Simba Mattress Review – 2021 Best Hybrid Mattress

“Simba” is the first mattress to roll in the online market in the United Kingdom and brought a dynamic conical pocket spring mattress that harnesses the comfort of foam. Superior quality with a muscular build and a trusting reputation has got an excellent Simba mattress review online.

The Simba is continuously pulling the market towards them with their mattress. Now they are enveloping their field and have recently taken steps towards a more sustainable future to impact the recycling and reuse of the beds. There are many other mattresses available in the market. But, because of its comfy four-layered foam, it is best for an epic sleeping space.

Let’s dive straight to full detailed review:

Simba Mattress Review – Mattress Performance Test 

Pressure Relief

The manufacturer has made it with quality foam, and that provides excellent pressure relief.

When I conducted the test, I found an excellent result. There is a small conically shaped spring in the second layer of foam of this mattress, and with the help of these two foam layers, the second layer is the foundation layer and has seven circular support zones. Thanks to this layer, the mattress helps relieve the pressure and does not affect which side you are sleeping on.

Position and the result:-

  • Side sleeper – Due to its comfortable foam layers, you will feel minimal pressure on your hips and shoulders.
  • Back sleepers – If you are sleeping, this position might feel your hip section sinking deep into the mattress. The four layers support the body to provide a cozy sleeping space.
  • front/stomach sleepers – Like the back sleeper, if you are sleeping from the front side should not feel any lack of support in the midsection. The pressure is divided equally on the mattress. This might get compromised with heavier folks, who don’t get the proper comfort compared to people with appropriate weight.


2- Temperature Regulation

The mattress is manufactured with a few elements that help in improving body temperature throughout the night. There is a small spring in the mattress, and the zone part of the foam is provided to help add more airflow to the mattress.


In addition, the cove is made from a superior quality product to resist heat. My test showed that the significant amount of heat is disappeared quickly and makes this a decent cooling mattress for a cozy and relaxing sleeping environment throughout the night. 

3- Spinal Alignment

If you are suffering from a typical back problem, then a perfect mattress is an option for a comfortable and relaxing sleeping space.

spInal-alignment - Simba mattress review

The Simba has manufactured this mattress with the best quality base layer made up of high-density foam and 7 zones to help your body achieve an outstanding balance between comfort and support whenever required. These layers are beneficial in providing pressure relief in critical areas to maintain spinal alignment and thus will keep your spine safe and prevent you from future Cervical diseases and back problems.

Generally, I found the average score in many box mattresses, but this test for spinal alignment seems very good, and you can rely on this mattress.

The mattress has the same score as the Emma mattress, and they both are medically suitable for quality sleep pleasure in a cozy environment.

4- Motion Isolation

When you are seeking a mattress for couples, then you can add this to your list. The couples face problems with the motion transfer as sleeping next to a restless partner; you may go through a stormy night experience. The mattresses made only from foam can be a better choice than the bedding of spring or hybrid mattresses, but this hybrid mattress model has shown decent results. You barely feel the motion on sides when you heavily bounce on the other side.

The test was conducted with rich folks, and the mattress has excellent results compared to the Emma mattress and Ooty mattress.

5- Edge Support

While testing for edge support, I notice two things- sitting on the mattress on the inner side of the edge and sitting on the corner of the mattress doesn’t seem to be different.


The manufacturer has built the mattress with premium quality, and the mattress has shown excellent results for edge support. You sit at the corner or edge of the mattress; the pressure divides equally throughout the mattress and provides a comfortable surrounding. When you are sitting on the outer edge of the mattress, it provides a comfortable grip compare to other mattresses. The memory foam gives way to the outer surface, and you might fall off to the ground, but the Simba mattress has decent support.


Simba Mattress Firmness

The firmness of any mattress is very subjective. Sometimes it changes from person to person, and many factors may affect the overall sensitivity and firmness.

In the firmness rating, the Simba mattress has a 6.5 rating out of 10. the company has manufactured a medium feel mattress to meet most people’s needs. In the United Kingdom, the quality of the mattress is not compromised and goes through a strict test.


If you like to lean on an end spectrum, I would highly suggest you lookout for a much soft and firm mattress and buy the Emma mattress with the same comfort frequency but much soft bedding as the Simba mattress.

The Simba mattress is purely designed to be enough support and balance the body weight evenly throughout the mattress. With the combination of a comfy top layer and a supportive base layer, the mattress gives a responsive feel. Also, for the side sleepers, the castellated base helps comfort the body’s extruding area.


Simba Mattress Construction and Certification

The Simba Hybrid mattress is made up of a combination of comfortability of foam and bounce of conical pocket spring. Also, the manufacturer has used Tencel – a natural material and polyurethane foam. It is treated with anti-microbial protection so it will not hold moisture, which emits foul odors. In addition, the materials are flame-retardant and dust mite resistant, so your mattress will not transfer those toxins to your body.

Its surface is made with a zoned cooling gel which allows your body to cool down quickly and efficiently. Allergens are one of the most significant issues that can cause health problems for people who sleep on traditional mattresses. Because the Simba mattress is made with natural materials, fewer people will be susceptible to allergens.

This is especially true for allergy sufferers like children. It’s essential to ensure adequate airflow around your bed so allergens do not build up in one spot. The Simba mattress is constructed in such a way to ensure this happens.

A typical mattress may be covered in all kinds of materials designed to make it look aesthetically pleasing. Simba only uses the raw materials needed to make the mattress, keeping your bed looking basic and clean. These are very popular in the market and ideal product that utilizes the comfort technology. 

With the introduction of the Furniture and Furnishing fire safety Regulation in 1988, TCPP foam is used as a flame retardant in the UK. 

The CertiPUR label is received by all the Simba Mattress foam, making it safe to use for everyone. These are made with Silverguard Technologies that reduce allergens and eliminates bacteria. SilverGuard anti-microbial protection does three things: it inhibits mold growth, fights odors caused by bacteria and fungi, and helps control microorganism activity. This label ensures that the mattress is protected and no unwanted harmful chemicals are used in the foams.

Apart from all of these, the foam is also free of Bispheonals and parabens, and when you get the new packaging, you will not get a chemical smell known as “off-gassing.”

The company has studied 180 million body profile measures taken into account: height, weight, gender to cover pressure points, flexibility, weight distribution, and comfort.

For our comfort, Simba built over 70 prototypes to create a suitable hybrid mattress that is best for the vast majority of people in the UK.

Simba mattress layers

The Simba mattress is designed with four layers of foam to enhance the sleeping space and provide a relaxing night.


  1. Top Comfort layer: This is also known as the Simba-pure layer. It is open cell superior polyfoam, also known as the regular polyurethane foam, allowing more air to flow freely throughout the mattress and making it the layer of non-heat retentive.
  2.  Conical pocket spring layer: This layer is planned beneath the top comfort layer. The spring made the mattress bouncy and balanced the sleeper’s pressure. Coils are enclosed in the polyester pockets to keep them facing upright and protect the foam. A Simba hybrid king-size mattress comes with 2500 conical pocket springs made up of 100% titanium alloy.
  3. High definition foam layer: this layer act as the transition between the foundation layer and the spring. The Simba has included polyurethane instead of memory foam to provide a decent sleeping space to maintain the airflow.
  4. Base foam: This is the foundation layer of the mattress. It is a supportive layer with 7 different zones support. The shoulder and hips areas have grooves cut to ensure that the correct spinal alignment also helps with airflow and hygiene.


Simba mattress cover

A lightweight hand-knitted top layer and luxurious mattress cover and protector that will keep your mattress safe from spills, stains, and allergens.

The Simba Mattress Cover is the perfect addition to any bed. It is made of 100% polyester to give it a stretchy feel, and soft cotton fabric will keep your mattresses clean as well as protect them from spills, stains, and allergens. 

The only issue with the mattress is not removable and washable. You can use a damp cloth to clean the bottom half by rubbing in a circular motion. 

 I suggest keeping your Simba mattress protected with an additional cover. 

How thick is the Simba mattress?

The mattress has a total depth of around 25cm, and thus a standard bedsheet should fit easily.

These mattresses are made to hold up to 18 stones or 114 kg per person weight. I have a whole list of mattress that is suitable for the heavier people.


Simba mattress Delivery 

The Simba mattress is shipped compressed and vacuum-sealed. You will get your mattress within 1-3 business days, and Simba delivers to the whole UK, including Scotland and offshores addresses. Once you open the package, it will take two hours for the mattress to fully expand and be ready for use. 

UPS or DPD is used for standard delivery. You will receive the tracking link within 24-48hours before the delivery. These delivering agents provide door-to-door service without any extra charge. 

If you missed the delivery, they would be leaving a calling card and reattempt the delivery in the next 2 business days. The delivery company offers only 3 attempts.


Conclusion – Simba Mattress Review

In my last words in the Simba Hybrid Mattress review, I suggest buying one if you have a cervical problem. It comes in an affordable price range. The design of the mattress is very fluent and is very effective in releasing heat and providing a cozy sleeping space. It helps in pressure relief and maintaining the posture to ensures a positive sleeping experience.

Only I wouldn’t say I liked the Simba hybrid mattress because it comes with a non-removable and non-washable cover. Thus it may get dirty, and to shield it, we have to use an additional cover. 

Also, when it is delivered, it does not expand immediately, and we have to wait for about 2-3 hours before using it. When I compared it with Emma mattress, I found that both are alike and can replace each other according to availability. The Simba mattress is manufacture with 4 layers of foam and uses a spring to maintain pressure relief, whereas the Emma mattress is a complete foam mattress.

Overall, it is the best mattress with a 2500 conical pocket spring to provide a calming and cozy sleeping surrounding for everyone and an excellent option for couples. 

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