Best V-Shaped Pillow In The UK

If you are looking to buy a V-shaped pillow and haven’t still figured out which one to pick, you are in the right place!

Many of us are not familiar with V-shaped support pillows. But fortunately, it is easy to spot because of its name. However, not many people know what it is for and I’m going to show some of them which fit both your requirements and your pocket.

V-shaped support pillows provide special support to people who sleep on their stomach or need elevation while sleeping. It can also provide relief from body aches.

But before looking at the pillows let’s look at what benefit do they provide to their users.

Benefits Of V-Shaped Pillows:


A V-shaped support pillow can provide you elevation when needed. This is very helpful if you have injuries and need to keep your neck or head elevated to reduce pain. It can also help with congestion when you have coughs or colds.

Alleviates Pain

The pillow can be used for different parts of the body. You can use it on a chair while sitting down to help with your back pain. The pillow helps to provide support to the lower back providing pain relief. Using it behind the knee also helps with back pain.

For the stiff neck, use it on top of a regular pillow to keep your head elevated and keep you from turning on your side.

Prevents Rolling Over

People who move around a lot while sleeping can try using this kind of pillow. The V-shape keeps the head elevated while the sides prevent you from rolling over.

Great for Reading

As it keeps you elevated and prevents you from rolling over, many people like to use the V-shaped support pillow for reading. It can be used on top of a regular pillow.

The elevation will make it easy for you to read your book or watch TV while providing excellent support for your lower back, giving you comfort.

Now that we have seen what’s great about these pillows and got to know more about them, I have selected some of the best pillows out there in the market which can fit your requirements and is light on your pocket:

List of Best V-Shaped Pillow In The UK 2021

1. Fogarty V-Shaped Orthopaedic Firm-Support Pillow

Fogarty V-Shaped Orthopaedic Support Pillow
Fogarty Pillow

Fogarty is a popular brand that offers pillows that are affordable and of great quality. The V-shaped orthopaedic firm-support pillow seems to be no exception to this rule.

Construction (Materials & Quality)

This V-shaped pillow is 85cm by 33cm. Its cover is made from a blend of 50% cotton and polyester and the filling is made with a 100% polyester hollowfibre. Customers who are eco-conscious will be pleased to know that this product’s fibre is GRS approved (Global Recycle Standard).

Firmness (Support & Feel)

The Fogarty V-Shape pillow is on the firmer side yet made soft to touch, making sure the sleeper is always comfortable and supported. It is for people who sleep on their sides.

It can be a real struggle to find products that cater to side sleepers who suffer from back-problems, and so, the Fogarty V pillow is designed with this kind of customer in mind. The product is tailored to support your back and shoulders whilst you are sitting or sleeping.

Maintenance & Durability

This pillow requires relatively low maintenance when it comes to cleaning. It is machine washable and can be tumble-dried, as long as the application is in a low-heat setting.

Being machine washable means that this V-shaped pillow can bring you convenience as well as support, comfort, and relaxation.

My Opinion

This pillow is made of eco-friendly materials and requires relatively low maintenance which is an advantage for the user. It is comfortable and supportive for people with back pain. But the pillow is on the firmer side which some people may not like.

Key Features

  • The size of the pillow is 85 cm by 33 cm.
  • It is a Synthetic type pillow.
  • Its fibre is GRS approved (Global Recycle Standard).
  • The price is around £12.

2. CnA Stores V-Shaped Pillow

cna stores orthopaedic v-shaped pillow

CnA is yet another brand that specializes in all kinds of home furnishings. The CNA Stores orthopaedic V-shaped pillow is currently available on Amazon and boasts hundreds of 5-star reviews. It is also one of the best-selling neck pillows on the site, offering cushioning support for the head, neck and back.

The CnA Stores orthopaedic V-shaped pillow can also regulate temperature. This means that people who have hot flushes during the night can cosy up to this pillow without worrying about overheating.

Construction (Materials & Quality)

The cover of the pillow is made of 100% cotton and it comes with a non-allergenic, synthetic filling that doesn’t also set off your allergies, which in turn could be your saving grace. It measures 84cm x 34cm. This pillow is made from breathable materials, meaning it won’t retain heat or moisture.

Firmness (Support & Feel)

The CnA Stores V-Shaped pillow has got a Medium to Firm support. The v-shaped support pillow offers extra support to help reduce and prevent aches and pains, It can be used as a pillow sitting up in bed or a chair for extra support.

Maintenance & Durability

This pillow requires relatively low maintenance when it comes to cleaning. It is machine washable.

My Opinion

The CnA Stores V-Shaped pillow is made of breathable and non-allergic materials which provide extra support and comfort to its users. This pillow can also regulate temperature as it’s made of breathable materials and allows air to pass through.

Key Features

  • The size of the pillow is 84 cm by 34 cm.
  • It is a Synthetic type pillow.
  • It is made of breathable materials thus can regulate temperature.
  • The price is around £12.

3. Night Zone Hollowfibre V-Shaped Orthopedic Pillow

night zone hollowfibre v shaped orthopedic pillow

The Bedding Direct UK V-shaped pillow is one of the most affordable options that is sold on Amazon. This orthopaedic pillow is designed mainly for people who like being upright in bed. This makes it an excellent choice for people who are recovering from an injury.

Bedding Direct also designed this product with pregnant and breastfeeding women in mind.

Construction (Materials & Quality)

The Bedding Direct V-shaped pillow measures 66cm by 33cm so it’s smaller than the other pillows on this list. It has a filling made from 100% polyester hollow fibre, while the outer material is 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

These materials are all hypoallergenic, which is a relief for those who often have reactions to certain fabrics.

Firmness (Support & Feel)

The Bedding Direct V-shaped pillow is made with a bouncy and soft filling. The polyester hollow fibre is engineered to always recover its original shape, no matter how many times you rest on the pillow. This material is also durable, so you can expect this V-shaped pillow to last for a long time.

Maintenance & Durability

The Bedding Direct V-Shaped pillow requires very low maintenance and is washable at a temperature of 40 degrees C.

My Opinion

This pillow is designed for people who are recovering from injury and makes them sit upright comfortably. It is smaller in size than the competitors which mean compact in size and can be carried easily. This pillow recovers in its original shape indicating that it is very durable.

But this pillow does not come with a cushion cover. Competitors offer larger pillows for a lesser price. Some people won’t like the compact size and may find it small and inadequate for comfort in comparison to their body size.

Key Features

  • The size of the pillow is 66 cm by 33 cm.
  • It is a Polyester hollow-fibre type pillow.
  • This pillow is made with a bouncy and soft filling which provides support and comfort.
  • The price is around £15.

4. Silentnight V-Shape Pillow

Silentnight V shape pillow

Silentnight is one of the largest mattress makers in the UK and they have a large range of pillows. Their V-shaped one is a popular option for sleepers who look for pressure-relieving support while working from bed or reading before bedtime.

The V-shape pillow has the pricing of a mid-range product but offers brilliant support and comfort to purchasers. This v-shaped support pillow aids the head and shoulders by alleviating pressure on your head in order for you to get the rest that you need.

Construction (Materials & Quality)

The Silentnight V-shape support pillow measures 74 cm by 74 cm which is on the larger side of v-shaped pillows and is made with a cosy hollow fibre filling. With the microfibre cover and hollow-fibre filling, this multi-purpose pillow is anti-allergenic. A water and stain repellent pillowcase included for peace of mind.

Firmness (Support & Feel)

As the Silentnight V-Shape pillow is made with a cosy hollow fibre filling, it helps to maintain the cushion’s shape and has a cosy and soft feel to it but at the same time also provides balance and support.

Buyers are very happy with this pillow and they praise it for the support it offers and its ability to maintain its shape.

Maintenance & Durability

Like the previous pillows, this one too requires very minimal maintenance and is washable at a temperature of 40 degrees C. It comes with a water and stain repellent pillowcase which makes things better.

My Opinion

This pillow is made by Silentnight which is a reputed brand and it is evident in the quality of materials. A water and stain repellent pillowcase is also provided with the pillow. Being on the larger side of the pillows in this range, the V-shaped pillow definitely provides more comfort and support. Though it is a bit more expensive than its competitors it provides more comfort and a larger size than its competitors also means you cannot take it anywhere you want.

Key Features

  • The size of the pillow is 74 cm by 74 cm.
  • It is a Hollowfibre type pillow.
  • It is made with a cosy hollow-fibre filling which provides both comfort and support.
  • The price is around £15.

5. BEDWAY Luxury Bamboo V-Shape Pillow

Bedway luxury bamboo V shape pillow

If you are looking for a luxury V-shaped pillow, this is one of the best options out there. It’s probably the most expensive option on this list but there is a good reason for that.

Construction (Materials & Quality)

The Bedway V-shaped pillow is made from organic bamboo. This is a highly sustainable material, so this bamboo pillow is perfect for people who like to be eco-conscious. The bamboo cover is also antibacterial and scientifically designed to resist dust mites, other potential allergens and odours.

The Bedway luxury bamboo V-shaped pillow measures 76cm by 26cm. Its filling consists of heavy-duty memory foam which provides support for the lumbar region, neck, shoulders and spine. Pregnant and nursing women can use it for support, while people who enjoy reading in bed will benefit from its tension easing properties.

Firmness (Support & Feel)

If you look for a V-shaped pillow that will help you ease your back pain, this one is definitely one to consider. This pillow provides support for the lumbar region, neck, shoulders and spine. It has a perfect balance of softness and firmness which is one of the main selling points of this pillow.

Maintenance & Durability

The polyurethane memory foam is firm and takes all the beatings without losing its shape. The removable bamboo cover is a plus point. The pillow cover is washable but unfortunately, the pillow isn’t thus you have to keep that in mind.

My Opinion

Despite being a more expensive V-shaped pillow, user reviews on Amazon have indicated that the Bedway brand is well worth the extra money. Users seem particularly impressed with this product’s quality, mentioning the luxury bamboo V pillow as the solution to their back problems. However, are there are some downsides. For example, you cannot wash the pillow itself but you can wash the cover.

Key Features

  • The size of the pillow is 76 x 47cm.
  • It is a Memory foam type pillow.
  • It is made with memory foam which retains its shape providing comfort and support.
  • The price is around £30.

Final Words

After doing a lot of research, I am happy to have gathered for you these 5 best v-shaped pillow options that are currently available in the UK market. If your traditional pillow cannot give you the support and you need support and relief for your back, neck, spine or shoulders, you should definitely try to get a v pillow.

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