Inofia Mattress Review UK 2021

To determine whether the Inofia mattress is up to the hype, we examined this mattress in depth. A mattress from Inofia can be purchased online for a very reasonable price, and it has excellent customer reviews.

Inofia becomes unavailable during peak season; alternative mattresses are recommended in case Inofia is not available.

Construction of Inofia Mattress

Inofia mattresses are built with numerous layers which distribute your body weight evenly, allowing you to rest comfortably throughout the night. This mattress has seven layers (excluding the cover), making it the most layered mattress we’ve reviewed.

inofia layer - Inofia Mattress

Covers of the Inofia Mattress 

In addition to providing comfort, the quilted cover is also breathable. During warm nights, 3D stitching allows more airflow, keeping you cool.

Layers of the Inofia Mattress 

1-High-Elasticity Foam

In addition to relieving joint pain, these foams distribute pressure evenly across the entire sleeping surface. Couples find that this material can reduce motion transfer, making it a great choice.

2-High-Density Foam

The two layers of foam in the Inofia mattress have a high density. As the supportive foam just beneath the softer topper, it has been designed to provide support.

3-High-Density Foam 

By adding the second firmer layer, the mattress can maintain an even balance of firmness across the whole mattress.

matress cover

4-Non-Woven Fabric Layer

It is this layer that separates the spring layer from the above layers. This permits the air to pass through, which prevents mildew and mould from forming.

5-Sterile Layer

This layer is necessary to box in the pocket springs and secure them. Layers below this one serve as the base for springs that will project their firmness upward.

6-Pocketed Springs

Weaving and connecting springs are traditional methods of producing springs. However, this can result in squeakiness and a dip in the spring’s performance in some cases. With Inofia mattresses, each spring is individually pocketed, allowing for independent motion. This allows for a more comfortable sleep.

Additionally, the Inofia pocket springs system offers scientifically proven 7-zone springs that align the spine and directly reduce back pain. The springs target specific body zones to relieve pressure and align the spine.

7-Sterile Layer

Lastly, we have the base layer on which the springs rest, and which is also used to enclose the mattress to keep it together.

How Thick is it?

According to a representative from Inofia, the mattress is 22 cm deep and should handle 165kg (26 stone).

The firmness of the Inofia Mattress 

6.5 is a medium firmness on a scale of 10, with ten being the firmest. When rating this mattress, we have given it 6.5 out of 10. Foams and springs are balanced to provide this mattress firmness.


Depending on how long you’ve had your current mattress and how long you’ve had it, we recommend you test the Inofia mattress for at least three months for your body to experience the mattress thoroughly.

Design of the Inofia Mattress

In the UK, most mattresses are designed with neutral grey and white colours, and Inofia is no different. Its neutral colour helps it blend in with any room’s decor, no matter how you arrange it.


Trial Period and Warranty of the Inofia Mattress

With the Inofia mattress, we specialize in the online mattress industry, also known as the bed-in-a-box industry. There’s a 100-night risk-free trial available from Inofia. You can test the mattress for up to 100 nights in the comfort of your own home, and if you’re not satisfied, you can send it back.

Furthermore, the Inofia mattress comes with a full 10-year guarantee so that you are covered in the long run. They stand by the quality of materials that they have used.

Delivery of the Inofia Mattresses   

The Inofia mattress is delivered at zero cost to you (FREE) and within 1-5 days. The pocketed springs can still be folded and shipped right to door in a box for easy transportation despite the complex construction.

Options for payment

  • Card (Debit/Credit)  
  • Amazon Payment

Conclusion – Inofia Mattress

A unique feature of Inofia is its unbeatable price-quality ratio. Those on a tight budget but still looking for a great mattress will find this an excellent choice. Additionally, it could be a great addition to guest suites or spare bedrooms if you don’t want to give too much away.

The Inofia would be a good choice if you are looking for:

  • Hybrid mattresses that are balanced.   
  • Mattress with a medium feel.
  • A cost-effective option.  

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