6 Best Ikea Mattress Review – 2021 Review

Ikea is a Swedish home name that is a conglomerate that creates and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, home accessories, and kitchen appliances, among other goods and home services. IKEA mattress is famous for its flat-pack furniture as its homeware bargains, but the company is no longer a stranger to having something for everyone, especially after the introduction of IKEA UK mattress sizes.

Ikea is one of the most popular and successful brands across the globe. IKEA is one of the most loved brands among its customers because they have some of its products which are made by individual designers who are being credited for their collaborative work. The company is known primarily for its affordable, ready-to-assemble furnishings which include mattresses and bedding collections. Its products are produced in several other places.

Ikea Mattress

If you are seeking an affordable new mattress, the IKEA brand is a popular and affordable option, with a range of styles and sizes. Mattress reviews are a helpful tool for consumers, as they provide you an insight into pros and cons, performance, service, and other aspects of ownership that may not be easy to determine from a store visit.

The trouble with buying a mattress is attempting to figure out what it is you need. The added benefit of purchasing an IKEA mattress is that they are incredibly affordable compared to different mattresses that are just as good quality.

Although IKEA focuses on affordable products, you may have questions relating to comfort and durability, and a look at IKEA mattress reviews can help you determine if this brand is right for you. The best way to find the perfect, high-quality IKEA mattress that you desire is to read IKEA mattress reviews.

People often wonder if IKEA mattresses are any good and the mass options of innovative homeware sold by the company don’t lessen the mattress quality. 

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1- IKEA HOVAG Mattress

One of the great benefits of purchasing a mattress from IKEA is that they offer the same mattress types in a range of different sizes, this feature is useful if you are buying for the whole family or stuck for size at home. IKEA’s HOVAG mattress follows this trend and the mattress comes in eight different sizes.

IKEA HOVAG mattress has hundreds of positive reviews which discuss the great value for money and product quality. The appearance of the mattress is also liked in the review and the mattress is exactly similar as described in-store and online. Many have recommended that IKEA’s HOVAG mattresses are one of IKEA’s best value for money options. 


(Image credit: IKEA)


IKEA HOVAG has a simple and clean cover. Unfortunately, the cover cannot be detached and cleaned. But IKEA suggests that you can use furniture shampoo for cleaning the mattress. The cover itself is made exclusively from cotton and polyester, which were used to produce a stretchy top layer. The design of this mattress is engineered to move with you as you sleep which maximizes comfort. 

The IKEA HOVAG mattress is complete with pocket springs and finished with poly-foam designed which provides comfort to sleepers and support to the springs.

Reasons to buy:-
  • The pocket springs that are used are made from steel and are individually wrapped. This layer was designed to maximize support in all the right places. 
  • The IKEA HOVAG mattress is available in 2 different firmness options. These are a medium-firm feel and a firm-feel mattress. In the terms of comfort, the medium-firm feel mattress was designed to allow for more sinking into the mattress and more cradling support.
  • The firm feels mattress was designed to be more stable with less sinking into the mattress which makes it an ideal option for heavier sleepers. 
  •  The IKEA HOVAG pocket sprung mattress has a white surface, with dark grey sides as a finish. The best feature of the budget option is its price. The mattress is well priced and it could be used if you are looking for an affordable mattress.
  •  The IKEA HOVAG pocket sprung mattress comes with a 90-day trial period, with an option to exchange the product if you are not satisfied with the product. The company also offers a full refund with their trial period.
  •  The product comes with a 25-year guarantee included.


The Morgedal mattress has been very well examined by the IKEA customers. According to the customers, it is a great value for money and also scores highly on appearance and quality.

The IKEA mattress is defined as medium-firm and many of the customers have recommended that this firmness within a mattress is great for your posture and spinal alignment. There are many different benefits of memory foam which include pressure relief and extra comfort.

-IKEA-MORGEDAL-Mattress - Ikea Mattress

(Image credit: IKEA)


The foam molds as you sleep and therefore the mattress contours to your body. The foam also retains heat and is designed to keep you warm in the colder months year after year.A generous layer of soft fillings adds support and comfort. The mattress is easy to clean since you can remove the cover and wash it by machine. The mattress is easy to bring home since it is roll-packed which makes it easier to transport to your room of choice at home.

Reasons to buy:-
  • The mattress also comes with a generous 25-year guarantee. This guarantee indicates that you can rely on the quality of the product and you can trust the quality of the product.
  • IKEA also recommends that you give the mattress 72 hours to allow the mattress to fully air out and giving yourself a few weeks to fully adjust to it.


With over a hundred reviews, IKEA’s HYLEESTAD mattress appears to be mid-price point compared to some other mattresses which they sell.  The rating of this mattress is five stars by many of the customers which are quite impressive.

The mattress comes in four different sizes which allow you to choose the mattress to your own requirements and needs. Customers also enjoy the appearance of the mattress, as it comes with an outer washable layer of stretch fabric. This layer will provide you that new mattress feel each time you lay on it.


(Image credit: IKEA)


The HYLLESTAD Mattress consists of individually wrapped pocket springs (24 pocket springs/sq.m.). This spring makes the mattress score medium-firm on the firmness scale.The mattress is also able to keep its firmness and quality as the spring is made of thick gauge wire.

Surrounding the pocket springs comes with a layer of latex which helps in relieving pressure from all points of your body.

 The firm felt pad stabilizes the edge of the mattress and it also prevents sagging.

Reasons to buy:-
  • This product is designed to be used on one side only- no need to turn.
  •  The third layer within the mattress consists of more soft fillings which only adds to your comfort and also provides you a bit of extra support.
  •  The HYLLESTAD also arrives with a 25-year guarantee which gives you to sleep better for a long time.
  •  This mattress is an ideal option for those who are looking for high-quality springs.


Ikea mattresses are forever a favorite choice with consumers, apparently because the markets are so ubiquitous and comfortable to access. Whilst they give a lot of resources benefits, you should be conscious that the cheaper Ikea mattresses are seemingly only proper for spare rooms and exceptional use.

You won’t get the feature available with the other ‘bed in a box brands with the thinner alternatives. Ikea’s more costly mattresses do offer great quality and tend to obtain highly with consumers for back maintenance in particular. They are rated as much more durable than other brands, which is a matter of choice.


(Image credit: IKEA)


‍A steady issue, however, is that Ikea mattresses tend to sag in the middle far more speedily than many of the latest brands. If you want to purchase an Ikea mattress, we’d suggest the Hidrasund, Morgedal, and Hovag as the most suitable options. The HAMARVIK Sprung Mattress is one of the firmer mattresses that IKEA sells. It’s also one of their most affordable and comes in three separate volumes.

With the HAMARVIK, you can be assured to get excellent value for money due to the feature of materials and decent features.

The mattress arrives with an outer dark beige and white layer of soft matter. The mattress is also ergonomically beneficial as there are names on either side of the mattress which makes it simple to maneuver. You’ll surely be grateful for the handles if you ever choose to move the mattress about your place! This mattress arrives with two firmness choices, firm and medium-firm, which is excellent for those who can’t choose what type they require. 

The affordability of the mattress executes this mattress more engaging to consumers across the globe

Reasons to buy:-
  • It arrives in three distinct sizes indicating that this mattress is a strong contender among the big mattress set at IKEA due to its variation. These objects may be the cause why the HAMARVIK is one of the most highly reviewed mattresses out of the field.
  • Clients appreciate how comfortable the mattress is and maintain its quality is second to none. IKEA has marked this mattress by stating that you can have ‘the most beneficial of both worlds as the Bonnell springs give firm support whilst the soft filling gives a cushioned feel.
  • This means that the mattress will give extra help support that enables you to rely on it for a fabulous sleep, night after night. Particularly with the free 25-year guarantee!
  • You’ll find that this mattress is amused to many people due to the benefits in firmness on offer.

5- IKEA HAFSLO Mattress

IKEA has another medium-firm piece in their mattress collection which is amply reviewed by over one hundred buyers. The HALO mattress arrives in three separate sizes – single, double, and king. The costs are solely affordable which makes this mattress an excellent option for all family members.

You can also buy the HAFSLO online to save that dreaded trip to the stores at the weekend with the whole group!

This mattress is ideal for those who favor a sturdier feel when sleeping.

IKEA-HAFSLO-Mattress - Ikea Mattress

(Image credit: IKEA)


IKEA has created the mattress with Bonnell springs and doesn’t incorporate much softness to prevent that sinking sensation. A firmer mattress also gives more lumbar comfort, which could be useful for those who suffer from spinal obstacles and have varied hip and pelvic pain while they sleep. Perhaps a firmer choice is more useful if you’re a light sleeper too, as you’re less inclined to toss and turn throughout the bedtime.

The HALO comes with a generous 25-year guarantee, indicating you can sleep conveniently for longer with extra rest of mind. IKEA also notes that this mattress is meant to be used on one side, so long gone are the days of frequently turning your mattress over various times per month. Companies recommend providing a full 72 hours to let the mattress fully regain its shape after being roll-packed for extra hassle-free movement.

Reasons to buy:-
  • In general, Ikea is a reliable business to buy a mattress from. They usually adhere to factual and factual claims and have fair customer service.
  • Ikea provides a range of mattresses, including foam alternatives like the Ikea Malfors, and two of the company’s products made my list of the most suitable mattresses. In short, I believe they are a name you can trust.
  • Additionally, Ikea provides a free 25-year guarantee with the Hafslo. As always, it’s essential to read the guarantee before you buy, but this is considerably higher than many other mattress names.
  • At the time of writing, Ikea can deliver the Hafslo within 4-10 functioning days, which is comparatively quick.

6- IKEA MALFORS Mattress

Ikea has a reputation for manufacturing mattresses that give superior value. Many of their commodities are low-priced, yet they give a lot of variation in terms of structure and type. Two of the company’s goods made our list of the most suitable mattresses in the UK.

One of the excellent things about Ikea is that they offer a handsome return policy. When you buy the Malfoys, you normally get a 25-year confined warranty which is much greater than many competing brands. As always, make sure you read the terms and conditions of the guarantee thoroughly before you purchase though, as it’s essential to know exactly what’s covered.


(Image credit: IKEA) 


An affordable top contender for the best IKEA mattress is the cleverly created and packaged MALFORS Foam Mattress. Coming in five different size choices means you have an outstanding choice when the time comes to buy. Compared to some of the other mattresses made and sold by IKEA, the MALFORS mattress seems to be one of the most affordable, and the prices don’t seem to vary much depending on what measurement you go for.

The outer layer of the mattress consists of a smooth fabric that is fully machine launderable. Some of the other IKEA mattresses don’t have this characteristic, which seems to be well-received among the customer surveys. 

Reasons to buy:-
  • IKEA has also optimized the mattress top by making the zipper fully child-safe – and this doesn’t make it any more difficult for you to open and close the cover.
  • The inner layer of the mattress consists of flexible foam which gives comfort for your whole body every evening. 
  • This mattress seems to be on the softer side of the medium-firm scale. Whilst the elements are soft and cushioned, the foam is also sturdy giving that extra degree of firmness.
  • The foam used within the MALFORS Foam Mattress is meant for contouring to your body shape and improving comfort pressure areas. 
  • The features of MALFORS enable the mattress to not fall short in luxury, production, and quality.

Overview of IKEA Mattress Reviews

IKEA maintains growing in demand as they expand across the US, originally targeting lower price points. Their costs tend to be considerably less than reward brands, but competing with other discount and entry-level lines.

The group does not allow reviews on their website, which can leave many people seeking IKEA mattress reviews online to see how the brand links. In this section, we will see third-party review sources and compare them to business averages.

While support will vary depending on your personal choices, reviews can offer valuable insight into factors like endurance, which are essential when choosing a new bed.

According to the independent review website SleepLikeTheDead.com, 75% of IKEA mattress reviews report being pleased with their mattresses. Broken down by category, 64% of innerspring buyers are convinced, while 78% of memory foam and 80% of latex buyers report relief. These numbers are very close to business averages but somewhat low for the memory foam category.

IKEA Mattress Reviews: Pros

  • Mostly medium to above-average satisfaction
  • Value potential
  • Mostly normal to above-average performance
  • Choice variety
  • Warranty

Overall IKEA mattress surveys show treat mostly in the average to the slightly above-average range. Most convenience factors, like motion isolation, ease of mobility, smell, and sleeping hot also show around average numbers, so overall IKEA mattresses do tend to offer proper convenience and performance.

Since IKEA offers lower than normal pricing, that indicates the business does have value potential compared to other brands that charge more with alike or below satisfaction. IKEA also has a moderately large selection of choices, including springs, memory foam, latex, and hybrids with range ideas and price levels.

Guarantee is another advantage for IKEA mattresses, as the company offers 25 years of short coverage on all mattresses, which is longer than mediocre especially for the cheaper alternatives. This warranty covers faults in springs for innerspring beds, foam cores for foam mattresses, and latex cores for latex mattresses. It does not cover “regular wear and tears” and there are no precise guidelines as to the extent of impressions covered, however.

IKEA Mattress Reviews: Cons

  • Confined firmness variety
  • Some stability concerns
  • Exchange-only policy

Although IKEA does have many mattress choices, they tend to often be firm to medium-firm, and according to Sleep Like The Dead, larger individuals and side sleepers may have trouble finding a comfortable bed.

There are also potential stability concerns with somewhat higher than average complaints of early sagging or ideas in IKEA mattress reviews, especially with the innerspring beds.

The other potential negative is that IKEA gives an exchange-only return policy, giving clients 90 days to return a mattress one time only. This means you would not be able to get your money back if you end up not wanting any other beds in the market.

Who Should Get IKEA Mattresses?

People who are constantly changing houses: People who are regularly shifting e.g. a young employed couple living in a metropolis, seeking better apartment rents, have to face the challenge of moving their bulky and fragile belongings.

A valuable mattress falls under this category, and given its size, except you hire paid help, there’s a great chance you’ll end up damaging it each time you move. The same risk survives with more affordable options, but ultimately, it’s much easier to view a few nicks on a standard mattress than it is on a top-of-the-line mattress that you got from hard-earned (and saved) cash.

Children: Owing to their lower body pressure, children’s bodies (generally) are less taxing on low-density bedding. This indicates that there is a great opportunity for the same mattress from IKEA will last your child during their childhood years i.e. 7 to 15 years until their requirements begin to alter.

Who Shouldn’t Get IKEA Mattresses?

Grown-ups with a BMI value higher than 25 are recommended not to go for low density, low thickness mattresses (making up much of IKEA’s offering) except they are expressly seeking a low-cost, temp solution that won’t last more than a couple of times. There are lots of other choices out there which will last you far higher, albeit at a higher cost.

If you’re still satisfied to buy from IKEA, I’d suggest spending some extra cash on the memory foam and natural latex options if you want the most beneficial in terms of comfort (and a little more life) out of your investment.

How are IKEA Mattresses Rolled & Delivered?

IKEA, like other ‘mattress in a box business, is offering to roll their mattresses for shipment. You will usually find this with one-sided and entry-level mattresses for two purposes.

The first purpose is that the entry-level models only contain a part of the upholstery layers of mid to high-end models, indicating their contents can be crushed and squashed together far more comfortably.

The second reason is that the price of transport is far smaller with a mattress in a box. It’s far more relaxed to roll a mattress and get 40 on a truck than have 6 full-size mattresses on a truck. Whilst it’s a smart way to save space, it’s not the best method of handling any mattress. Turning the mattress is done under significant pressure to compress all the materials and they are then strapped up while they await delivery.


IKEA’s mattress range is of sound condition for the price point. If you’re on a budget, their HÖVÅG & HIDRASUND models offer great value and a mix of some natural fibers and layers. What must be taken into concern, however, is that these are all one-sided mattresses, with the exclusion of the MALFORS. So, when trying to relate the models to the price, you need to bear that in mind.

You only have one side to sleep on compared to other two-sided models like the ones we link to. What’s great is that IKEA shows you what’s inside their mattresses, with cutaways and mechanical terms. Which is a far cry from most mattress retailers who like to cover the contents making it near difficult for you to compare!

However, they could go one step further and analyze the grams per square meter of their fibers to give full clarity. If you’re on a budget though, the IKEA range is great value for money and gives convenience.

Best IKEA Mattress Reviews Conclusion

What all IKEA mattresses appear to have in general is the fact that each of them is well and extremely reviewed. Whilst this is fabulous, it can also make your choice harder to make, especially if you’re not completely sure what you want or need.

Picking a mattress is hard work because there are so crowded out there each with its defining traits. If IKEA appears to be your top pick for a manufacturer, you definitely won’t be let down with a mass of options possible. Check out IKEA bed ratings and mattress reviews, like ours, to find the best mattress and the best mattress type for you.

Take some time to contemplate what you require and remember that the best IKEA mattress is one that amuses you excellently!

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