Simba Hybrid Pillow – Best in UK 2021

Is it possible to have a pillow that seems to have come from the future and can be adjusted to fit almost everyone’s sleeping habits? In this Simba hybrid pillow review, we examine what makes this Simba pillow worth buying.

Through its Simba Hybrid Mattress, Simba has cemented its brand as one of the best in the United Kingdom. Will its pillow be as successful?

We’ll find out; here’s our full Simba hybrid pillow review.

Construction of the Simba Hybrid Pillow

This is the so-called reinvented pillow, and it is specifically designed to be easily used by anyone, regardless of whether they sleep on their sides, backs, or stomachs. It’s almost like a pillow tailored just for you. As part of Simba’s effort to create the most innovative pillow, he spends over a year designing and prototyping.


(Image credit : Simba)

The main feature of this pillow is the centre’s nanocube technology, which allows the user to adjust the height of the pillow, and previously Simba used OUTLAST® technology (yes, NASA developed it for them), but now they use Stratos® technology.

The Simba Hybrid pillow is a vegan-friendly product since the filling is not made with animal products and instead is made from recycled materials that meet the Global Recycling Standard. You will find more information on this in the layers section of the pillow.


There are two halves to the Simba pillow. The top half contains innovative Stratos® technology that consists of phase change materials that absorb, store and release heat to provide optimal thermal comfort. The technology is intended to soak your body heat to keep you cool in hot weather and remove heat to keep you warm in cooler weather.

Having thought of every detail for the Simba Hybrid pillow was Simba’s goal. A blue stripe and a grey stripe are visible on the back cover, indicating which side of the book has Stratos® technology (blue strip side).

BCI sourced from cotton makes up the bottom half of the cover. An initiative to support and encourage better sustainability in cotton production, Better Cotton Initiative is a program for raising standards for cotton production. Improved living standards and reduced environmental impact are among the goals. Besides being breathable, this cotton is also a natural cellulosic fibre.

Indeed, one of the best-looking covers we have seen, the softcover gives it a luxurious look, and the ventilation gives it a modern look while still functional. Aside from being removable, the Simba hybrid pillow is also machine washable up to 40 degrees. What more could you want from a pillow cover? The Simba pillow cover is awe-inspiring.

Layers of the Simba Hybrid Pillow

Three layers of material make up this pillow, one of which can be fully customized.

The top Aerelle® layer provides extra cooling. Adding the layer of mineral-enriched fibre to the pillow becomes very soft and helps disperse heat. Additionally, this layer is hypoallergenic, so it’s great for people who suffer from allergies.


(Image credit : Simba)

It is filled with multiple nanocubes in the middle layer. Nanocubes are made from visco-elastic open-cell memory foam that contours to the shape of your head. The mesh side panel and the nanocube area work together to keep the temperature in check by allowing easy airflow. This layer has the additional advantage of being able to add or remove cubes to suit your taste.

Lastly, the comfort fill layer adds comfort, softness, durability and is also anti-allergenic.

The pillow continues Simba’s tradition of doing things differently from the competition. The layered mix is a fantastic combination.

Comfort and Support of the Simba Pillow

It has been mentioned that the height of the Simba hybrid pillow can be customized to meet your requirements. The cover can easily be unzipped, and any excess nanocubes can be removed so that your spine can be aligned correctly and your head will have the support it needs.

Although the nanocubes do a great job of supporting the head, this cannot be compared with other foam-based pillows. The Simba pillow provides a more comforting wrap-around feeling, whereas foam pillows are sturdier and firmer. Those who prefer a softer pillow may choose the Simba pillow.

A bag is included with the pillow to store your extra nanocubes. Simba continues to show just how good their pillow is and how well they take care of their customers through the Simba brand.

Maintenance of the Simba Pillow

Covers can be washed, but fills cannot – the nanocubes, made of air cells, will not recover from the shock. We didn’t find that we needed a pillow protector since the quilting on the cover is comfortable, and the body itself can be washed (in a machine up to 40 degrees C).

Maintenance of the Simba Pillow

(Image credit : Simba)

Our test pillow’s nanospheres did start to sag after nearly a year of being side-slept and worked from bed occasionally. By opening up the filling compartment and moving them around, we were able to address this problem. This should be done every couple of weeks or whenever you notice that the pillow has lost its height.


As a result of what we have found in this Simba hybrid pillow review, we want to provide as much information as possible to make an informed decision, as there are many options available to you in the UK.

We would recommend this pillow to those with a tendency to suffer from neck or shoulder strains or those with preexisting injuries since it is safe to use.

As a bonus, it’s huggable – curl up under its cotton base if you’re sleeping on the climate-controlled side. A sci-fi pillow that delivers what it promises.

Those looking for a pillow that comes with the following features should consider the Simba hybrid pillow:

  • It can be customized to meet your sleeping needs.
  • A pillow that utilizes the most innovative and up-to-date technologies.
  • A pillow that has received great reviews from one of the best-known companies in the UK.

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