Simba Weighted Blanket – Best Review 2022

Weighted blankets are designed to reduce stress, anxiety and ultimately promote restful sleep. This Simba Weighted Blanket Review will examine how the blanket works, what materials are used, and for whom the covering is designed. The review will also give recommendations regarding who should not use this blanket.

In the Simba Orbit Weighted Blanket, the blanket is filled with what Simba calls Nano-Bead technology. This in-depth analysis will explore the weighted layer and other design elements.

What is the target market for Simba Weighted Blanket?

The answer to the expression ‘I need a hug’ could be a weighted blanket.

It is not intended to replace medical treatment for stress, anxiety, or insomnia but can be combined with any cognitive or pharmaceutical therapies you currently employ, with great effect. 

Stressed individuals who have difficulties sleeping will benefit from a weighted blanket. However, weighted blankets are not recommended for children, the elderly, and those with circulatory issues or diabetes. According to Simba, you shouldn’t use one if you can’t lift it above your head – which makes sense if you want to avoid getting stuck.

simba weighted blanket
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How does the Simba Orbit come packaged?

A cover and a blanket are contained within an attractive and sturdy box. It is available in two weights – 6.8kg/15lbs or 9kg/20lbs – and one size – 135x200cm. According to Simba, you should choose a blanket of approximately 10% of your body weight. In an instance where your weight falls between the two options, you should pick the lighter option.

There are quilted pockets inside the blanket with uniformly distributed glass nanobeads—an extra layer of cushioning lies between you and the beads. The blanket comes with a washable, removable cover so that you can use it instead of a duvet.

Simba’s Orbit is available in slate grey, a color sure to complement many schemes. You will not find other color options, but nothing stops you from adapting an existing duvet cover to go over the top should you be crafty (and bothered).

The washable cover is convenient.

As soon as you unbox the blanket, you’re almost ready to go. All you have to do is cover it. It was a bit of a mess my first time, but I always need a little break after making a bed to get myself motivated to put the duvet cover on. It’s simple in theory: the surface is tethered to the corners and sides of the blanket by ties inside.

It would have been great if I had found Simba’s handy instructions first, which suggest turning the cover inside out, then lay the blanket on top so that you can tie it to the case before turning right-way out.

As a result, I rolled the cover-up and began working my way down the blanket, only to discover I had tied it in sideways instead of longways.

A quick fix was all that was needed—time for a lie underneath to calm me down.

Construction of the Simba weighted blanket

Nano-bead technology is used to create the weight in the Simba Orbit Weighted Blanket, which is finished in a 100% cotton cover. The blanket has a weighted inner shell and an outer surface.

It simply means that it is made of glass beads. These beads are weighed and placed in the center of the blanket. Quilted pockets hold the beads evenly.

As a result, the blanket will have an even weight distribution or the distribution of glass beads at all times. In addition to being evenly filled, the quilted pockets allow even pressure to be applied to your body as you sleep, ensuring that all parts of your body feel the same pressure. 

This layer of nano-bead technology is designed to release pressure by hugging your body softly and evenly. This is a result of the evenly filled pockets, while the softness results from the cotton shell that surrounds the glass bead pockets. The glass beads stimulate a process known as “deep pressure therapy” as they hug your body.

In simple terms, this process enables your nervous system to switch from “fight or flight” to “rest and relaxation.” Restless sleepers and people exper relaxation stress may benefit from this application. The process was designed to relax your muscles, regulate your heartbeat, and calm your mind. 

Has it relieved tension?

Yes, it did for me. While it is questionable whether everyone would find it therapeutic, my sleep improved, and I always feel better when I don’t have disturbed sleep.

As an avid proponent of placebos, I’m always aware that when you want something to work, you can trick yourself into believing it has. This ought to be considered. Whether it is a real physical response or psychosomatic, I feel less tense when I sit or sleep under the Simba Orbit.

Laundry and Care

It is common for weighted blankets not to have removable covers, so they can only be spot cleaned. As a result, you probably don’t want to sleep directly under it, as you can do with the Simba Orbit.

You can wash the cover at 30°C so that the blanket stays clean and fresh. The blanket can be cleaned with a damp sponge if you spill or get anything on it. You may want to avoid drinking a big glass of red wine under it unless you mind the smell and stains.

Simba Orbit has a much longer life expectancy than a normal duvet, which loses thickness over time and needs replacing. The glass nano-beads do not lose depth over time, but the padding may reduce.


Is it Worth Buying A Simba Weighted Blanket?

Simba Orbit Weighted Blankets were created to help restless sleepers, those with anxiety, and those who struggle to switch off before bed.

Simba Weighted Blanket is a product that I recommend for those seeking:

  • Weighed blanket with even distribution of weight without clumping.
  • Covered with a removable, washable, and breathable weighted blanket.
  • A weighted blanket that stimulates Deep Pressure Therapy.


I consider this weighted blanket, which has a removable cover, essential, even if it is not the cheapest on the market. If you are experiencing sleep problems, the cost is not high and could help you. Try a more affordable option without the cover if you want one just for laying on the couch, but don’t be sorry if it gets stained.

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