6 Best Smart Beds For Multiple Use – 2022

There is a large difference between a smart bed and a traditional bed, as the best smart beds offer many modern features and storage options that conventional beds may lack. A smart bed may indeed come at a higher cost, but it can provide many benefits for your sleep and relaxation.

There are many smart beds with speakers or TVs built into the bed, so they can appeal to those who enjoy listening to music before bed. Some smart beds come with smart mattresses, massage chairs, or LED lamps to create an extra calming environment for those seeking relaxation. Furthermore, smart beds come with plenty of storage space, which can help keep the bedroom organized and clutter-free.

These are our recommendations for the Best Smart Beds on the market:-

1- Sleepmotion 800i Smart Bed

With Sleepmotion’s 800i Adjustable Platform Bed, you’ll be able to relieve pressures and use technology to create a more relaxing experience. You can also relax while enjoying the back and foot massage features.

steepmotion 800i - best smart beds

In the Sleepmotion bed, four areas can be adjusted to support the head, back, legs, and feet. Having these areas nearby is also beneficial when you need to change positions, as you can sit up or lay down easily. Also included is a head area that can be adjusted to help reduce snoring since the elevation can help keep the airways open. The smart bed also has Zero Gravity technology to ease pressure points, improve circulation and provide a weightless feel.

Other technology features include two USB ports for charging your phone. In addition to the remote and app, there is also a wireless remote to control the height and support of the adjustable areas. A 1-year warranty is included with the smart bed to help you protect your purchase.


2- Ultimate Smart Bed X400

Smart beds and TV beds are the specialties of a British company that makes the Ultimate Smart Bed. The Ultimate Smart X400 Bed offers a lot with many technological features and extra storage. You can choose from four different colors, three different sizes, and two different materials for the bed – so you can customize it according to your preferences.

ultimate smart bed
(Image-Credit:Ultimate Bed)

The smart bed’s technology features are a massage system, a sound system, and an adjustable base. This feature allows you to change the shape of various bed parts to suit your preference. Also, you have the option of moving the small wooden table, which is located at the top of the bed, so you can use it to watch TV on your laptop or take a morning coffee there.

There are also plenty of storage options in addition to the technological features. A bookcase, cube seat, and hidden cabinet and drawers are among these. Several cupboards and drawers are located at different parts of the bed, making it possible to store various items. Additionally, the smart bed comes with a safe and a reading lamp.


3- Mode Smart Bed

Mode Bed is designed by a company specializing in creating smart, high-quality beds. In addition to their smart bed and mattress, which are engineered to support all sleeping positions, they have also been tried and tested.

mode smart bed

As for the design of the smart bed, it begins with an adjustable base. This includes split floors that can adjust to your different sleeping positions. In addition, two types of massage can be selected for added comfort-a pulse setting and a continuous setting. Besides the memory modes, which save your favorite positions, you can also use the 30-minute timer with the under-bed lighting system.

There is a Bluetooth wireless remote control that can be controlled by touch, and you can also use your phone to control the features. In addition to its technological features, the bed also includes a headboard and frame with upholstered panels. A five-year electrical warranty also covers it.


4- Kudy Smart Bed

In addition to the King, Kudy offers different sizes so that it can fit your bedroom size. There are two other fabrics and multiple colors to choose from, including a custom color. Also, you can choose whether you want the massage position to be on the left or right.

kudy smart bed

Several smart features enhance the comfort and convenience of the Kudy bed. The Bluetooth speaker has a USB and AUX port, so you can easily listen to music or connect to your phone. An additional comfort feature is a massage chair at the end of the bed, complete with a cup holder and reclining feature. You can also store your belongings in a safe using the Kudy Bed.

Furthermore, several storage areas, including a bookshelf, under-bed storage, and pockets attached to the massage chair. Additionally, there are two bedside tables, one of which has drawers, and the other can be raised to reveal hidden storage underneath.


5- Griffin Ottoman TV Smart Bed

Griffin’s Slate Grey Fabric Ottoman TV Bed emphasizes its built-in TV, but many other technological features could be useful for those who enjoy watching TV.

griffin ottoman

This smart bed is controlled primarily by a wireless remote and touchpad, which allows it to lift the TV. The TV is located at the foot of the bed and can be easily raised with the electric TV lift. The slimline TV supports 43-inch displays, with a built-in sound system to help create an immersive experience. Moreover, a 90 degree HDMI extension and aerial adapter are included with the smart bed.

As part of the Griffin TV Bed, spacious ottoman storage can be accessed by lifting the bed upwards. The smart bed comes with a five-year warranty, attests to its durability, and protects your investment over time.


6- KMK Smart Bed

Amazon offers the KMK Smart Bed as a cheaper alternative to other smart beds available in the market. The bed has received the most positive reviews from verified customers, who appreciated its durability and ease of assembly.

kmk smart beds

LED lights, which can be found under the bed and controlled by remote control, are technological features. A USB charging port is also connected to the bed, so your devices can be changed easily. A set of speakers built into the headboard can be connected to Bluetooth or AUX for listening to music or audiobooks in bed. Those seeking additional storage space can lift the bed to find a spacious area to store their belongings.

There is a maximum mattress depth of 20cm on the KMK bed, which has dimensions of W155.5cm x L210cm x H79cm. It is possible to choose between two sizes and between black and white.


What is a smart bed?

In 2019, the global smart bed market was estimated at USD 1,786.40 million and was expected to grow to USD 2,661.85 million by 2027. It might be because people expect more technological features in their everyday products and furniture that this growing popularity coincides with the increase in technology. 

The bed must contain plenty of technological features that aren’t typically found in standard beds to be called a smart bed. Massages, specialized smart mattresses, built-in speakers, and USB charging ports are often included in these. As well as this, smart beds are usually equipped with additional storage. 

In the UK, smart beds are typically not available in traditional furniture and bedding stores. As a result, you are more likely to find one with companies specializing in smart beds or high-end furniture retailers. You will also find cheaper options on Amazon, although the quality may not be quite as good. 

Considerations for smart beds:-

Smart beds can sometimes be more expensive than a standard bed; therefore, before investing, it’s important to consider all the different features you may expect to find in one. Choose the smart bed that best suits your preferences by considering which features interest you the most. 

  • Adjustable base: Most smart beds enable you to adjust the base to fit your position. In other words, depending on whether you are lying in bed or sitting in your chair, you can change the base. Adjustments can also be made to provide extra support to specific areas of your body. 
  • Massage system: Most smart beds will include massage features to provide additional relaxation. Massage chairs are often attached to beds, allowing a person to receive massages while lying down. Alternatively, you can find mattresses with massage features integrated into them. 
  • USB ports: Charge your devices in bed through USB ports, a simple yet effective part. Therefore, you do not need to worry about whether your smart bed is close to a power outlet. 
  • Speakers: It could be beneficial for those who listen to music or audiobooks while drifting off to sleep to have speakers on their beds. The speakers are usually integrated into the bed frame and are often connected via Bluetooth. 
  • Storage: Along with the technological features, smart beds can also offer ample storage options. Bedside tables, bookcases, drawers, and under-bed storage can all be included in this. Therefore, you won’t have to purchase additional storage items, saving you money. 
  • Remote control: Many smart beds come with a wireless remote to control all the technological features. Touchpads and phone apps are also available on some smart beds for ease of use. 
  • Firmness: Among the factors that affect bed comfort, firmness is at the top of the list. Even though sleeping position and body weight significantly influence firmness preferences, they remain subjective. The firmness of your bed can be determined by using a scale, reading online reviews, or watching videos. You should look for smart mattresses with adjustability and customization specs if you want firmness flexibility.
  • Size and Bed frame Compatibility: Be sure that the mattress you purchase fits your bed frame before you buy it. Even though many smart mattresses are compatible with all structures, including metal and adjustable ones, some are only suitable for base beds. Most smart bed companies also sell bed frames, so you can always find the right one for your mattress.
  • Smart Features: There should be more features in smart beds than in traditional beds. These features aren’t just for aesthetics. Their importance in ensuring restful sleep cannot be overstated. Tracking and biometric monitoring specs will be your priority, for example, if you want to keep track of your sleep patterns.
  • Materials Used: Focusing on high-tech features may seem natural, but it’s important to remember that the entire mattress should be built to offer long-term durability and excellence. Consider beds made from top materials, such as organic, hypoallergenic, or cashmere, depending on your particular condition.
  • Logistical Needs: They are one of the important considerations which most shoppers overlook. In addition to bedframe compatibility, smart features, and materials, you need to think about other things, like whether your old mattress needs to be removed.

Are Massage chairs effective? 

A massage chair or smart bed may provide you with massage features. People who suffer from aches and pains or seek more relaxation may find this appealing. 

Vibrations are often used in massage chairs to help massage the muscles. Other massage chairs use rollers to move in different directions and typically target the back. As chiropractor Dr. Peter Schubbe explains, massage chairs can be beneficial for several reasons, including increasing blood flow and relieving tension. Furthermore, it is thought to increase endorphin levels, which decrease pain and anxiety. 

According to one study comparing massage chairs with physiotherapy, while physiotherapy was more effective at controlling pain, massage chairs also demonstrated good promise at managing pain and improving the general quality of life. In another experiment, ten healthy volunteers were massaged in three different ways to test massage chairs’ effectiveness. Researchers concluded that roll-stretch and shiatsu massage chairs could promote quick muscle relaxation and calm. 

Listening to music in bed:-

There are plenty of smart beds available that have built-in speakers. Typically, these speakers can be connected via Bluetooth, which means you can listen to your phone or laptop audio. Music can also have many benefits when it comes to helping you drift off to sleep, even if you prefer silence. 

  • Depression: According to a study involving 94 students, classical music listening before bed reduced depressive symptoms and improved sleep quality. 
  • Elderly People: The results of an experiment with 60 elderly volunteers showed that listening to sedative music at bedtime significantly improved sleep quality, sleep duration, and sleep efficiency. There was also a reduction in sleep disturbances. 
  • Stress: This part of the brain can be touched and influenced by music. Therefore, relaxing music can help relax and reduce stress levels, which is helpful to help unwind before bed. 
  • Pregnancy: Some researchers suggest that specific music genres promote sleep in sleep-disturbed pregnant women. According to a study, listening to lullabies and classical music can reduce stress, anxiety and improve sleep quality for pregnant women. 
  • Insomnia: Insomnolence symptoms can also be reduced by listening to relaxing music. According to research, music can help adults who suffer from insomnia sleep better.
  • Young Children: It has also been proven that soothing music can benefit toddlers and young children before they nap. One study showed that children who listened to guitar music fell asleep faster. 

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Smart beds – what are they?

Smart beds are equipped with additional technological features such as speakers, lights, and massage functions. Some smart beds have extra storage space as well.

Which smart bed is the best?

Depending on your needs and preferences, this can change. Consider a smart bed with massage features and pressure-relieving features if you want to achieve comfort and relaxation. For those who enjoy watching TV and listening to music, a smart bed with speakers and a TV may be a perfect choice.


Using technology, smart beds can improve your overall sleep quality. As a result, you may feel healthier and be more productive overall. Smart beds are a great choice if you enjoy staying on the cutting edge of high-tech, including smart home systems. They are great technologies that can significantly improve your sleep.

In smart beds, you can manually adjust things like firmness, temperature, and body position, or you can automatically have the bed do it for you. Some features make it easier for couples to share a bed. Additionally, they collect and analyze data to help improve the quality of your sleep.

They are, however, extremely expensive. Although they are usually worth the investment, they aren’t within reach of most consumers.

Our round-up of the most advanced smart beds on the market is sure to please you.

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