The Ultimate Guide To Mattress Disposal – 2022

All of us decide that we need a new mattress at some point in our lives. Your current mattress may not be hitting the sweet spots anymore, or you may no longer be able to get the sleep you so desperately need. 

Studies have suggested that newer bedding systems can improve your sleeping quality significantly and that you should upgrade your mattress on time. However, one thing to keep in mind is that replacing your old mattress often means you will have to get rid of it.

The reason you’re reading this article is probably that you’re wondering how it could be done. As a result, you have a wide array of choices for getting rid of your old mattress. Are there any costs associated with disposing of an old mattress? The cost depends on how you dispose of it. Although few mattress disposal options are free, there are a few free mattress removal options and more cost-effective options.

This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide to mattress disposal. Our website has the answers to all your questions concerning mattress disposal near me, and can you take a mattress to a tip.

Is It Time To Get Rid Of Your Mattress?

If you decide to dispose of your current mattress, you should consider the reasons as to why you want to do so in the first place. It is recommended that you replace your mattress every seven to ten years. Therefore, if you are upgrading your existing one, then it is sensible to dispose of it.

However, if your mattress is just a few years old and you are experiencing some problems with it, you may wish to consider some other options before you get rid of your current mattress.

Check out our tips on cleaning a mattress if your mattress is relatively new but dirty. When you wake up with a sore neck or back each morning or when you wake up from a nap, your mattress might need turning. Mattresses designed to be regularly turned to prolong the life of your mattress can be of great benefit to you, so keep this in mind when purchasing a mattress.

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Nonetheless, if your mattress leaves you in pain every morning, then perhaps you need to get a new one suitable for people who suffer from back pain. As mattresses are often quite expensive, some people need to save up when they want a new one.

In this situation, recognizing the problem right away and saving up right away is the best course of action. You can save money by investing in affordable sleep products such as a mattress topper for an improved sleeping environment during the interim.

Do you think it’s time to dispose of your old mattress? You might find this guide to mattress disposal useful in disposing of your mattress the right way.

Lets have some best idea on Mattress Disposal:-

Option 1: Are mattresses reusable? Selling or donating

People often fail to realize that it can be reused if there are no obvious issues with a mattress. It may be worth reselling your mattress to someone else or donating it to charity if your mattress is still functional and you are only upgrading for reasons other than a poor-quality mattress. There are many online selling platforms where you can get the intended value of your mattress; these platforms include GumtreeeBayFacebook Marketplace, and many others. These platforms can help you get some cash for an upcoming mattress purchase.

If you are interested in donating your mattress to a local charity shop, you can do so as well. Usually, all donations are accepted by a charity shop. You would need to contact a larger charity shop for large items to accommodate their size. Additionally, your mattress should only be donated if it is still in good condition. In most cases, the staff at a charity shop can handle this issue, but you can save yourself a lot of wasted time by thinking about it before going out of your way to donate.

You can donate your old mattress to the following charities:


Option 2: Tip It Off

If you want to dispose of your mattress at the local tip, you can do so. In many cases, mattresses contain organic and natural recyclable materials and are entirely biodegradable. Thus, you can throw it away in the recycling bin if you wish. When it comes to disposing of your mattress at the local tip, you need to think about how you’re going to move it. In the absence of a car, you may need to rent a van or enlist the help of a friend.

It might be more difficult to use this option if you have a pocket sprung mattress. However, this option is generally effective. It is easier to transport your mattress by rolling it up tightly and tying it together with string (this might require two people). In this case, you would need to transport the compact mattress in a vehicle and then ask the tip employees for help putting it in the skip.

Here are some opinions on the subject of carrying a mattress on top of a car. For a deeper understanding, we suggest looking at the overhang regulations.

Option 3: Find a service that disposes of mattresses

Compact mattresses aren’t always possible to dispose of in cars, but there are several other options. Many mattress disposal companies will collect your mattresses from your home and dispose of or recycle them for you. Although they can be affordable in most circumstances, the price of waste collection services is generally determined by the type of item being collected. It will cost more to dispose of a mattress because it is difficult to navigate and maneuver. As the market for disposal services is normally saturated, keep comparing options and shopping around for the best deal.

Some tips from those who have previously dealt with old mattress disposal companies suggest that if you have a lot of things to get rid of, you might get a better deal. As a result, you won’t need to pay a particular amount for each item; rather, you’ll only pay a few more bucks and have your home cleaned out of lots of stuff you don’t need. It is more often than not necessary to cleanout.

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Option 4: Speak with your local council

Depending on where you live, it might be possible to arrange for your local council to dispose of your mattress for you. The disposal service will charge you, but in some cases, it can be a lot cheaper than hiring a private company. Furthermore, your local council will determine the cost of the service. It is also important to remember that a council collection will be a lot slower than a private removal. If you are pressed for time, you should keep this in mind.

Option 5: Reach out to your retailer

Contacting your retailer is another option for disposing of your mattress. You might be able to have your old mattress picked up from the manufacturer or brand that sold you your new mattress. If your new mattress retailer offers free or very low-cost pick-up, you may be able to offer them your old mattress as well. Even if you must pay for this service, this is a great option to consider since it can often be as simple as taking your old mattress away upon receiving your new one. Mattress disposal should be as easy as possible if you follow a good guide.

There are retailers such as DreamsIKEAJohn LewisNectarSilentnight, and Furniture Village that will remove your old mattress for you. Before you decide whether to use the service, it is worth checking whether it is free. Find out discount codes for some of these retailers if you need them when considering buying a new mattress.

What should we avoid?

If you will dispose of your old mattress with a particular method, avoid doing a few things. In the same vein, you shouldn’t burn or leave the mattress elsewhere when it’s time for collection. Fly Tipping is illegal, and you might find yourself with a big fine in addition to the cost of your new mattress.

The burning of household products in public causes nuisances and contributes to environmental degradation; it can even be hazardous under most circumstances. Therefore, choosing a reliable mattress removal method is the best option when disposing of your mattress.


This article serves as a comprehensive guide for disposing of mattresses. Among the options you have are selling it or donating it, donating it to someone in need, recycling it, investing in a removal service, contacting your local council, and using your new mattress retailer.

Recycling and keeping the mattress industry eco-friendly is one of the top priorities for most retailers, so entrusting them with the disposal of your mattress might be a smart idea.

You should also consider your circumstances when making your decision. If you want to compact your mattress yourself, can you load it into the car and drive to the recycling center? If so, then this might be an option for you. In the case of not having a car or anyone to assist you, paying for an external service will be much easier.

You may find it difficult to determine when to discard your current mattress, especially because it is sometimes recommended that you consistently turn it in to extend its life. Likewise, how can you tell when it is too many turns?

It is important to check whether your mattress is good enough to donate or sell to someone else before doing so. Regardless of whether it’s the right one for you, it might be for someone else. An excellent mattress that suits your needs will always be an excellent investment for you.

Use this guide to dispose of your old mattress when it’s time to switch to a new one.

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