Silentnight Airmax Topper Review – 2021 Update

Silentnight” – UK’s most trusted bed brand with over 70 years of bed-making heritage. Sink into Airmax and say hello to an excellent night’s sleep. The engineer cleverly designed the Airmax topper with mesh walls that enable the warm air to flee, keep the fresh air constantly circulating you, and keep your body temperature regular from overheating throughout the night.

It is an excellent addition to your mattress, as the mattress’s top layer takes the most wear and tear throughout the time. To keep you refreshed and make your sleeping experience good, a topper might be a cost-effective option. The dual-layered means the two unique toppers are joined together, sort of like a sandwich. There are many airflows within the middle, full of lovely and soft hollow fiber to help your existing mattress transform into a snug place by adding a layer.

Now let’s Dive Straight Into the Silentnight Airmax Topper Review:-

Topper Construction

As the name suggests, the silent night Airmax topper is revolutionary and geared with a temperature-regulating function to provide the foremost optimal sleeping space. The manufacturer designed it to extend the airflow and make it extra breathable.

The designer built the Silentnight Airmax topper by including a dual construction layer frame. It has a mesh sidewall to escape the warmth, which allows the breathability function and provides a comfortable vital sign. These are also used on colder nights to maintain the body temperature and keep you cozy throughout the night.

Silentnight Airmax Topper Review

The Airmax topper is made from 3cm memory foam with a hollow fiber construction of 2cm, which makes the thickness of the topper 5cm. A 6cm thick topper is additionally available.

To keep it safe and fitted onto your mattress, the designer included an elastic strap wrapped around each corner of the bed. Most of the mattresses have a depth of 25cm, and therefore the Silentnight Airmax topper elasticated strap will fit a mattress of up to 30cm in depth.

The first layer that comes into contact with your body, by keeping in mind the manufacturer has made it completely allergy-proof. They have used the material in silent night Airmax toppers that are not likely to cause any trouble and are kind to skin, so you will be able to sleep in a clean environment with ease.

Despite the Silentnight Airmax topper being hypoallergenic, it is also durable enough. You will be able to wash it at 40 degrees celsius in a machine. This is often a great benefit because you have to pop it in the wash to make it refreshed and hygienic.


It comprises a 3cm memory foam dual layer with an air mesh sidewall to pass the heat and keeps you comfy throughout the night. Microfiber is used in the cover.


The silent night Airmax topper is built with a microfiber polyester cover to provide a cozy surrounding. Polyester is a robust fiber and an optimal choice for the body as it is a durable material. It is not traumatized as quickly as its alternatives. I like the yarn as it is flexible and resistant to contraction after washing. Unlike the cotton cover, polyester dries very quickly.

Making the quilt extremely fine and soft in touch, it is covered in microfiber, which means the yarn has a diameter of fewer than ten micrometers.

Support and Comfort

When it comes to providing comfort and support, the Silentnight Airmax topper is one of the best choices you can make before buying—the perfect balance of support and gentle comfort.
If your mattress is reaching the age and you are looking to give it a makeover, this product should be your first and best option.

A topper’s goal is to make any mattress comfortable to give you a pleasant night’s rest. Many people consider it a medium supportive topper. In contrast, some customers regard it as a medium to the soft topper because its breathable dual-layer memory foam relieves more pressure.

The manufacturer is so sure with its quality and provided a two-year guarantee.

Silentnight Airmax Topper Price and Size

At a reasonable price, you can have a quality product ensured by the manufacturer. It comes in four different sizes that is- single bed size(90*190*5cm), double bed size(135*190*5cm), king size(152*200*5cm), super king-size(183*203*5cm).

These are the standard sizes; there is an extra deep 6cm option also available.

Silentnight Airmax Topper Customer Reviews

There is no wonder why the product is so popular; it has over 1000 positive reviews online. The product is available on amazon.


In my final word on this Silentnight Airmax Topper review, I would highly recommend this product. It has many outstanding features which can lead your thoughts on this product for your mattress. The price is affordable with a great quality product and a good option for those prone to allergies. Also, it has excellent customer reviews.

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