MyPillow Review – Best 2021 Update

With the storm of about 40 million pillows sold, MyPillow is ruling the comfort zone in the UK market. In this MyPillow review we will discuss all the aspects which help you to get your need fulfilled.

The manufacturer has used a quality product with four layers of shredded filling and make it completely hygienic. It comes with soft cotton and a luxurious feel to provide a comfy sleeping pleasure throughout the night and protect you from shoulder pain.

MyPillow construction

Pillow construction

The Mypillow is made up of shredded polyfill, and also the quality is used as per UK’s regulation and ensures the safety of customers. It has patented the internal layer as an “interlocking fill,” and the shredded filling is divided into four different layers to cover the entire section of the pillow.

Manufactured in three different filling options, and you can choose the color before the checkout. It comes in yellow- leat fill, white-medium fill, and green- heavily fill. You can choose between these as per your requirement and sleeping space.


The cover of the MyPillow is made with 100% soft premium cotton. It is known as Giza, which only grows in the Sahara desert, the Mediterranean sea, and the Nile river.

MyPillow is designed to be ultra-soft and breathable with Giza’s help. They have used a soft and cozy cover finished with the sateen weave, intended to give a premium finish to any cloth and produce a luxurious look. Apart from all these the cover is machine washable and you don’t need to worry if it gets dirty.

I enjoy the cotton covers because they are soft and feel very relaxing. But these pillows are a bit warm after a few hours of use, so I recommend you to use a silk pillowcase or a thinner pillowcase. I use a polyester pillow cover to avoid the warmth and a relaxing, cold breathable feel throughout the night.


The MyPillow is designed with four internal shredded foam layers and comes in different sizes to produce a more natural fill effect and comfort level.

Designed with a natural feel to oppose the single piece of memory foam. The four different layers fill gaps supporting your shoulders and provide a restful night.

Sometimes I have reported an issue with this pillow because of the vital aspect filling of the foam of different-sized chunks as I lay on the pillow. This justifies that it is not manufactured correctly as the design properties are mentioned, and maybe the thousands of reviews are just anomalies.

Many pillows are alike in terms of filling and allows you to adjust the firmness and comfort. These are- the Simba Hybrid Pillow and OTTY Adjustable Pillows, and when you compare their comfort with MyPillow, you will find better results in those two pillows.

Support and comfort

Manufacturer of the Pillow claims that this is “The world’s most comfortable pillow,” As you can see from the quote, they have made it their trademark statement.

Everyone has their preference for sleeping, and the statement makes it bold in the bedding industry as the comfort differs from the sleeper’s perspective.

Mypillow review and comfort

To provide extreme comfort and support, the manufacturer has used polyurethane filling that is split into three separate foam layers, and these layers are unique with their firmness levels. As per your sleeping position and comfort zone, you can choose the firmness level when buying the MyPillow.

The interlocking filling in the Mypillow is designed to create a supportive feel. With movement, each shredded piece is adjusted to provide a cozy and relaxation to your shoulders and head for a better sleeping night.

While sleeping from the front side or backside, I have felt chunks of the memory foam shredded around my cheeks and face, and thus I feel incredibly uncomfortable sometimes. This speaks against the design of the internal layers as the company promises to have a traditional soft feel and a comfortable night.

MyPillow Trial and warranty

The manufacturer of MyPoillow is so sure with their product quality and comfort level that they have provided 60 days money-back guarantee and the pillow cover in the extended run warranty by 10 years.

It means your product is protected and lasts for decades. Also, you don’t need to worry as your purchase is safe with the company’s money-back guarantee for 60 days. But I suggest you go through their terms and conditions before purchasing the pillow.

MyPillow Price and size

It comes in a single size option, and each pack comes in a set of 2 pillows, and the price is quite affordable.
The standard size of the pillow is 48*76*18 cm for £119.90 per pair, and the price may vary as it changes with availability and demand.

MyPillow customer Reviews

Before buying anything, always check the customer reviews in both the sites that are the manufacturer site and the third-party review site for an excellent product.

While many customers are satisfied with its comfort zone, a few are highly unsatisfied with the product. This may be due to their sleeping positions and other personal expectations with the pillow. Also, the MyPillow has received a lot of bad press as the founder vocalizes his political opinions.

So if you are undecided, you can check the product, and it comes with a money-back guarantee. So you don’t need to worry about the product and go to it if it suits your comfort level and gives an ideal sleeping space.


Conclusion – MyPillow Review

In my final words of this MyPillow review, I would like to recommend the product based on its warranty period. Also, the product comes with a trial period of 60 days and features a money-back guarantee. You will be able to try the MyPillow without hesitation. But when you are seeking a product, check both the positive and negative reviews.

This product has many positive and negative reviews, but if you are looking for a pillow with a customizable 3 layer firmness option, you should add it to your list.

I liked the product due to its fluffy nature, and it is machine washable. Also, this MyPillow comes in a pair of two, making it a far better option than the pillow available in the market, and we have to purchase them into pieces to create a pair.

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