Simba Mattress Protector Review – Best Protector In 2022

The Simba Mattress Protector will be the topic of this review. You can clean your mattress surface while prolonging the life of the mattress by using a mattress protector. Protective covers are especially useful for mattresses without removable covers because they can be washed easily, allowing you to have a clean sleeping surface.

Protective covers are also recommended for people at an increased risk of damage due to spills, leaks, and other forms of mess, such as those with toddlers or pets. 

In this Simba Mattress Protector Review, we will look at the materials used and other features of the product. Here is a detailed look at the Simba Mattress Protector. You can skip ahead and read our summary at the end if you prefer.

Simba Mattress Protector Materials

The Simba Mattress Protector is made from plant-derived TENCEL™ fabric and features an added protective layer with its unique properties. In addition to being OEKO TEX 100 certified, a key component of the Simba Mattress Protector is that it has been tested to ensure that it contains no toxic chemicals. 

simba mattress protector material

Tencel and a protective layer work together to create a mattress protector, but why is that? 

We can begin by defining Tencel. Tencel is a fabric made from plants. Many people consider Tencel to be the better product for hot sleepers when compared to traditional fabric like cotton. As well as being more sustainable than cotton, Tencel also has aspects such as being “silkier” than cotton. The sustainable feature of this fabric is that it uses less water in the production process than cotton.

As a result of its temperature regulation properties, the Simba Mattress Protector is labeled as “Fully Breathable.” This protector was designed to allow maximum airflow throughout the night, keeping you cool. 

Polyurethane is used for the protective layer of the Simba Mattress Protector. Also known as waterproof and breathable, polyurethane is a layer of polymer applied to the surface. You can trust this layer to protect your mattress from dirt, moisture, staining, and spills. It also saves you from bacteria and water. 

The Simba Mattress Protector can be washed and tumble dried at a cool temperature. Customers are advised to wash the protector with colors similar to the white cover to stay in pristine condition longer.

Simba Mattress Protector Customer Reviews

If you want to make your decision with peace of mind, read reviews from customers. Typically, paying customers are the harshest critics and provide the most useful product information. Regardless of whether they are good or bad, they can guide you in making a good decision. 

You can get this information from their website or third parties.


Possibly you want to prolong the life of your mattress because you’re a neat freak. You might even be a messy person who wants to preserve your mattress. A protector would be a good investment any way you look at it. The Simba Mattress Protector would be a good choice if you need: 

  • A mattress protector that is waterproof and breathable.
  • A mattress protector made from eco-friendly materials (i.e., Tencel).
  • The protector that can be washed.
  • A mattress protector that protects against dirt, dust mites, spills, and leaks.

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