Top 6 Best Chair Beds To Buy In UK

Are you having guests over that will stay the night unexpectedly? Or are you moving on a camping journey but do not really like the concept of a sleeping bag? Do you not have the space to be able to commit to a full guest bedroom? City living involves being creative with space.

If you live in a home where space is limited, creating space for guests can be problematic. This is where chair beds come into play. It allows your guests to crash comfortably.

Chair beds are not heavy or unhandy, making accommodation simple and manageable. Ideal to tuck into the edge of a room as demanded. It is also a perfect option if you have a social kid who loves to entertain sleepovers frequently. 

chair beds

Having a chair bed in their room gives them additional space and a choice for a single bed if they need it. These are more cost-effective than full sofa beds. If you have a confined room in your home but need to make sure that you have somewhere your guests can sleep, investing in a chair bed is always going to be an excellent move.

They are an affordable alternative to supplement extra sleeping spaces to your residence and are most unquestionably worth the expenditure. Product descriptions only express so much. The genuine tell is how past buyers feel about their purchases. Always check the reviewer feedback to see customers’ opinions.

Here, you’ll find ample insight into the design, style, and comfortability, which will make your decision infinitely easier. Last but not least, if you’re choosing for a chair that turns into a bed, area is apparently of the essence.

The most suitable choice for you is expected to depend on which factors are most relevant to you. From affordability to relaxation to the breadth of padding alternatives available.

 We’ve broken down the specifications, colors, and key points of each type below to make it easier for you to pick the most suitable one for you.

List of Some of the Best Chair Bed in UK :-

1- Haru Single Chair Bed

This pleasing design is nearly undetectable as anything other than a chic occasional chair. The blend of luxurious velvet fabric, featuring dainty button detailing, and pale wooden legs forms a flawless on-trend design – fashionable and practical in even measure.

The delicate nature of this design, in this preferred colorway, is perfect for a boudoir. This is a modern-looking chair bed that will no doubt suit many people’s houses. They assure to use the most environmentally impactful elements.

Haru-Single-Chair-Bed - chair beds

(Image credit: MADE)


You have the choice between a single bed or a 2-seat bed that will give a bit more capacity, but both are reasonable options. It is the best choice for you as it unfolds to be an adequate bed.


It is a modern-looking chair with a vibrant range of colors to pick from. It is available in Quartz Blue, Butter Yellow, or Sherbet Blue. If you crave to have neutral tones these are available in Marshmallow or Cygnet Grey colors. They also have a faux sheepskin finish. The legs of these chair beds come in chrome, light wood, black metal colors.

Key points

If you require to find a bed that is reasonable while offering the chance to grab an actual bed for your guests to rest on, this is a fantastic option.

2- Natalia Spzoo Fold Out Sofa Chair Bed

The Natalia spzoo fold-out sofa chair bed has a simple but fashionable design and is possible in a huge range of dazzling colors. Suitable for a kid’s room, additional room, or study, this unfolds into a single mattress in seconds, quickly folding back into an armchair when not in use as a bed.


(Image credit: Natalia Spzoo)


When unrolled, it measures 200cm in length, with a width of 70cm and an elevation of 10cm. This gives it long enough even for most grown-ups to be able to relish a good night’s rest on it.


This bed comes in a diversity of colors. Some of these beds arrive in colors that are brighter than others, so you could quickly choose a new bed that fits in with your interior design options. More neutral alternatives involve grey, beige, and brown. However, as well as a range of light, neutral colors, you can also get pink, red, orange, purple, and green on offer.

Key points
  • It possesses a foam core and a 100% microfibre polyester top.
  • Shipment is also comfortable to arrange so you can accept the chair bed at a time that is the most suitable for you.
  • This chair bed gets highly ranked by those who have purchased it thus far.
  • This chair bed is firm, convenient, and large, so ideal for taller visitors. The bed is lightweight, easy to move, and stands the test of time. 

 If you are seeking a reasonable chair bed that demands no equipment – just unfold and it’s good to go – this is going to be an excellent option for you to consider.

 what more could you need?

3- Kelso A-Frame Sofa Bed

The Kelso sofa bed is ideal for suiting into small spaces and maintaining you are save space. The Kelso has a smooth pull-out action to be used as a sporadic sleeper for guests. If you are seeking a bed that could sleep with various people and not just one extra, the Kelso A-frame is going to be the best product for you.

This bed arrives in single, small double, and fully double making it convenient for you to pick the best one.


(Image credit: Dreams)


The Kelso arrives with an arbitrary accommodation section that you could use to stash some sheets and pillows. The hidden drawer is obtained by raising the base of the bed and marks 24cm in height by 71cm in width, and 44cm in depth.

When unlocked into a bed, a single-sized Kelso A-frame covers 190cm in length and stands 40cm high.


The Kelso A-frame arrives in 6 fashionable colors. You could opt for something vaguer in charcoal, nickel, mink, or nutmeg, or you could pick an audacious but still charming mulberry or teal for your bed.

Key points
  • This chair seems like a relaxed and attractive surface that anyone would be felicitous to curl up on when visiting your house.
  • The cover itself is made from faux suede, so it is smooth to the touch and very relieved and comfortable to relax on.
  • It is one of the UK’s most successful bed suppliers so it is reliable and trusted.
  • You also get the benefit of a 1-year guarantee assuring you of some quality work.

4- CASART Armchair Bed

CASART is a very successful and renowned brand. You have the choice to set it up as an armchair, a recliner, or a bed, depending on your requirements and it goes well in either of those applications.


(Image credit: CASART)


It can still be modified into different forms, so you will continuously be able to find the right angle to set it at to get the maximum convenience for your own freakish needs and necessities. The bed itself involves a lot of comforts since it is made from a thick sponge that is formed to be suitable to rest on.


It has a detachable and washable polyester cover that comes in a beautiful terracotta color called coffee or a light cornflower blue. These eye-catching shades could very easily make the CASART the centerpiece of any place it is set in.

Key points
  • The CASART also has a flexible backrest to perform it a cozy chair to rest in if you just want to kick back and relish your day.
  • It also arrives with a pillow that you are going to be capable to use both with the seat and to provide extra comfort as a place to rest your head when the bed is folded out.
  • The armrests have been ergonomically made to give greater comfort, while the high-density sponge used to fill the chair assures you or whoever is using it will be comfortable whether resting or laying on it.
  • This is a reasonable option that comes highly recommended by those who have previously bought it.

5- John Lewis Kix II Chair Bed

John Lewis, on the whole, is one of the most reliable and trusted brands in the UK. They have a renowned for enduring mark, and this seems evident in the Kix II bed. This smart device is the one you need for a living room when you don’t want somebody to know there’s an option to the sleepover.

Technically it’s been named a sofa bed but it’s more of a pouf in our eyes because of its compressed cube artistic. Which we believe also fits as a chair.

John-Lewis-Kix-II-Chair-Bed - chair beds

(Image credit: John Lewis)


The chair itself has a height of 41 cm, and a height and width of 60cm. It comes in two colors, Hatton Dark Pacific which is a pleasant blue, and Hatton Steel which is a grey. Both of these would fit in nicely with many wider color schemes and will help this chair bed to tie perfectly into the room you want to place it in.


The John lewis Kix II chair bed comes in lots of beautiful colors and materials and the thick mattress/sofa padding gives it a very comfy sofa bed. It arrives in two colors, Hatton Dark Pacific which is a delightful blue, and Hatton Steel which is the perfect shade of grey. Both of these would suit in perfectly with many wider color schemes and will correct this chair bed to tie ideally into the room you want to place it in.

Key points
  • You will get free shipment for the UK region. They will try to give the item within 7 days, though this can be reliant on where you live.
  • This is a simple boxy form when wrapped up into its chair position, but it unwinds into a comfy bed for a peaceful night’s sleep.
  • It gives enormous pleasure.
  • The stretches and collapses very quickly.

6- Versatile-Fabric-Chair-Bed

If you like to cherish and be the host with the largest, our Versatile range is made for you. These fashionable, space-saving sofa beds are as varied as the name suggests. Foam-filled pads give the sofas a firmer texture, super-supportive sit, and they lean out into comfy beds in seconds.


(Image credit: Furniture Village)


When unlocking as a bed, this turns out to be as being 41cm high, 189cm in length, and 72cm in width. This bed is an ideal size for a family of the size of people, whether you are a grownup or a kid. If you need to be able to offer visitors a brilliant bed to rest in, this bed is a great choice to have in your home. Their transportation services are expeditious and affordable, and you can repay to have them either bring the bed to your doorstep or into its new room within your house.


The bed arrives in a variety of vague or muted colors that would fit with any amount of design projects within a home. Whether you need to select a truffle, a sapphire, a lilac, or something more rustic like a latte, you are going to get a color for this couch that amuses you.

Key points
  • This chair bed arrives with a 20-year basic guarantee and you can also buy an elective 5-year security policy from Furniture Village to assist keep things looking fresh and clean for much longer.
  • This beautiful chair unfolds into a warm, comfortable, and cozy bed for guests to enjoy.

If you are seeking a chair bed that is intimate in design to a futon, this Versatile Fabric Chair Bed is going to be an excellent choice.

Most usually composed of fairly firm foam, a click clack sofa bed is usually most suitable for a particular use rather than as a main living room sofa, but can make a really useful accessory to a home office/guest room, and gives a great answer for putting up special overnight guests without breaking the bank. 

This type of sleeper sofa can also be a great option for homes where an area is tight, as a click-clack model will usually take up less room once increased than a pull-out sofa bed. 

A Shopping guide to Sofa Beds

Make sure you pick the right sofa bed for your house by analyzing these key areas before you shop.

Room size: Before purchasing it’s a good idea to mark out the size of the sofa bed on the floor of the place you’re going to put it in first to make sure it fits.

Remember to estimate the depth of the sofa bed, both in sofa form – so you have lots of room to walk around the place and access doors and glasses and if the sofa bed is extended for rest. 

Make sure to look and measure access specifications too to assure you can make your sofa bed into the room you intend to practice it in!

Seating space: This one is obvious, but if your sofa bed is going to be your household’s central sofa then make sure you have ample accommodation space for everyone to lie conveniently. A chaise sofa is best for families or couples as it provides two people to recline, or spare room for kids to gather on.

Mattress size: Always remember to double-check the size of the sofa bed mattress before you purchase, as they can differ by great measures. Although a sofa bed may say it’s a double, it often isn’t as lavish as a conventional double mattress would be, both in width or length. So if you’re expected to be sleeping two guests, and they’re lingering a good length of period, you may want to go for a bigger sleeping area to make them more convenient.

Chair Beds Conclusion

Chair beds are much more comfortable than their sofa or day bed, trundle bed equivalents as they are considerably more space-saving. If you have a defined room in your home but need to make assured that you have someplace your guests can sleep, spending in a chair bed is forever going to be an excellent move. This indicates that you can reach out and chill out on a surface that will be relaxed fairly for a night or two, though a real bed will always top them.

 We usually have our places set up in very particular ways. It can be hard to fit extra movables in here and also leave the place that will allow them to open and create a whole bed.

The benefit of a chair bed is that it is usually lightweight and very easy to maneuver. No concern about how your rooms are currently set up, you should have no difficulty moving the sofa chair to a vacant area where you will be able to open it and create a place where any guest will be pleased to have a kit. They are a reasonable way to add additional sleeping areas to your house and are most clearly worth the expense.

I hope you find this article useful and didactic. The key points, specifications, and other factors hopefully helped you find the best chair bed for you.

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