Emma Mattress Review – Top Awarded Mattress of 2021

Are you are looking for a hybrid mattress? Emma’s signature mattress and will be the best bedding that grabbed the Uk’s attention. It is the top awarded mattress, here we bring Emma mattress review which can help you to get the best one for you.

Emma is growing day to day and selling over 100000+ mattresses. The company must be providing something good at a reasonable price and with a 200 sleep night trail. Waking up with an epic feeling on this three-layered mattress gives you the right amount of pressure relief, support, and luxury pleasure.

Let’s go straight to determine if it lives up to the hype:

Mattress Performance Test

1- Pressure Relief

The first and second layers of the Emma mattress are designed to produce maximum body adaptability and pressure relief to the sleeper. When we conducted the test while sleeping from the side. I found the pressure is low within the areas around the hips and shoulder. The mattress feels supportive enough to sleep.

Pressure Relief

(Image Credit : Emma)

Position and its result

  • Side sleeper – The pressure is distributed perfectly without adding much pressure to the hips and shoulders.
  • Back sleepers- You will not feel any exertion and support enough for the hips and allows you to sink deep into the mattress while providing excellent pressure relief.
  • Front/stomach sleepers– The mattress feels supportive for the sleepers in the midsection and individually maintains the spinal alignment. If the weight is increased, it may get compromised.

2- Temperature Regulation

The mattress is made up of memory foam. It has heat retention and a reputation for causing overheating during the night. But the positioning under the top cooling layers helps to scale back it.

The Emma mattress retains a little heat compared to other foam mattresses. Some of these mattresses are sticky due to heat around the edges. If you prefer sleeping in warm surroundings, you should not be worried about anything. There is nothing to stress about because most of the warmth dissipates quickly to maintain the body temperature and makes your sleeping space cozy.

3- Spinal Alignment

It is vital to maintain your posture, keep your spinal alignment, and prevent back problems. 

Spinal Alignment

(Image Credit : Emma)

The zoned foam layer is used in the mattress to enhance the sleeper’s correct posture. Hips and the shoulders sink slightly deeper into the mattress, maintain the sleeper spine straight, and prevent cervical disease.

4- Motion Isolation

When the foam of the mattress tends to excel is alleged to be motion isolation.

We have got an excellent test result on this point. The mattress is shaken from one corner and detects a little movement around the bedding.

Due to this reason, it is the primary and best choice for couples, tend to toss and switch in the dark.

5- Edge Support

 The Emma has provided good edge support in the mattress and thus, it lasts in top shape longer than I expected. Generally, the bedding tends to wear the perimeter down while sitting on the corner or side of the bed. The edge support also prevents us from rolling together if you sleep next to anyone on another mattress.

It is an excellent mattress made with premium quality material and the inner part of the edge is quite good, but the outer part is not designed to keep you safe from falling. You should use a big mattress when you are sleeping with a partner on the same bedding. If sleeping close to the edge one can roll off the mattress due to its soft and smooth edge.


Emma mattress Firmness

On a scale of 10, I have given a 6.5 to Emma mattress for durability. The mattress is versatile and best for couples with different sleeping preferences.

The score is consistent with Emma’s rating.

Keep in mind that the firmness is illusory. Hence it is difficult to measure. So I suggest you try the mattress as it comes with a 200 days trial period and you can be sure if it suits your sleeping pleasure.

Emma Mattress Firmness

(Image Credit : Emma)

On the medium-firm level mattress, the spinal alignment and the even weight distribution are highly maintained. According to the research, the Emma pillow is also aid with this mattress.

Emma has targeted the vast majority of the UK to reach their sleeping needs and brought the medium mattress to the market.

Since it comes with a significant trial period, I recommend you to use it once. It takes a few days to adjust to your body to feel the sleeping pleasure and get the pressure-relieving benefits.


Emma Mattress construction and certification

The Emma mattress is made up of three distinct foam layers. Each of these has its unique function. The top layer is the Airgocell layer then comes the memory foam in the second layer and the base HRX polyfoam layer is used to build the mattress. All of these layers work in harmony to provide a cozy sleeping space.

As Emma is a UK brand, the mattress is made with quality material. In Uk, they comply with strict testing to check the quality of any product.

The Emma mattress comes with BS 7177 regulation. It is highly retardant to fire and this is common throughout all the mattresses available in the UK.

Emma mattress foam layers

It is made up of three layers that have their unique capability.

Emma mattress foam layers

(Image Credit : Emma)

Top comfort layer: The manufacturer has used its trademarked Airgocell foam to build the comfort layer. The foam has more air pores than the traditional polyurethane foam and thus, it reduces heat throughout the night more than any ordinary mattress. This is perfect for people, feel hot while sleeping.

The middle memory foam layer: the intermediate layer has slow responsiveness in comparison to the primary layer. This helps in maintaining the posture and distribute the pressure equally throughout the mattress. If you have a problem with the back or cervical, the visco-elastic memory foam layer helps provide relief.

This layer has an excellent transition to balance and support yours beneath with softness from the above layer and thus your body can benefit from all the layers.

Supportive base layer: the quality of the mattress depending on its base layer foundation and the excellent mattress always has a firm and sturdy base layer to support your spinal whenever is required. The mattress comes with HRX cold foam base layer to align your shoulders and hips.

This may sound fancy but there are cut-out channels in the foam called castellated and the zoning is designed at the position of hips and shoulders areas to provide more sinkage to ensure the possibility of best spinal alignment.


Emma mattress Cover

To make it cover, the designer has used 100% polyester on the top and side. I always prefer polyester for covering as it is a very soft material. It does not sink with wash also it is hydrophobic, which means it dries quickly.

The manufacturer has used hollow fibres, which help in regulating humidity effectively. It has a grey underside that is made up of 87% polyester and 13% polypropylene to make it extra resistant to abrasion. It has non-slip properties with a 3d mesh texture that supports air circulation. 

For easy manoeuvring, four handles are included by the Emma matters. I have used and reviewed many mattresses but they won’t provide Handel to carry and this is a plus point in Emma’s mattress and thus the company deserves a thumbs up.

 Apart from all these, the cover is removable and you can use a machine to clean it up to 40 degrees celsius, which is not a standard offer from many mattress industries in the UK.

The Emma mattress comes with the best cover, but I suggest you use the mattress protectors to double increase its life run and this mattress would be a great place to start.


How Thick is The Emma Mattress?

The mattress comes with a 25cm thickness that is suitable for a standard bed sheet. It can hold up to a maximum of 20 stones or 130kg per person. If heavy people use the mattress, it may get fractured. So if you need a mattress that can hold a higher weight, I would recommend going to The mattress for heavy people. 

thick is The Emma Mattress

(Image Credit : Emma)

Emma mattress trial and Return

The body takes up to six weeks to adapt to any mattress. So the manufacture comes with a 200-night risk-free trial. This allows anyone to return it within the trial period and receive a full refund. You don’t have to answer any type of question, just simply contact customer service and the rest will handle it without any worries.

The idea behind it, to allow everyone to try the mattress. True comfort is the feeling to use a mattress in your home and if they found best for themselves, they will keep it. But if the mattresses are returned, the company either recycles or gives them to charities like the British Red Cross and Debra. Many folks tend to not afford the mattress price, they usually buy these returned mattresses and the companies are now reselling the mattress at a discount price.



The Emma mattress ensures safety in the long run and comes with a 10-year warranty. If the dimensional stability and durability core of the material gets compromised, you can return the mattress.

Remember, always notice before buying any mattress: read the fine print to know what you are getting as the companies are not catching you off guard but they do not provide all the terms and conditions when displaying the mattress.


Emma Mattress delivery 

The mattress is delivered vacuum-sealed and rolled into a 45*45*110 cm stylish box.

I did a bit of research on Emma mattress and found that you should not keep the mattress in the box for more than two weeks because when you finally open the box, this might affect the expansion of the mattress. This is even worse when you leave hybrid mattresses with spring in the box.

Generally, the mattress is delivered by UPS and DDP depending on the size of the ordered product. It may take up to 3 business days from the ordered day, but it may vary due to an increase in demand in the peak season. When you order the product and the manufacturer sends it for delivery, the delivery company will send you a tracking code.

The box comes with a handy unboxing tool and a guide manual.

Additional services offered by the Emma

If you want to remove your old mattress, then Emma provides it on the same day removable service at £35, which may not be available at a particular time. Generally, the companies don’t provide this service on the same day.

The mattress is carried out by a third party and collect from any room of your choice. This offer can only be added to your mattress order, and once you have finished or forgotten, you will not get it. 

For a safe and easy process, you should always order the mattress and claim a refund if you don’t feel cozy and suitable.

The company offers an additional delivery option, especially for those working throughout the week. They deliver on Saturday with an additional fee(this is not always available) and deliver between 9 am to 12 am so that you can receive it without spoiling your weekend.

Emma Renewed/refurbished the mattress

Lately, Emma and the other companies have started creating a refurbished/renewed or reconditioned linen and you can get it up to the 71% sliced price than the new one.

Emma mattress customer reviews

I barely find any negative reviews on this Emma mattress. Many people have appreciated the manufactures of this mattress and I have recorded a 4.4 rating out of 5.


Emma mattress awards

I always prefer and recommend the mattresses that have won any awards. The mattresses with the awards have credibility and authority. It is an excellent indication either you are about to waste your money or make a significant investment in a mattress with a high amount of credible awards sources. The Emma mattress has been on a roll and the most critically acclaimed mattresses have been winning recent awards. There are many awards the company has won including the best mattress award. Here I mentioned the list in which Emma has been the top pick:

  1. The Emma mattress guide Best mattress award
  2. Best buy 
  3. Good housekeeping institute approved
  4. T3 best mattress award
  5. I-news best buy
  6. Ideal home approved
  7. Independent indy best buy
  8. Real Homes loves


Conclusion – Emma Mattress Review

In my final word on this Emma Mattress review, I would highly recommend this product due to its budget-friendly and comfortable sleeping space nature. Like all the Emma products, The Emma Original mattress comes with a trial period of 200 nights.

 You can try it and There is no doubt that it has maximum adaptability results and the optimal combination of three-layer foam to provide a cozy night and prevent you from Cervical and back problems.

This is a reasonably priced mattress with the best quality material in the UK; you should buy it. The balanced mattress help along with your relief and support. Apart from all these, it has excellent reviews and awards throughout the United Kingdom.

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