Emma Pillow Review – 2021 Update

At first, the pillow received was not well and extensive. But soon, Emma has revised and offered a comfortable cushion that is an enormous addition to any mattress. This Emma pillow comes with a trial period, and the manufacturer has now designed a softer and adjustable pillow known as the Emma Cloud pillow.

It is comfy and keeps the head straight to the shoulder, and prevents spinal alignment. If you are a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper, Emma pillow has got your back and possibly will suit your needs. 

The Emma Original and Emma hybrid Mattress has a tremendous positive impact on the customer and received awards.

Now let’s dig deep into Emma Pillow Review:-

Pillow construction

The pillow is designed with a unique three layers customizable option. Manufacturers offer a polyester cover, and you do not have to bother seeking shelter to safeguard it.

emma pillow construction -Emma Pillow Review

It is designed in the United Kingdom, which means to ensure the highest standard quality, the company has taken it to strict testing.


You don’t need to look out for a pillow cover. The manufacturer has provided a body made from 98% polyester and 2% elastane. I highly recommend polyester as a cover material because it is highly durable and takes less time in washing and drying.

emma pillow cover

The most effective advantage of getting a polyester cover, it is resistant to contraction after every wash. And every pillow should have a removable and washable cover, just like the Emma pillow.


Regards from the manufacturer, as they have designed the pillow to give proper comfort to their customer with its very unique three interchangeable foam layers. 

  • The top Airgocell layer is made from polyurethane to provide support and a small amount of breathability compared to the middle layer. Mattresses are also made using identical materials. 
  • Regular polyurethane foam also referred to as cold foam, is used within the middle layer. This layer is a big part of the cushion. It is used to provide pressure-relieving benefit by the transition between the enclosing of two layers.
  • The third layer is the memory foam layer to provide a soft cloud feeling to your head. It is slow in response and ultimately moulds around the shape of your head and makes you comfortable.

The design is ideal, and you have an option to choose between the two layers. Either go with the supportive side or in the memory side. The reports have been recorded where some customers were confused at first and struggled to get rid of and put back foam layers in the pillow but eventually managed as it is easy to use. You can choose between the three layers to make yourself comfortable.

Support and comfort

When it comes to supporting and comfort, Emma pillow shines bright day or night. It does not matter; either you go with support or the soft memory layer. The Emma pillow has got a cover for you. 

emma pillow support

You can rely on either side of the pillow, counting on your preference to include the foremost out of your pillow. 

These are with removable layers, so you can adjust the overall height of the pillow by simply removing any layer from it. You can rely on the Emma pillow either you are a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper. 

  • Side sleeper 

When you are sleeping with a side, the gap is more prominent and supporting your head well straight. I recommend you use all three layers to keep your spine alignment natural.

  • Back sleeper 

Medically this is the best way to sleep, and those who prefer sleeping like this have to keep their head not too high to maintain the natural spinal position. Removing a layer would be perfect, and this way, your shoulders are also well supported.

  • Stomach sleepers 

For those who prefer sleeping from the stomach side, it’s best to use a not too high pillow. 

A single layer will suit you and keeps the spinal alignment. You can choose between the three layers of foam depending on your preference. 

Emma pillow trials 

The manufacturer offers a 100 night trial with their pillow. So that you can check if it is a suitable one for you or not. It can be delivered at zero cost. Also, if you decide to return it after use, the company will collect it free of charge.

Emma pillow price and size

The Emma pillow is available at a standard price in premium size 70*40*12 cm. You don’t need to worry because you can get your money back if it is not suitable.

Emma pillow reward

The Emma Original Mattress has received many awards, and now the Emma pillow is on the list, ‘Woman & Home approved’. The pillow has also made it onto the ‘Top 10 pillows in UK’ list.


In my final words on this Emma pillow review, I would highly recommend this. It is a versatile pillow to make your sleep environment comfy at a reasonable price. These are designed with three interchangeable layers to provide comfort according to need.

The best thing about the pillow, the manufacturer offers a significant trial period to check whether it is suitable for you or not. 

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