree that sleeping with earbuds can be both uncomfortable and difficult.

Pillow speakers have become more popular in recent years, and there are some great models that you can choose from right now. Of course, the things you’ll probably want in a pillow speak are good sound quality and comfort.

The Benefits of Pillow Speakers or Speaker Pillows

You deserve a relaxing evening, regardless of whether you have insomnia or have just returned from a stressful day at work. It’s impossible to recover all your energy unless you get a good night’s sleep

Sleep well, so you don’t wake up grouchy and tired the next day. And, how will you slide peacefully into the dreamy world? Music, of course. Though you can use the best sleep headphones for the same purpose, most people find wearing them to bed annoying, especially if they prefer to sleep on their side. Therefore, a pillow speaker or a speaker pillow can be perfect for this purpose. 

  • Even if you and your partner do not share the same taste in music, these pillow speakers and speaker pillows will allow you both to listen to music privately.
  • You don’t need to buy a separate music device to connect these speakers. They can be easily attached to your phone or any other music device through a cord or Bluetooth.
  • Portable and small, these speakers are easy to carry. This makes them suitable for traveling. 
  • It is easy to recharge these pillow speakers and speaker pillows. Either they come with their charger, or they can be connected to your phone’s charger or with the help of a USB cable.
  • The speakers in this category typically run on batteries, so you won’t have to worry about running out of batteries. As long as you always have a spare pair of batteries, you are always good to go.

Lets come to the list of Best Pillow Speakers for pleasant sleep:-

1- Sound asleep Pillow Speaker

If you’re searching for a pillow speaker attached to a pillow, we recommend checking out this product from the brand Sound asleep. An electrical plug can be used to power the pillow speaker. There is no standard size for pillows in the UK, but it is 68 x 44 cm for this one.

soundsleep pillow - best pillow speakers
(Image Credit: Soundsleep)

If this product interests you, you can purchase it with a Bluetooth connection or a standard connection. Your audio will play safely and comfortably as you drift off to sleep with the built-in speaker. This product comes with an app that lets you control the pillow from your smartphone and monitor your sleep, which is an interesting feature.

Thanks to the hollow fiber in the pillow and the microfibre cover, the pillow itself are very comfortable. Choosing this option means that there will be no cables in your way while you sleep.

You can buy the pillow speaker directly from Amazon. You can find a lot of reviews from satisfied customers. Several consumers have noted that the bed is comfortable and provides good value. That’s great, considering this is the pillow you’ll rest your head on while you sleep. Customers have also noted that it can be used for audiobooks, and the protective cover is convenient.


2- Roberts Pillow Speaker

 You might be interested in checking out the Roberts Pillow Talk Speaker available from John Lewis and Partners if you’re looking for an affordable product to help you sleep more quickly. The information provided on the product listing on their website shows that the under pillow speaker is small and easy to use.

robert pillow speaker
(Image Credit: Roberts)

It comes with a wire that you can easily put under your pillow to stream the music or sounds you would like to listen to. A pair of the units is about the same size as an average pair of headphones, and it can be used with any device, including iPods and radios. The 3.5 mm auxiliary output makes it compatible with all devices.

Weighing approximately 80 grams, this product does not come with a power supply. It does not include a display, as you will have to connect it directly to your device. Known for providing technology tailored to your home, Roberts is a trusted brand.

Reviews for this product are positive, with many stating how well it offers value for money and how neat it is. It has also been suggested that it could make a great gift for those who like to listen to music when they sleep. With this product, you’ll get a 2-year guarantee, so you’ll always be able to get in touch with the company if anything goes wrong. I would say, overall, that there is no doubt that this pillow speaker is suitable for those who want something simple.


3- HOMESCAPES Music Pillow Speaker

HOMESCAPES washable music pillow includes a speaker that allows you to listen to your favorite music or sound effects while you sleep. This product features a removable speaker and a pillow and provides a two-in-one solution.

homescapes music
(Image Credit: Homescapes)

Pillows themselves are fully washable, and the speaker can be removed, so you don’t need to worry about that. This pillow measures 48 x 74 cm, a standard UK pillow size. There is a medium to firm softness grade, which is important to note. You can feel supported as you sleep with the high-density microfibre casing.

What’s the speaker’s quality? According to the Amazon listing, this speaker provides high-quality sound and can be connected to your favorite music source. With the help of a 3.5mm standard auxiliary jack and cable, you can easily connect it to your music players. There is a long enough cable to allow you to connect to your device without placing it under your pillow.

Your music device can be used to control the sound, ensuring you are comfortable while you sleep. There are hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon, most of which mention how easy and comfortable the product is to use. Others commented that the sound quality is good and makes it easier for them to fall asleep.

Overall, this product would be a good choice for finding both a hypoallergenic pillow and a speaker in one product. You can see what else Amazon has to offer by visiting its listing.


4- SoundLAB Pillow Speaker

It is possible to find the SoundLAB Pillow Speaker on Amazon, and it is an affordable product. The size and weight of this speaker are quite small compared to others that we have seen online. It weighs 10g and measures 2.21cm. A power source can be connected to the electric cord to keep it operating properly.

soundlab pillow speaker
(Image Credit: SoundLab)

The pillow speaker comes with a 1.8m cable that ends in a 3.5mm jack plug that you can use to connect it to your phone or music device. This auxiliary connection will make this device suitable for several different instruments based on your preferences.

Let’s find out how it works. Its flat surface allows you to easily slip it under your pillow instead of coming with an attached pillow. Therefore, you will hear the audio through your current pillows and enjoy the comfort that you’re used to.

After checking it out, customers have left hundreds of reviews for this product and want to tell other customers about it. Many customers stated that the sound quality was what they had hoped for and that it was easy to use. According to others, it was loud enough to allow you to fall asleep naturally without disturbing others who might be sleeping in the same room with you.

We conclude that this lower-priced model would be a good choice for those who want something simple and won’t disturb them while they sleep.


5- Sleep n Sound Pillow Speaker

A Sleep N Sound pillow is a unique device that allows you to sleep without worrying about any cables on your pillow. You can listen to music directly under the pillow thanks to the built-in speaker during sleep. This pillow measures 74 x 48cm, which is standard for cushions in the UK. Your home should be able to accommodate it easily.

sleep n sound
(Image Credit: Sleep n Sound)

To ensure that you are comfortable and still get the benefits of the speaker, Sleep n Sound has designed the pillow carefully. Pillows are made of hollow fibres, which ensure they are soft and comfortable. This makes the pillow suitable for both front and back sleepers, which is important. On the outside of the pillow, you’ll find a microfibre cover that was produced in the UK.

You will need to connect your music device to the pillow to hear the music, as the speaker is built into the pillow. The small speaker can be connected to any device via the small stereo plug, so you won’t need to connect headphones.

In addition to the pillow speaker itself, this one comes packaged in a bag that looks like a retro radio. With this pillow, you can easily take it with you during a camping trip or to a festival. It can be found on Amazon. It has been noted that customers can listen to the radio when using the pillow, and the pillow is quite comfortable. Some people commented that their partner couldn’t hear it right next to them, which was advantageous. The bag that comes with the product is a nice bonus and makes this product very useful.


6- HANPURE Bluetooth Headband

With the HANPURE sleep headphones, you can use them as a sleep mask, a sports headband, and sleep headphones all at once. Since you will be able to use this wherever you are instead of just at night, you will get a better value for your money. The headband allows you to listen to music while getting to sleep at night without having to worry about headphones hurting your head or earphones falling out. It can be used for running, sleeping, and exercising.

hanpure bluetooth headband.
(Image Credit: HANPUR)

As the headband itself is soft and breathable, you shouldn’t feel yourself sweating as you get to sleep. Materials used in the product include a breathable mesh and a double-braided cord that has been durable. The very small and powerful speaker is mounted inside the headband.

Bluetooth-enabled sleep headphones are compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices. Therefore, you can play songs from your smartphone or your music player if you need to. You can control the volume and the song you are listening to without picking up your phone using the buttons on the headband.

With this product, you can expect good sound quality because it includes chipsets to reduce any sound loss. While running, you can also use the built-in microphone to answer calls. This speaker has a playtime of 10 hours and a charging time of 2 hours, as stated on the product listing. Easy connectivity is possible between 33 and 65 feet with the wireless range.

Thousands of customers have reviewed this product, with many stating that it offers excellent value for money. Several reviewers emphasized its battery life, and others mentioned that it helped them sleep better than similar products.

Overall, we understand that this product would be useful to those who wish to use it in more areas of their lives than just in bed.


We have covered some of the best Bluetooth pillow speakers and headphones in this guide, so please take a look at them if you’re looking for the best pillow speaker.

It does not matter if you want a device with a built-in speaker, something you wear, or something you can use on the go. Consider what’s most important to you and check out some of these options online.

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