5 Best Weighted Blanket In The UK 2021

Looking for the best-weighted blanket that UK stores have to offer? But confused as the sheer number of options available on the market? So many options – fillings, glass beads, fabric choices… It is tough!

You are not alone. As problems with insomnia and sleep disorders continue to wreak havoc on people, we are constantly searching for new ways to get more rest and relaxation.

I’m here to help you avoid spending on sub-par products which aren’t worth your hard-earned money. I do the research for you and even sometimes make the same mistakes you would if you didn’t spend the time to read the reviews, research and test all the available products on the market.

So, what’s the best-weighted blanket on the market today you wonder? I checked out some of the best-weighted blanket reviews to find out. But before diving in let’s check what factors you should consider while buying the perfect blanket for yourself. I created a list of features to consider in selecting the product to help you out with your decision.

Points to remember while buying a weighted blanket:


Weight is an important aspect when it comes to blankets. It would be best if you remember that when choosing the correct measure, you should opt for the blanket which is around ten per cent of your body weight. Too light or too heavy comforters can affect the effectiveness of deep touch pressure which in turn affects your sleep at night.

If you are looking for an option for your child, make sure it is best suited for their weight and size. Having a larger or heavier blanket can prove to be dangerous for them. Many brands offer blankets of weights ranging from 2kg to 13kg.


One of the essential factors to consider is the size of the weighted blanket. The size of a weighted blanket will affect the first factor mentioned above, that is, the weight. The bigger the weighted blanket is, the more is the weight. Some brands offer standard sizes like single, double, queen, and king in weighted blankets. However, some blankets may come in one size fits for all while others can be customized.


We need to take in consideration, the build and cooling properties of a blanket. They are heavier than normal blankets, usually because of their high-quality fabrics, beads and quality sewing materials that are used. If the inside pockets aren’t sewn properly, the pellets or beads can spill out and cause a huge mess.

A cooling cover can be a real lifesaver when it comes to summer and warmer nights, where the product will prevent you from sleeping hot.


Most well-known brands offer different sizes of weighted blankets for both adults and children. There are some very good weighted blankets for children, depending on their size and weight. It has been tested that many of these blankets have helped children stay calm and helped them have a deep relaxing sleep at night.

On the other hand, most adults can benefit from the effects of weighted blankets just as much as children. People who suffer from insomnia and anxiety can experience relief from their symptoms and a sense of calm and tranquillity when sleeping with a weighted blanket. It helps them sleep better at night, reducing daytime drowsiness, inability to focus, and altered concentration the next day.

Now that we have discussed the important points and factors to determine the perfect blanket for you, let’s look closer into what options do we have today.

Best Weighted Blankets In The UK 2021

1. Gravity Blanket

gravity blank

After testing out different options available in the market it’s evident that the best Blanket in 2021 is the Gravity. With its quality and superior craftsmanship, Gravity has raised a whopping $4.7 million and has sold more than 60,000 units in just one year.

This information by itself is more powerful and meaningful than most and speaks for its quality and service.

Features and Specifications

The Gravity blanket is machine washable and comes in 5 weight options, those are, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 kg, with the rule of thumb being 10% of your body weight as the correct weight for you.

This Sensory quilt provides you with a restful sleep that can help ease anxiety and prevents you from waking up in the middle of the night. it’s got many layers starting with the soft fleece outer layer that snuggles against you followed by the inner layer of organic cotton weighted blanket and then the plump feeling that you can snuggle into.

It’s filled with glass beads which are evenly distributed. The outer sheets are made of organic cotton, making the blanket a beautiful bedding piece to snuggle up to. While most products on the market can’t be washed in a washing machine, that’s not the case with this one – you can clean both the inner microfiber duvet and the covers with no problems at all.

This blanket is hypoallergenic, convenient, washable and superbly comfortable to lie under in bed and provides you with the supreme comfort that you deserve.

Weighted blankets can get hot, but the Gravity comes with an effective cooling effect so that you won’t feel hot under it even on summer nights.

My Opinion

Gravity is a truly superb product made of quality materials and is very much effective in relieving anxiety and stress symptoms with the offer of a gentle hug. The Gravity weighted blanket is the perfect choice for those who want a plush fabric to help them sleep and cope with various conditions. But the price is on the higher side. Thus I would suggest this blanket to people who want superior quality and reliability over price.

Key Features

  • Organic cotton outer sheet
  • Fine-grade glass beads filling
  • Machine washable
  • Trial Period for Returns: 28 days
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: £ 120

2. Mela Weighted Blanket

mela weighted blanket uk

If you’re struggling to fall asleep and staying that way, it’s probably time for you to invest in a weighted blanket and get rid of those restless nights. Mela can be a great solution for that.

Features and Specifications

You can choose from 3 different weights and sizes to find the right one for you. Most weighted blankets are designed for individuals, and Mela is no different. Yes, you can share, but the deep touch stimulation will work better if you and your partner both have a blanket for each.

The blanket’s inner part features SGS certified anti-rustle glass quartz pellets that adjust and move around silently while moulding to your body shape. Even though you might not think of noise as a factor, some options can turn out to be quite irritating and disturbing. The pellets are padded with polyester for extra comfort, in order to apply calming pressure to your body which will help you get better sleep at night.

Now, let’s talk about Mela’s cover, which is made from polyester. This material allows for ample airflow through the blanket and as a result, the heat will be able to escape, and you will be kept cool and sweat-free. If you pay a premium, you can purchase a cotton cover for additional moisture-wicking features.

My Opinion

For me, Mela is an affordable product with many positives such as being machine washable, having a trial period and a warranty of one year. I would suggest this blanket to everyone who wants a good, reliable blanket with comfort and quality at a reasonable price.

Key Features

  • 100% polyester or cotton cover
  • Anti-rustle glass quartz pellets
  • Machine washable
  • Trial Period for Returns: 30 days
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: £100

3. JayMag Weighted Blanket

JayMag Weighted Blanket

Some people use their weighted blankets to get a good night’s sleep while others rely on these pressured duvet options to deal with problems like stress, anxiety or insomnia. The JayMag sensory weighted blanket is designed to give you an all-natural and relaxing sleep experience, with different sizes to suit different weights.

Features and Specifications

The JayMag weighted blanket comes in 4 different weights. As far as construction goes, this is very solidly manufactured and is reliable in the long run. It has a 5 layer design that features a  centre layer of glass beads, which act as the weight for the blanket. This layer is surrounded by a dual-layer design which means that the top two layers are the same as the bottom layers, with the glass beads being in the middle layer.

The cover of this blanket is made from premium 100% cotton. This cover is also the first and last layer of the design, both the top and bottom layers. A computer precise high-density stitching is included in the cover, in the shape of diamonds. This creates a soft and breathable warmth in the blanket. Being breathable means that this cover won’t stop the air from flowing and will promote more air to pass through, keeping things cool as you rest.

Between the glass bead centre and the outer cotton cover, we will find a cotton fill layer. This layer is here for added comfort and acts as a soft barrier between the beads and you.

The glass bead layer features non-toxic, verified glass beads for safety. These are evenly spaced out and contained in a diamond shape. This allows the beads to move around your body in an arranged manner without clumping together or spilling out of the blanket. As the beads move around, they mould to your body, producing deep touch pressure which is also known as a hugging feeling. This helps relax your mood, calm your body, relieve anxiety and provide you with restful sleep.

At last, the Jaymag weighted blanket is hypoallergenic, meaning it is safe for those prone to allergies. The weighted blanket from Jaymag is also hand-washable, so you have peace of mind knowing it is easy to keep hygienic as well.

My Opinion

Overall I found this blanket very competitive for the features it offers at this price point. The JayMag weighted blanket is great for relieving stress and gives a calm feeling of a hug. It has an all-natural design and a very premium quality of cotton is used ensuring reliability. But the right weight is hard to choose.

Key Features

  • 100% premium cotton
  • 5 layer design with glass beads
  • Hand washable
  • Deep Pressure Touch Therapy
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: £77

4. ZZZNest Weighted Blanket

zzzznest weighted blanket for adults

Designed to relieve anxiety and provide relaxation, the ZZZNest weighted blanket for adults is a fantastic way to get a good night’s sleep. With deep touch pressure, the weighted blanket calms your mind and body, with the sensation that you are being hugged to sleep.

Features and Specifications

The ZZZNest weighted blanket uses a 7 layer design. It uses high-quality cotton and glass beads for weight distribution and is available in 2 different weights. Let us take a closer at each layer and what the ZZZNest weighted blanket has to offer.

The weighted blanket has a centre glass bead layer and sandwiched between dual layers on either side. The cover of the weighted blanket is made from 100% soft cotton that is highly breathable which aids in body temperature control, keeping things cool.

Two of the layers are made from polyester. These layers help the glass beads to be fixed in their place, ensuring that they do not spill out or shift in the blanket. The weighted blanket includes inner cotton layers. These layers act as a barrier between your body and the glass beads while comfortably supporting your body.

The centre of the weighted blanket is the glass beads layer, which makes up the weight of the blanket. This produces what is known as deep touch pressure which can help to improve your mood, calm your body and provide you a restful sleep. This is done by the hugging feeling of the blanket, as it moulds around your body. This layer is also non-toxic, hypoallergenic and breathable, which better provides a cooling deep pressure stimulation.

My Opinion

The ZZZNest weighted blanket has a very durable stitching throughout for reliability and is made of 100% cotton cover for breathability. The blanket can be hand-washed or machine-washed up to 30 degrees Celsius which gives you ease to maintain it properly. But alongside the benefits it has some downsides too, it may not be ideal for beginners to weighted blankets. Even sometimes it can be quite heavy and difficult to lift. Overall I would recommend this blanket to people who have used weighted blankets earlier.

Key Features

  • 100% soft cotton
  • 7 layer design with glass beads
  • Hand and machine washable
  • Deep Pressure Touch Therapy
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Price: £50

5. Simba Orbit Weighted Blanket

OrbitTM Weighted Blankett

Simba is a renowned brand in the bedding industry, and their Orbit weighted blanket provides a gentle, full-body hugging feeling providing you with all relaxation you need. The blanket stimulates the calming process of deep pressure therapy’ that we have seen in the earlier blankets which helps you fall asleep and stay that way.

Features and Specifications

The Simba Orbit weighted blanket comes in two different weights with a multi-layer design. It is wrapped in a 100% cotton cover, which is made of breathable materials and is machine washable. What’s even better is that it will keep the temperature at an ideal level, even if you are a hot sleeper or a cold one, as a result, this blanket will be incredibly beneficial for you.

The cover follows three unique layers, where the first one produces a soft exterior from cotton. Next, we the layer that features thousands of glass nano-beads. Its nano bead technology relaxes your muscles, keeps you calm and composed and helps you fall asleep underneath the weight.

These beads are evenly distributed and contained in quilted pockets to provide you with the proper weight distribution throughout the blanket. Finally, we have the comfort fill layer between the glass beads and our bodies for added comfort.

Orbit has a removable and washable cover so that you can clean and store it with ease.

My Opinion

The Simba Orbit weighted blanket was designed to assist restless sleepers, those with anxiety or insomnia. And it actually does what it promises to do. It uses the Nano-Bead technology, which is a layer of evenly filled, quilted pockets that contain glass beads. I would recommend the Simba Weighted Blanket to those looking for a weighted blanket with even distribution of weight and no clumping, with a removable, washable and breathable cover and people who want to get the stimulating feeling of Deep Pressure Technology.

Key Features

  • 100% cotton cover
  • glass nano-beads
  • Machine washable
  • Deep pressure therapy
  • Warranty: 1-year

Final Words

Many people’s lives have been changed by using a weighted blanket in their daily routine. From the reduction of stress to recuperating from lost sleep, there are lots of benefits of using a weighted blanket.

If you have tried numerous therapies to get your sleep back without success, then I hope the answer lies in something as simple as using one of the blankets mentioned above which fits your requirements and budget.

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