Best Premier Inn Mattress – 2021 Review

It has been a long time since Premier Inn mattress have been in the spotlight. Discussions such as: What kind of mattress does Premier Inn use? and from where can I order this mattress? have emerged. With this Premier Inn mattress review, we aim to answer all these questions and shed some light so that you are one step closer to finding your perfect Premier Inn mattress.

In this review, we will give you an overview of the mattress, and then we will tell you where you can purchase the best one for you.

What is a Premier Inn Mattress?

It may be helpful for you to know what the Premier Inn mattress is all about and why they are so popular. It’s no secret that Premier Inn is the UK’s leading hotel brand. They’ve spent decades creating the perfect sleep experience for their customers, and they don’t hesitate when it comes to mattresses.

Your likelihood is that you have landed on this page because A) you have heard that the Premier Inn mattress is comfortable, or B) you have experienced the Premier Inn mattress firsthand and now want to learn more.

Is Premier Inn using a specific type of mattress?

Hypnos has partnered with Premier Inn to provide mattresses to over 780 hotels corresponding to 72,000 rooms. In contrast to modern mattresses, we reviewed and ranked our top 10 mattresses. Hypnos is a British-family-owned mattress and bed manufacturing company with over 100 years of experience in bed making. The handcrafted pocket sprung mattresses made by Hipnos are renowned throughout the world for their quality.

(Video credit: Hypnos)

Having learned what type of mattress Premier Inn uses, let’s review Hypnos mattresses.

Mattresses by Hypnos

Mattresses from Hypnos are definitely on the luxury end of the spectrum. Even their sustainable materials show their commitment to ethical behavior, which makes them eco-friendly.

Construction of the Premiere Inn mattress

Most of the bed’s support comes from the over 1,000 springs used in the Premier Inn. A wool-filled soft topper is placed on top of the bed, covered by a hypoallergenic fabric to shape the mattress to your body shape.


(Image credit: Premier Inn/Hypnos)

While we have plenty of reviews on memory foam and hybrid mattresses, we have not reviewed many spring-only mattresses like the Hypnos mattress from Premier Inn. However, the amount of air space within and between spring mattresses makes them an excellent choice for ventilation. As well as offering more bounce, the springs are essential when it comes to couples looking to purchase a mattress. Also, such mattresses are excellent at supporting the edge of a bed.

These aspects, coupled with the excellent craftsmanship and construction of Hypnos mattresses, make them so sought after and why they have garnered so much attention.

How can I purchase this mattress?

This information and research are based on the exact Premier Inn mattresses that are used around the globe.

We have included some links below that will take you to some of the best mattress retailers in the UK if you wish to purchase a Hypnos mattress.

As these mattresses are not mass-manufactured, they may even offer more premium benefits than mass-produced ones. Our recommendation would be to check out the options Hypnos has available.


We have slept on this mattress and can confirm it has a very soft tension, especially when coupled with the wool pillowtop. A person of average weight may find the bed too soft to sleep on for a whole night.

Because pillowtop mattresses are one-sided, we recommend thinking carefully before purchasing one. To achieve longer-lasting results, we recommend getting this mattress along with a separate topper.

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