Simba vs Emma Mattresses: Which Is The Best?

With the plethora of bed ideas available for all kinds of budgets, it’s only expected to feel confused. Simba vs Emma have been members of the mattress in a box scene for some point, with their Original mattresses topping the seller’s records in this competitive business, and picking up multiple honors and endorsements along the process. 

They are two of the most prominent names in the UK bed-in-a-box industry, Emma and Simba. We dug through the mountain of goods and narrowed it down to two wondrous beds: the Emma, an all-foam design, and the Simba, a hybrid design.


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Simba vs Emma Formation

Materials & Layer Comparison

Each possesses a complex structure, with many layers inside.

Emma has one breathable protection, that’s important, and three inner layers:

emma layers

  • Point-elastic Airgocell foam – A special type of foam, with an open-cell structure, created by the company to keep the sleeper fresh and dry during the twilight. The structure maintains consistent airflow and shapes to your every curve.
  • Viscoelastic foam – Also known as memory foam, this is the layer that assures stress relieving and incredible contouring. It’s also the layer that the largest side sleepers adore.
  • Foam base – This is the thickest sheet of foam in Emma’s plan but it’s also the sturdiest. The base is planned to provide relief for the layers on top, to keep your back in nearly perfect alignment, and to assist with breathability.

On the other hand, Simba highlights four inner sheets and a delicate, breathable cover:

simba layers

  • Simbatex – A fashionable material that can give soothing support and holds the sleeper cool during the night.
  • A sheet of coils – Simba features 2,500 cone-shaped coils independently muffled to provide customer support. The result is a bouncy, obliging surface that gives support precisely where you need it.
  • Viscoelastic foam – The company wanted to evade any overheating problems, so they launched the layer of contouring foam under the coils and the layer in charge of cooling.
  • Foam base – Related to the one addressed above.

On that note, while analyzing the Emma and Simba mattress we have to put in thought we are comparing a memory foam mattress with a hybrid mattress.

Edge Support

When it gets to this trait, that layer of coils does all the difference in the world. Because Emma is only foam, it will shrink when you sit on the edge, but the Simba doesn’t have this intricacy. However, both support a physique sleeping near to the edge just fine.


Most modern foam ideas solved the overheating issue, and Emma is one of those mattresses with an excellent system that takes care of body heat and moisture. Simba is also very well aerated because of the coils and a layer of foam designed especially for this goal.

Overall, both beds rock when it gets to coolness and breathability.

Comparing Firmness, Comfort, and Feel

Both mattresses have a mediocre firmness rating so are readily comparable. Let’s look at the pros and cons of both mattresses in this section.


  • Due to its first layer of latex, the Simba is both warm and cozy and is highly breathable.
  • The layer of micro coils serves to create a great level of sinkage without any stress points being produced.
  • The micro coils also serve to add a little more extra bounce than you would usually get from a foam mattress.
  • The shape and touch of the Simba provide a fabulous mix of sinkage, form, and comfort.
  • However, if you’re a stomach sleeper you may notice that the mattress seeks to shape around you too enough.

simba softness


  • The sequence of microcoils, polyfoam, and a thin sheet means that the Emma mattress is remarkably good at putting sleepers cool at night.
  • Has a greater level of bounce than most foam mattresses.
  • Does have some motion change but the build of the mattress receives energy well and serves to dissipate the motion.
  • An equitable level of sinkage suggests that you nevermore feel stuck in the mattress.
  • As with the Simba mattress, you may notice that the Emma isn’t the most suitable option for a stomach sleeper.

emma firmness

Cover Comparison

Emma Cover

The Emma mattress top is made from 100% polyester which is a highly adaptable material. The 3D meshed cover permits for greater air passage for those warmer nights. Emma had also made the cover very useful by including 4 handles for maneuvering and getting the cover device washable for easy carrying.

Simba Cover

The Simba cover is an awesome 700g hand-knitted cover which gives it that added luxury. Just as the Emma cover it is also 100% polyester with a solid stitching design to provide for more breathability and also has handled. What’s exceptional about the Simba cover is that it is hypoallergenic giving it great for those apt to sensitivities or allergies.

Other Factors

Both brands give a trial duration of 100 nights, with a full return if you’re not convinced, and come with a 10-year guarantee. You can also ask for up to 12 months of interest-free credit to pay for the mattress, and there’s a free one-day shipment to most of the UK.Do bear in mind that as these mattresses get delivered in sealed boxes they will have a rubbery odor when first removed. They need a pleasant few hours in a place with the windowpanes open before you rest on them.

Which Mattress is Best for me?

Both mattresses give pleasing factors, but here are some factors to assist you to choose which mattress will rightly fit your requirements.

(Image source : Simba)


We’d suggest this mattress if:

  • You need a hybrid mattress. The Simba does latex, micro-coils, memory foam, and 7-zoned support foam. All this creates a warm mattress with great support.
  • You sleep on your side or back and need a mattress that reacts to pressure more actively than most foam mattresses.
  • You want great edge support. Because of the additional layer of foam around the perimeter of the coils, the Simba manages its care around the edges.
  • A hybrid mattress built from a diversity of unique layers.
  • A well-rounded mattress manufactured from high-quality elements.
  • A mattress constructed from records of millions of sleepers

(Image source : Emma)


We’d suggest this mattress if:

  • You need a mattress that reacts immediately to pressure points, due to its mixture of warm poly foam and micro coils.
  • You want a more modern mattress with a great level of breathability.
  • You rest on your side or your spine.
  • A stable memory foam mattress.
  • A mattress with remarkable accolades and prizes.
  • A long-lasting and easily managed mattress

Simba vs Emma – Pros and Cons

Emma Mattress

  • Easy & convenient to give you that “sleeping-on-a-cloud” feeling.
  • Offers exceptional flexibility & high point pliability for orthopedic support.
  • Especially slow-motion change, making it an excellent choice for couples.
  • Great temperature management.
  • Particularly suited to side sleepers.
  • Machine-launderable top cover.
  • Free shipment & easy returns.
  • 200-day risk-free test time.
  • 10-year good guarantee.
  • May be extremely soft for heavier-weight people, bigger builds, or back sleepers.
  • The side-carrying arms are a little vulnerable, notably for the larger mattress sizes.

Simba Mattress

  • Innovative construction with a slightly flexible feel.
  • Very suitable for side sleepers and back sleepers.
  • Adjusts well to the body.
  • Very great breathability.
  • Free shipment & returns.
  • 200-night test time.
  • Obtainable in a broad range of sizes.
  • The top is not detachable or washable.


The most crucial factor is your sleep behavior and supports demands. Side-sleepers are most apt to get a safe night’s sleep from a soft-medium mattress, whilst back and stomach sleepers manage to benefit more extra from medium-firm mattresses. Combination sleepers – those who switch positions throughout the night – should choose a mattress based on the position they absorb the most time in, and also support in mind ease of movement.

Both mattresses carry on leisure, support, pressure relief, and durability and we’d have no skepticism in suggesting either as great aids to sleep. At the end of time, it all comes to your individual choices.

The Emma is greatly enjoyed by side sleepers while Simba is excellent for back and stomach sleepers. However, side sleepers also relished Simba and Emma can be truly excellent for the other positions. So, in the end, you are the person to get the difference between both of them and we hope you like our review on Simba vs Emma.

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