Otty Mattress Review In 2021 – Mattress Guide

Otty is a hybrid mattress, and this means it’s a combination of froth layers and pocket springs. The specs are impressive, and the stand-out point is the full-sized springs.

It is available in different sizes suitable for every bedding, and these are- single size, Eu single size, small double size, double size, Eu double size, King size, Eu king size, super king-size, and in Emperor size mattress.

This is also one of the most affordable online mattresses I have reviewed.

Let’s Dive Straight Into Otty Mattress Review:

Otty mattress construction

The Otty manufacturer has brought a hybrid mattress to the online market, which is also made up of spring and foam layers. It is built with super quality hypoallergenic foam. This is best for those who are prone to allergies. The Otty mattress is CertiPur and Europur certified, and it’s doubtful to cause an allergic reaction. This is a rigorous voluntary testing certification program to ensure the health and safety of the user.

Otty Mattress Review

The Otty is designed using polyurethane foam in bedding and upholstered furniture applications to provide a safe and hygienic sleep environment. The manufacturer has used a unique four-layer foam design and a side layer to make it memorable and fluffy for a cozy atmosphere and excellent sleeping pleasure.

But if you are seeking a mattress made up of only foam, you can check the Otty flex mattress.

Otty mattress cover

The Otty hybrid mattress cover is made from premium quality fabric. The pored body is used to help in airflows and heat dispersion and provide a comfortable night. The designer used 97% polyester and 3% spandex fabric material.
Polyester is a very comfortable and durable fabric, also very flexible and resistant to shrinkage and wrinkles.

The best thing about the mattress cover is removing the cover and washing it in the machine. You can remove it by unzipping the cover and can clean the top and bottom parts separately. I suggest you go through the guide manual before washing it. Otty prefers to wash the cover at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees celsius to keep its fabric safe from any damage.

Otty mattress layers

The Otty Hybrid mattress comprises four layers and one side layer to provide a fluffy and cozy sleeping environment. The top layer is a blessing for the mattress and the user. It is a memory foam that has a gel bend of Gel base of 3cm.

This is a very durable layer and won’t break down as quickly as regular foam, and due to its gel infusion, it is beneficial in breathability. If you compare the plain memory foam with gel infusion, you will find that the regular foam has a more extended response to heat than the gel infusion.

The gel infusion is best for heat dispersion, and thus, you will get a comfy sleeping space.

Transition foam layer

This layer ensures a smooth transition between the top cooling layer and the spring layer. The standard 3cm polyfoam is used, which is expected in the mattress world.

Encapsulated pocket spring

The manufacturer used a full-size pocket spring layer, making it much more comfortable than another hybrid mattress. The king-size mattress comes with approx 2000 pocket springs and proportionally smaller sizes. These springs are 14 cm in height and considerably taller than the micro-size coil used in other mattresses.

encapsulated otty mattress

If you are looking for a fluffy and bouncy mattress, this is a suitable choice to make as the Encapsulated spring is very durable. This pocket spring is boxed in a supportive foam layer to make it more durable than ordinary springs. The tendency to roll off from the mattress is low due to the extra support, and this pocket spring mitigates the effects.

Side layer

The manufacturer has used the side layer to make the mattress unique and comfortable. This layer ensures that all the layers stick together and provide enough edge support. If you like sleeping on the circumference of the mattress, you can choose the mattress as it has edge support to keep you safe.

The bottom layer

The 4cm base layer offers the spring layer to relax on it and ensure the protection of the spring from direct contact with the surface.

How thick is the Otty mattress?

The Otty hybrid mattress comes with a thickness of 25cm and perfectly fits all bedding. This mattress can hold up to 22 stones or 138 kg per person and is best for two people sleeping.

Mattress firmness

On the scale of firmness, I prefer 7 out of 10 for the Otty mattress. Due to its tall and sturdy pocket springs, it is a firmer mattress. It comes with a unique firm feel and is not much harder than other mattresses; instead, it is quite a soft and pushback feeling mattress. I recommend you to choose this if you are seeking a medium-firm mattress.

otty mattress firmness

Otty Mattress Design

Most of the mattresses come in standard grey, white and blue colour patterns. The brands prefer a natural look to appeal to the majority of the sleepers in the UK. The Otty mattress is also available in a green pattern and has a unique colour combination to please the eyes.

Otty mattress customer reviews

The customers are impressed with its comfort level and are given 4.3 ratings.
It has a positive review on the site itself also on the third-party sites.

Otty mattress awards

The Otty mattress has received many awards because it is a great value price mattress compared to the mattresses available in the market. In the top Hybrid mattress, it has been on top for many years. The Otty Hybrid mattress also won the-

  • Expert Reviews Product of the year
  • Real homes Love
  • NBF Small retailer of the year


In my last words on the Otty Hybrid mattress review, I like to recommend you one of the best hybrid mattresses.
Many available mattresses in the UK’s market are similar to Otty mattresses, but it comes with great specs. A hybrid mattress with extra pushback and has a medium-level firmness to keep the spinal alignment balanced and to have a comfortable and relaxing sleeping environment throughout the night.

The pocket springs make the mattress bouncy and comfortable. Also, it comes with a 100-night risk-free trial and has a 10-year manufacturing warranty. The manufacturer offers fast delivery within 1-3 business days and returns options at no extra cost.

The delivery arrives in an exceedingly box-counting on the dimension of the mattress in a secured polycarbonate wrap with an unboxing tool. The best thing about the mattress is it comes in a soft and durable cover with machine cleanable qualities. Also, it is available for all bed sizes as it comes in nine different size options.

I only disliked the mattress because it doesn’t provide the handles to carry it. Overall, it is the best mattress compared to other mattresses available in the same price range.

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